Delightful Decadence
A Transformative Birthday Party-Part 3 By: MM

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Samantha was delighted that she had so easily taken control of Jerome. She knew that he would be an easy mark and she couldn’t have been more correct.  She smiled to herself as she sat back and watched him dutifully clean their home.  Such a beautiful condo he had agreed to purchase, views of the city lights, walking distance to all things chic and entertaining yet quiet and peaceful in the evenings.  As she was learning about Jerome, she noticed from time to time that he would try to feebly put up a fight.  She knocked him off his pedestal with ease using  her breath taking beauty and her dominant ways to deplete him at every opportunity.  When he whined about chores and house work, she made it clear that she would punish him with harsh unrelenting spankings should he continue to whine.  He very quickly shaped up and with absolutely no whining, he easily slid into the routine of keeping a clean home and cooking her breakfast and giving her baths regularly. 

As Samantha was enjoying her routine however, it tended to make Jerome a bit complacent.  Not in the way of him not doing his chores as he knew that his Mistress would never hesitate to punish him.  But his mind began to wander and he began to gain just enough confidence to begin to present a real challenge to his Mistress.  Jerome began to think of ways that he could turn the tables on Samantha.  He made sure that he did such a great job with his duties that she would suspect nothing.  He became the poster boy for the perfectly trained sissy house bitch.  He thought that if he could be just that perfect, then Samantha would begin to let her guard down and soften up.  He knew however, that if he didn’t plan carefully, that she might catch onto him and punish him worse than he could ever have imagined.  It was imperative that he be methodical every step of the way.

Jerome knew that Samantha loved extensive roleplay scenes.  She had never openly admitted this to him but he had read it on one of her online profiles.  Unbeknownst to her, he knew about her on-line profile where she shared her fantasies with many others.  As far as she knew, he was an innocent little sissy bitch never having dipped so much as a toe in the FemDom realm.  He knew that if he got her in role play mode that there would be a good chance of her forgetting her role and he would finally be able to have her submitting to him.  He did not know how she would react but just the sheer thought got him so intensely excited that it was worth whatever punishment he risked.  He could feel his cock straining aggressively against his pants as he began to manifest what his scene would look like. 

Jerome read several of Samantha’s scenes on her profile page and decided to go with the medical play scene.  He would add his own twist for the second half and by the end of the evening, he would have her right where he wanted her.  Begging him to do whatever he wanted to her.  He laughed to himself, yes, this was an excellent plan!  The thought of her doing all of the cooking and cleaning and begging made exceptional fodder for his moderately devious mind.  

Jerome spent the next day preparing.  Samantha was staying at April’s house for a couple of days so he had time to set up the perfect scene.  He had borrowed a medical table from a local doctor friend who had brought it over the previous day.  It was perfect.  Stirrups, portable lights, a professional looking stool and a metal tray for all the necessary implements. There was even room for waist level and chest level strap downs and well as wrist and ankle cuff attachments.

 As he clipped on all of the attachments, he felt that he was dripping pre-cum in his pants.  He couldn’t believe how excited he was.  He changed his pants and headed out to the local medical supply store.  

He was overwhelmed by the size of the store and all the choices available.  Admittedly he was a bit lost.  He was hoping that the clerk would not notice him and just let him be.  Unfortunately, that was not to be.  The clerk approached him.  “May I help you sir?”  Jerome stammered,” uh..umm”.  The clerk looked at him. “First time in huh, you must be in pre-med”.  Jerome hadn’t planned to be questioned about this.  But it was clearly a store for the medical community.  Which he knew nothing about.  “Just having a look around for a friend.” Jerome offered hesitant with embarrassment in his voice.

“Hmm, ok” said the clerk, “did your friend provide you with a list?”

Getting quicker on his feet Jerome said “Um…no but he’s a gynecologist and wanted me to help him with some resupply. Can you direct me to where that stuff would be?”

The clerk pointed to Aisle 4.  “It’s right over there sir” the clerk motioned with his thumb to the left. “As a matter of fact, I’ll walk you over there!”

“Oh no, that’s ok!” Jerome squeaked in an unexpectedly high pitched tone.

“Ok, then, I will check on you shortly, let me know if you need anything.”

Jerome was relieved to be free of the overly helpful clerk and headed to Aisle 4.  He was truly overwhelmed and wished that he had done his homework a bit better and for heaven’s sake he wished he’d brought a list!


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Author MM