Delightful Decadence
A Transformative Birthday Party – Part 1  By: Mr. Pink

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For my birthday, I told Jerome I wanted him to book a suite at a nice hotel for the weekend and be my sissy bitch slave.  Of course, he did as asked.   

I had been “dating” Jerome for several months.  I had been slowly transforming him from my “boyfriend” into my submissive bitch.  He didn’t realize the transformation would be complete and permanent after my birthday weekend. 

Jerome was 27, ten years younger than me. He’s a sweet guy. Short, lean, with a boyish face.  I picked him out because I knew how easy it would be to seduce him, make him fall helplessly in love with me, and then turn him into my slave. 

He’s lawyer.  I was involved in a major lawsuit and he worked as an associate attorney for the lead attorney handling my case.  I got friendly with him during the lawsuit, flirting mercilessly until it got to the point where when I casually rested my hand on his back or thigh, he would get aroused.  I made him tell me all the details about his relationship with his girlfriend.  He wanted her to move into his condo, but she didn’t want to.  I knew he was ripe for my pickings.

I waited until we won my lawsuit, and then told him he should invite me out for a celebratory dinner.   He picked a very swank restaurant near his condo – maybe he thought he’d get lucky or maybe he wanted to be nearby so he could rush home after our dinner to masturbate.

I didn’t disappoint him – I went a little heavy on the red lipstick and makeup, and wore a low cut black dress that was borderline too risqué for the restaurant.  It was apparent that being out with me - the way I dressed and looked and flirted with the waiter – made him nervous and aroused.  I realized he had no clue that I intended to go home with him and let him fuck his brains out – personally, I didn’t expect a particularly good lay out of him.

The evening went as I planned.  Turns out his condo is a large two-bedroom in a very upscale new building with a doorman and a swimming pool.  I teased him about us going skinny-dipping in the pool – and he got a nervous look on his face, which I came to really enjoy,  that he gets whenever I suggest an idea and he can’t tell if I’m serious or not or if I’m about to make him do something that freaks him out.   I made sure he had the sexual time of his life.  He came three times before I left his condo at 1:00 in the morning.  (I shot a smirking smile at the night-shift doorman as I left, and he gave it right back to me.  He’s pretty cute.  I made a mental note that he could be worth following-up on.)  The sex was ok for me.  Jerome was a high energy puppy-dog .  Trainable.   The high point for me was when I told him to empty out his condom on my tits, and then had him lick it off. He was very reluctant at first, but after I begged and told him there’d be a blow job in it for him if he licked up every drop, he obeyed.  I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d have him completely under my spell.

I spent the night at his condo on our second date.  After that, I made sure he cut off all ties with his girlfriend, and insisted that he must be completely monogamous with me if he wanted to continue to see me.  He did, and he was.  I told him I was going to continue to have sex with other men and women, and made clear I’d stop seeing him if he ever complained about that.

I made him give me a key to his condo, and would show up unexpectedly.  I liked staying over and using the building’s fancy workout room and swimming in the pool.    I continued flirting with the late-night doorman, and had every intention of fucking him. 

I  instructed Jerome that every time I entered his condo,  I wanted him to get down on his knees, kiss my shoes,  thank me for coming over, and tell me how much he loved me. A few times I brought friends with me, and they always got a big laugh out of watching Jerome submit before me.  

He was a little nervous the condo association would not like someone who didn’t live there using the facilities all the time.  I told Jerome that I had informed the manager and a couple of the doormen that I was checking the place out because you wanted me to move in with you. He got that nervous look again.  I told him not to worry,  I gave them all blowjobs so everyone is cool with me hanging out.

I liked putting make up on Jerome, and would tell him what a sexy girl he’d make.  Then we’d watch gay porn, and I’d tease him when he got hard watching two men go at it.    

My seduction and domination and feminization of Jerome moved forward quickly. He had to call me mistress.  Before I’d let him touch me, he had to say he loved me, and that he was so happy that other men got to fuck me.  I told him I planned to invite the late-night doorman to his condo to fuck me while Jerome watched.  And I’d have Jerome clean us both off afterwards.  He got that nervous look on his face, and, I noticed, a hard-on.

One night I had him take my girlfriend April and me out for dinner. We planned to take him shopping at a porn shop afterward, and told him he could watch April and I having sex if he obeyed all our commands at the porn shop and bought us everything we wanted.   We explained that we were going to pick out sexy slut clothes and stuff for him to model for us (and for the people at the store).  As we got ready to leave the restaurant, I put red lipstick on Jerome to get him in the mood.  As we walked to the porn shop, he was squirming all over, nervous about being in public wearing fuck-me glossy red lipstick. But I felt his crotch and, as I expected, he was starting to get aroused.   

When we got to the store, there was a yuppy couple shopping and the clerk was a very fem-looking obviously quite gay man of about 40.  Not bad looking in a gay sort of way.   After he heard that we wanted to completely feminize Jerome and make him look like a slutty faggot boy/girl, the clerk, named Marcus, was all in helping us tease and humiliate Jerome.    

Marcus helped us decide on the right wig and high heels.  Jerome put them on as the four of us walked around the store picking out various outfits for him to model.  Jerome objected when we took pictures of him wearing the outfits, but he relented – what choice did he have - when we assured him no one would recognize him.

In addition to the clothes, we got a cock-cage, fake rubber tits, a couple of dildos, a vibrating butt plug and a bright pink collar we locked on Jerome that read “SISSY BITCH.”  We left with Jerome’s street clothes in one of the bags, and with him dressed in a slutty skirt and sleeveless halter top.   I slipped Marcus a note with Jerome’s cell phone number and told him to text him later (with some pictures) to invite him to hook up.

We ordered an Uber on Jerome’s account and told him when the driver arrived and asked if one of us was Jerome, he was to reply that it is his account but he would like to be called Jessica. We stopped at a bar for a drink.  Some interested guys came over and bought us a second round.  But they turned out to be too straight, and once they figured out about Jerome, they left us pretty quickly.  I told Jerome next time we took him out in public as Jessica, we’d put more make up on him (her), glue on his new fake tits, get him some earrings and lock him in the cock cage so his hard on didn’t poke out his skirt.

Back at the condo, April and I took turns fucking Jessica and taking more pictures.    At one point, he had a dildo in his mouth and another up his ass.  He was rock hard.  We played and teased Jerome for a couple of hours.  Marcus had sent a text wanting to come over, but by the time I checked the phone it was past 1:00 in the morning.  I texted back on Jerome’s phone, saying I’d love  to suck your  cock and begging him to come over tonight.  Marcus responded that it was too late tonight, but that he’d certainly keep Jerome’s number.   

We finally let Jerome cum.  He had to tell us, while he jerked off into a dog dish, how much he loved getting fucked in his pussy and sucking cock.  Then, we made him beg to be able to lick it all up.  He did.  April and I spent the night in Jerome’s bedroom, and sent him to sleep in the other bedroom.  We invited him into our bed in the morning to give us foot jobs and back massages.  April and I agreed that Jerome is so ready for my birthday weekend.  I got wet thinking about how hot it was going to be complete the transformation of Jerome into my totally enslaved sissy faggot bitch – and having the guests at my party watch as it happens.


 . . . . .    

Author: Mr. Pink