Delightful Decadence
Paradise...Chapter 1 By: Bthooker

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I waited on the couch trying not to look to excited and just waiting for the doorbell to ring. It seemed like forever since I hung up the phone and you said you would be here in 20 minutes. I couldn’t wait to finally see you in person after all the phone calls and talking about what we liked about us. Now you’re on your way the moment of truth is near I wondered if you’re as sexy as you sounded. I closed my eyes and tried to picture what you looked like. I slowly slide my hand down the front of my pants. Just slowly rubbing my ever so wanting cock. My balls were hard from lack of relief I thought they might burst if I didn’t get lucky tonight. I heard the doorbell ring I jumped up and tried to straighten up and put things back into the right places.

I opened the door and there you stood, unbelievable sexy lady. Your blouse unbuttoned just so I could see the top of you firm breast. Your nipples were pushing the inside of your blouse. I couldn’t talk I didn’t know what to say; I just couldn’t believe I had such a beautiful women at my door. You looked up at me and ask if you had to stand in the hallway all night. You gave me a wink and smile that just made my knees melt. I tried to cover my hard on so you couldn’t see it. You just look down and wanted to know if that was for you. I had to swallow, here I had the sexiest lady in the world in my apartment asking if my hard on was for her. I slowly tried acting like I wasn’t caught off guard by your humor and just laughed and said it was just something I had been working on. I looked into your eyes and couldn’t hold back any more. I took your coat and threw it on the couch then I slowly started to move toward you. I just wanted your lips; tongue anything I just had to have it.

I looked into your eyes I slowly placed my lips over yours. I started just soft kisses then little harder all the time place my tongue inside you mouth. I could feel the blood flow into my cock and started to throb it was getting harder and harder by the minute. I pulled my lips away from yours and started kissing your neck. I could tell you were starting to react to my kisses. Placed my tongue and teeth on the back of your neck and started to slide them back and forth just enough pressure to make you shiver. I new it was time to suck your nipples your heart rate was getting faster and faster. I started at the front of you neck and worked down. I started to unbutton your blouse as I did with the last undone I pulled off your blouse and let it drop. I had to stop and take a breath your breast were fantastic with perfect nipples erect and waiting to be sucked. I lowered my head and placed your nipple into my mouth. I took my teeth and started to rub and pull with each suction motion. Your eyes were closed and I could tell you were weak so I applied a little more pressure pulling your nipples back with my teeth. Then while I was sucking your breast I slipped my hand down to your crotch. The heat and moisture was great I began rubbing my fingers back and forth on your clit while all the time sucking your nipples.

Then I need to taste you so I slide my tongue down your stomach just stopping to lick your navel and kiss the softness of it. I unbuttoned your pants and pulled them down I could smell your juices and it made me want to taste you even more. I kissed your hairs and then slide my tongue into your crouch you didn’t open up at first but I just slide my tongue back forth more. I could feel you getting wetter so I slide my hand between your knees and parted them. Then I found your clit and started to lick and suck it until your back was arched and I could feel you starting to explode. I had to have you so I picked

you up and carried to my bedroom lying you down with your legs still apart. I quickly undressed and started to finish the job of licking you pussy. You tasted so sweet I could eat you all night. I licked your clit until it was twice its normal size. Then I started to suck it and rub my teeth up and down it. You started to shake and I knew you were just about to explode so I sucked a little harder causing you start humping my tongue. You started to arch your back and push harder with your hips causing me to almost lose my grip. I increased the pressure and then you started to shake and jerk pushing your legs around my head. Your fluids were so much that the sheets were starting to get wet. You finish Cumming and I licked you clean then started to spread your legs farther apart. My cock was hard and needed relief I wanted you to hold it as I rammed it in. You were so wet it just slipped in and I bottomed out with the first thrust. You pussy was so wet and tight it was all I could do to hold back my cum back. I wanted to explode, but I wanted it to last forever. I pounded harder and harder with just the head of my cock staying in before I would thrust it all the way in till my balls would bang against your ass. I thrusted harder and harder it seemed like I was going to burst you apart. I wanted to cum I needed to cum. All the time you just moan and shook. Then I pulled out and rolled you over and entered from the rear god what a butt it just wants to be spanked. I thrusted my cock into your pussy, then I started to slap your butt making it red. I had you up on your knees and started pounding I then lean forward and grab you shoulder so I could pull you back as I thrust forward. I started to cum but I wanted to wait for you so I sucked it back and pushed harder and harder. It seemed I was going to burst when all of a sudden you started to shout fuck over and over each time a little louder. That made me thrust even harder come on baby cum I’m going explode just as I thought I couldn’t hold off anymore you shouted fuck at the top your lungs and started to shake. I felt the cum explode out my cock and into your pussy. You were contracting your muscles so it would suck ever last ounce out of me. I collapsed on to the bed while a smile on my face and beautiful women beside of me. I leaned over and started to softly kiss you then laid back down. My cock was still inside of you pulsating but still hard I kissed your shoulders and neck and then we closed our eyes and went to sleep.


Author: Bthooker