Delightful Decadence
An evening out...Way Out By. Mr. Pink

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I am ensnared by my lust for her.
With a figurative flick of her finger, she can seduce me and keep me helplessly aroused while she probes and exploits my submissive streak. She transforms fantasies of erotic humiliation into realities.
And while she has made me submit to the ultimate sissy humiliation – naked, on my knees, unbuckling his belt, unzipping his fly, obeying her commands to caress it, kiss, beg for it, put it in my mouth and suck him off – I still come back for more. I am her bitch.
… On a recent evening, my guts ached as I nervously approached the front door of my Mistresses’ house. If I had known how far she planned to push my submissive boundaries that night, I might have considered walking away (but probably not.)
Sometimes when I see her, she starts out with some unbearably delicious seduction that puts me into a helpless subspace. Then, there might be a knock on the door and a girlfriend or boyfriend or both might join us or she might take me out for a bit of discrete public humiliation – we both know that once I’m in that state of submissive arousal, I will acquiesce to and obey just about anything she wants. This particular evening began differently than others.
My Mistress greeted me with a full kiss on my mouth, and then, rather than order me to take off my clothes or kiss her feet, she said:
“Jack is already here. We just finished fucking.”
To my surprise, I saw Jack, one of her regular boyfriends, standing off to the side. He
was wearing gym shorts, a contented grin, and nothing else. For me, it was awkward and a little embarrassing to have him there, probably knowing that I was there to be her – and maybe even his - submissive bitch.
She introduced us. We shook hands. The three of us stood there briefly making meaningless introductory-type small talk. Then my Mistress said to me:
“You know, bitch, you met Jack once before, but I guess you were so busy sucking his cock that you don’t remember his face.”
A wave of humiliation crashed over me. She continued:
“Jack’s going to take a shower, and I’ll get you ready. Then the three of us are going out to dinner.”
Getting me ready entailed locking a collar around my neck, inserting a vibrating butt plug (it came with a remote my Mistress kept in her leather bag) and giving me pink panties to wear over my hard on. She whispered in my ear, stroked my cock, and put me under her spell.
She attached the leash to my collar and led me crawling naked (except for the panties) to the bathroom. Jack had just gotten out of the shower, and she ordered me to towel him off. She took pleasure in humiliating me in front of her stud. She pointed out my hard on as I obeyed her commands.
Fortunately, after he was dry and dressed, she let me put my regular clothes back on (over the panties and plug) and we drove to a neighborhood tavern-restaurant. I caught another reprieve when we parked the car and my Mistress took off the leash so I didn’t have to suffer the public embarrassment of being lead into the restaurant. She did, however, keep the dog collar around my neck, and opened the second button on my shirt as we entered the place.
Other than the waiter’s glances at the collar around my neck, I thought we appeared to be a normal party of three enjoying our cocktails and meals. Our booth was in a corner, so I don’t think anyone noticed when I wriggled in discomfort when my Mistress triggered the butt plug and don’t think our conversations about blow jobs and being fucked in the ass were overheard – though maybe the waiter, who was obviously gay, heard snatches of what we said. I thought at times he looked at me with a sly smile.
After our dinners arrived, the near-normalcy of our dinner took a dark turn for me. With obvious glee, my mistress said she brought a special sauce she wanted me to try.
“Remember I told you Jack and I fucked just before you came over? Well, I don’t want you to feel left out my little sissy slut, so I saved Jack’s special sauce for you to taste. It’s an hour old so it’s not as fresh as the cum you like to eat, but I’m sure you’ll still enjoy. “
She then took a small plastic bag out of her leather bag. I blanched when I saw the used condom. She had me pass her my dinner plate, and then, sort of discretely, she push the cum out of condom and spread it around my meal. With her hand under the table gently rubbing my cock, and my butt plug vibrating on high, my Mistress told me:
“I expect you to clean your plate. But first I want you to thank Jack for giving you his cum, and tell him how much you’re looking forward to eating some more right from the source later tonight. Say it, Bitch . . . or you will be sorry.
Dinner, drinks and my meal were finally over. I paid the bill and as we were getting up to leave, the waiter asked what the three of us had planned for the rest of the evening. My Mistress told him we’re going to the Hawks PDX. As I surmised, it’s a gay club. She asked him if he had ever been there. He replied:
“I haven’t been there, but friends of mine go frequently. If I wasn’t working tonight I’d love to meet you guys there. I’m sure your sissy bitch is going to be very popular.”
Everyone else laughed; I guess we hadn’t been as discrete as I thought. Another wave of embarrassment and trepidation washed over me.
. . . Turns out Hawks is in a dark, unpopulated commercial area with no street activity going on anywhere around it. As we approached the darkened door to the club, my nervousness was starting to overwhelm me; to walk into the place would be way outside my comfort zone and my submissiveness was balking at going that far. My nerves were on red alert.
But my Mistress tugged on my leash, whispered some enticements and threats in my ear, and she led me inside. We were in some kind of check-in place, with Jack and her talking to the guy behind the counter. I stood there frozen. Turns out it was ladies’ night, but my Mistress was the only woman in the place, which was just fine with her. We paid, got a room and towels, and as we were about to go in I heard the guy behind the counter ask:
“Is he gay?”
“He will be tonight,” my Mistress replied.
We walked through a maze of hallways and secret-looking dark places, trailed by several guys who were interested in, I guess, my Mistress, or maybe Jack or me? We found our room. It was only later that night, after we left and the fog of being in that place cleared from my brain, that I realized I had spent a couple of hours at a gay bathhouse.
Inside the security of our room, my mistress took full erotic control over me, and I was put to work as a sissy slut providing pleasure to my Mistress and her stud. It went on and on. I was lost in erotic ecstasy. From there, the rest of the time was a blur – the details of the night are too fuzzy to relate, too garbled to tell fact from fantasy.
There may have been repeated knocks on the door to our room, but I don’t think (?) anyone came in and participated – maybe a few got to watch? At some point, when my Mistress had me deeply aroused and deep into subspace, she took me out – naked and with my leash attached – into public space. I think maybe there were men, some naked some with towels, following my Mistress as she paraded her bitch around the club. Things were being said about her bitch.
I believe I heard my Mistress firmly instruct the gaggle following her that they were not to touch her, but, she offered, touching her sissy bitch was permitted. I was outside my body at this point - I think I was up in the rafters, watching from above as her bitch moved through a crowd of naked bodies, which seemed to part like zombies, reaching out and touching the bitch’s ass, his cock, his nipples.
I watched from above as my Mistress lead her bitch to a raised padded platform, put him/her on all fours, and entered him/her with her strap-on. A small crowd watched as she fucked her bitch, and then Jack appeared. And then the bitch was sucking his cock and moaning as my Mistress continued to fuck him. Jack pulled out. Did she order him to beg for more cock? Were there more blow jobs? The room was filling with fog. What was happening?
The dream passed. I’ve returned to serving my Mistress, continuing on as her helplessly devoted bitch.


Author: Mr. Pink