Delightful Decadence
A Transformative Birthday Party – Part 2 By: Mr. Pink

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Jerome was being subjected to a relentless bombardment of charm and seduction, teasing and just enough sex to keep him horny at all times and completely devoted to Mistress Samantha.

She would show up unexpectedly at the law firm where he worked. She had gotten to know a lot of the people at the firm when they represented her in a lawsuit. She had gotten particularly friendly with Tina, the secretary who worked for Jerome. One time she was there to have lunch with Tina, but first she went into Jerome’s office, locked the door behind her, sat on his lap, and began making out and caressing him. Poor Jerome was quickly getting hard when Samantha whispered “Take off all your clothes for me, my little bitch, NOW.” He stood there naked, hard and humiliated, worried that Tina or someone else might try to come in. She said: “I hate to see you waste such a nice boner. I want to watch you jerk off on your desk. Careful not to cum on any important papers. “ And she opened her blouse and pulled down her bra to help Jerome on his way. He did as told and came all over his desk. When he hesitated to lick it up – he had previously promised that any time Samantha let him cum he would lick it up without being told - she told him she’d call Tina into the office to watch if he didn’t do it immediately. The little cum licker quickly finished up the job. He was so absorbed in his task, Jerome didn’t noticed that his Mistress was videoing it on her phone.

She had Jerome walk her out to Tina’s desk where she gave him a sexy kiss on the mouth and said “that was fun.” He thought he noticed a knowing smirk on Tina’s face. He watched as his Mistress and his secretary left the office arm in arm. He was very nervous about what they might talk about over lunch, but he was also kind of proud that everyone in the office would hear that had such an incredibly hot girlfriend.

Samantha had decided that she would move in with Jerome, and she was able to make him think that it was his idea. She also decided that they should move to a larger unit with a balcony in the same building. Jerome was doing well at the law

firm, and he agreed he could afford the nicer condo. Despite Jerome’s reluctance, Samantha talked him into having her name on the deed as co-owner.

Jerome understood that they would continue to have a dom/sub relationship, but he also thought – quite incorrectly as it turned out - that when living together Samantha would be more considerate of his needs, stop dating other men, and spend more time with him and having sex with him. He had this vision of them turning into a typical vanilla couple, with some dom/sub kink on the side. His Mistress had a very different arrangement in mind. She intended to drive Jerome deeper into submission. Not only would he’d be her sissy bitch, he’d be her slave.

They moved into the new condo a week before the birthday party. To celebrate what Jerome thought would be a new chapter in their relationship, he took her out to her favorite restaurant, and then they picked up dessert and whiskey to take home. He was anticipating eating the sweets together on their bed, getting a little drunk, followed by some passionate sex.

After finishing the cakes and downing several shots of whiskey, Samantha told Jerome she wanted her feet kiss, licked and worshipped before he gave her a nice long back massage. While he dutifully was obeying her, she informed him that Steve, the doorman, would be coming over to sleep with her after his shift ended at 5 a.m., and so Jerome would need to sleep on the couch in the living room so he could let Steve in.

Jerome was stunned and extremely disappointed that she was pushing her domination over him so hard on what he viewed as their special first night living together. Before he could complain, she told him she knew how he felt, and promised that if he did as she commanded tonight, they could discuss the matter further tomorrow. Also, she said, as a gift to Jerome , she told him to masturbate while he listened to Steve and her are fucking. Mistress Samantha got her way. Jerome did as ordered.

The next night, Jerome nervously told her he was having some doubts about living together. On one hand, he confessed the jealously and humiliation he felt when he had to let Steve in the condo and listen to them fucking turned him on (and got

him up hard), but on the other hand he really wanted her to try being monogamous. He insisted (well, he tried to sound insistent) that she had to at least promise that she would not have sex again with other people in the condo. He said he loved having her as his “girlfriend” and liked being in a dom/sub relationship, but (and he tried to sound threatening – another mistake with Samantha) that there had to be clear limits now that they were living together. If they couldn’t agree on the kind of limits he was suggesting, well, then, maybe she should think about moving out.

Poor deluded Jerome, Samantha chuckled to herself. That’s not the way it was going to be.


Author: Mr. Pink