Delightful Decadence
Paradise...Chapter 2 By: Bthooker

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I woke lying away from you with my hand touching your well round bottom. I slowly rubbed my hand on a cheek trying not to wake you. Just thinking of what we did the night before made me instantly hard. I needed to shower, but the room smell of sex and I wanted to take a quiet look at you. You were so gorgeous how did I ever end up with you I stared at your body under the sheets how well you were put together. The gods did a very good job when they put you together. I just wanted to taste my cum and your juices mixed together before I took my shower. I slowly pulled the sheet off you just enough to expose your pussy lips. The well trim hair and shaven lips, oh how I wanted you. You turned just enough so I could see your lips open. I made my move and slowly laid back down on the bed. I inched towards you ever so slowly as not to wake you up. Our juices were strong just the way I liked them. You lips were parted just enough to see inside. I leaned forward and slowly parted your pussy lips and inserted my tongue. The taste and smell just about made me cum. After a few minutes I slipped back off the bed started taking my shower. I was slowly washing myself with my eyes close and thinking how beautiful you were. Lucky guy I was to be with you. I started to stroke my cock and imagined it was you sucking on it. When all of a sudden I realize that there was another hand helping me. I opened my eyes and you had entered the shower. You were standing right in front of me stroking my cock. Then when all the soap was gone you knelled down and place my cock in your mouth. Oh how you could suck my cock. I keep telling you that if you went any farther I was going to cum. You just looked up at me and tried to smile. You were in total control of me by then and I was just about to cum when you inserted a finger into my ass and touch my prostate gland and I explode again and again. You had it running off your chin and into the tub. My knees buckled I was weak and thought I was going to pass out. I had never came like that before. You were off my cock and I was still dripping. I had to take some deep breaths I didn’t want you to think that you had complete control of me at that time. I had always been in control now I had lost that. After a few more breaths I took you into my arms and kissed you with such force our teeth met. I then inserted my tongue and guide you into my mouth. I started to suck on it until I thought I needed your neck to nibble. All the time telling myself I needed to bring myself back into control. I led you out of the shower and back into the bedroom. I picked you up and laid you onto the bed with legs spread. I started kissing your mouth and slowly working myself down to your beautiful pussy. How it gleamed with excitement. I started just running my tongue on the your legs and worked myself to your pussy lips. I guided my tongue into all the wrinkles until I felt you close you eyes. Then I started kissing your trimmed hairs and the top of your pussy. Very slowly I work my tongue down your pussy lips. Feeling for every little spot to see if I could find your weakness. I went back to the top of your lips and parted them with my tongue and worked the skin around your clit. Just enough to make you shiver but never enough to make you cum. I did this along with inserting my tongue once and a while into your love canal. This went on until I could see your juices staring to flow. That’s when I latched on to your clit and started sucking. I worked it with my teeth just enough to make you shiver but never enough to make you cum. I put my front teeth on top of your clit and racked them back and forth with just a little of suction applied. I could feel you starting to cum so I backed off and started kissing your legs. When I thought you were done I started

sucking on your clit again I did this over and over again. Just when you were about to peak I would back off and let you come down. The last time I really applied the pressure and was just about to release. When you grab me by my ears and pulled me forwards onto the bed. Then you rolled me over with my harden cock pointing straight up. You never even bother to release me before I knew what happened you had my cock in you hands and shoved your pussy down around it. It felt so wet and warm inside your pussy I knew my cock was made just for your pussy. You pumped like you were on fire all the time rubbing back and forth, back and forth. I reached up and started to pinch your nipples with my fingers and then every once and a while slap your butt. You went faster and faster until we were both covered in sweat. I couldn’t believe it I was about to cum again.

This time in your pussy I grabbed your hips and thrusted down every time you thrusted forward. I could tell that you were about to cum also so I held back all I could then you started to shake I knew I would never be able to hold back. I started shooting my load just as you jumped off and watched me cover myself with my own cum. You were still jerking but you wouldn’t take your eyes off my cock as I unloaded again and again. You laid back down and closed yours eyes for only a moment then you jumped up and walk to the bathroom to shower. Just before you entered you turn around and looked at my wasted body. Then you told me that I should never had waking you unless I meant to play. I just raised my head and nodded and went back to sleep.


Author: Bthooker