Delightful Decadence
A Transformative Birthday Party-Part 4 By: Mr. Pink

Part 4 - Jerome and Samantha, and the Transformative Birthday Party


Jerome got back to their condo with all sorts of female fetish devices he had no idea what to do with - a vagina speculum, a remote controlled strap-on magic wand and more.  He bought them to go with the gynecology examination table he got.  It was all part of his plan to flip his mistress from being his dominatrix to his submissive or at least get her to realize she might actually enjoy submitting to him and then that would lead to a more balanced relationship.

While he couldn’t deny the intense arousal he felt from being her obedient bitch, he felt himself sinking deeper into that role and feared if he didn’t make a move to break her spell now, his only choices would be surrendering to a life as her submissive, her slave, or else walking out. But, he wasn’t at all sure he’d be able to end their relationship.  He felt foolish for all the ways he so submissively allowed her take control over him.   When they moved in together, she seduced him into putting both their names on the deed to the new condo he bought for them.  And,he acquiesced whenever she insisted on taking pictures, and even videos, of the humiliating tasks she made him perform.  Her hold over him was getting more powerful every day.

He knew, from hacking into some of her online writings, that her one submissive fantasy, one that aroused her to an intense levelof erotic vulnerability, was having her gynecologist strap her down and take advantage of her helpless exposed position.   That was Jerome’s plan for taking back his independence and breaking Samantha’s growing control over him. It was a half-baked plan alright, but it was the best he could muster in his muddled submissive state of mind.  

Once or twice a week, Samantha would invite Steve, the building’s night-watchman, to come to their condo and have sex with her when his shift ended at 5 am.  Jerome’s job was to let him.  Sometimes he’d have to sit in his bedroom with the door open and listen to their loud sessions.  More often, his mistress liked having him participate.  Samantha might tell Jerome to jerk off while he watched Steve fuck her.  Or maybe, she’d tell him to suck his cock, get him hard, put a condom on it, and then guide his large cock into her pussy.  When they had both exploded and were lying together on the bed, she might orderhim to clean Steve’s his cock and then suck the cum out of his condom. Besides the humiliating jealousy Jerome felt while doing those things, his cock would be hard, so Samantha knew that being her sissy cuckold turned him on.

Jerome put the exam table and the devices in his storage unit in the basement of the building. His plan was to wait for Steve’s next scheduled early-morning visit, and he would tell Steve the night before that Samantha wanted to cancel.  Then Jerome would sneak down to the basement and bring the table and devices back up to the apartment and have it ready early in the morning. Jerome knew Samantha would be horny expecting a visit from Steve.  He planned to wake her up and tell her Steve had a surprise for her.   Jerome would lead her into the living room, and tell her to relax on the table and wait for Steve’s arrival.  Being horny, half-asleep and dreaming of Steve’s large cock inside her, Jerome figured he’d be able to lock the stirrups around Samantha’s ankles and strap her torso down on the tablewithout a struggle. If she figured out what was happening and started to resist, he knew he’d be doomed.  She was stronger than him.  

It was the Friday morning of Samantha’s big birthday bash weekend when Jerome had the chance to put his plan into action.  Later that day, they’d be checking into a suite at the 4-star hotel he had booked, as per her instructions, for her birthday weekend.  Other than paying a hefty bill for the suite, food, drinks and mystery “entertainment,”  Jerome had not been involved in the planning for the party; that had been left to Samantha and her friend April.

Jerome was nervous like a whipped dog as he took Samantha by her hand and led her into the living room.  He gently pulled off her negligee.  As he always did, Jerome gasped quietly and briefly starred at her naked body.  He always felt a flush of lust and arousal whenever he looked at her. He guided her to the examination table and whispered that Steve would be here soon, but that she had to have a full examination first.   “Yes, doctor,” she mumbled, as Jerome locked her in and strapped her down.  He was thrilled, and aroused, that his plan had actually worked thus far.

Nervously, trying not to hurt her, he pulled out the speculum and used it to pry open her labia majora and then locked it in place, exposing her vagina.   “What’s going on down there, doctor,” she asked in a sleepy/sexy tone.  Jerome replied, “It looks like there’s been some big cocks in there so I need to take a good look.”  Jerome began to caress her clit, and asked “Tell me about how much you’ve been fucking lately and who’s been doing it.”

She began describing by name, cock size and techniques various guys (and one woman) she had had sex with recently.  Jerome got so aroused he couldn’t help but go down on her and then work his fingers into her now- wet vagina.  But that broke the spell.  She was fully awake.  She tried to sit up. “Jerome, my little bitch,” she said in that stern dominatrix tone, “What the hell do you think you’re doing licking my pussy without my permission?!  And what the fuck are you thinking strapping me down like this.  Let me out.  NOW!”

Jerome was stunned.  What should he say?  What should he do? She told him:  “Your little prank is now O-V-E-R.  Unstrapped me, and then call Steve and tell him to get up here ASAP.  If he’s already gone, and I’ve lost my lay for the morning, you’re in big trouble.”  Jerome was trembling.  This was it – let her out and surrender all to his irresistibly sexy mistress or don’t release her and push forward with his plan – to what end?


. . . . To be continued in Part 5