Delightful Decadence
Hard Day Babe? Part 1 By: Azure Dee

Disclaimer: Erotic Fiction for the Avid Reader. 

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These are not reviews and do not depict real life occurances or people in any way.  Any resemblance to real life people is merely coincidental.    

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Me:.. "Hey babe...I'm home...."

You:.."I'm in here..." 

Me:..."Hey what a day...mmmm...come here..I need a hug."

You:..(after a long soft kiss).."Rough day?"

Me:..."Yeah...long and hard...people can be evil."

You:.."Come here...kick your shoes off and relax."

Me:.."Love're home early...what's up? "

You:. "Kind of the same."

Me:..."Really?...what happend?"

You:.."They paired me with this guy who didn't speak a word of English..I had trouble trying to understand him and him me...we were both frustrated..and then in my French class the instructor..she was nice, but I could sense she was losing patience with me which frustrated me even more."

Me:.."Oh babe I'm let me sit behind you and I can wrap my legs around you. Take your shirt off and I'll give you a massage...and maybe some French lessons....oui?"

You, laughing out loud....."I can do that."

I start with your neck....

You.."mmmm. That feels good."

Me:..( I work to your traps).."Mmmhmmm..yep you're tight."

You:.."You definitely know how to work Here, let me massage your feet" 

Me:..."That tickles (giggle)..but .oowwch..don't stop. Wow..didn’t realize my feet were that sore."

You:.."So what made your day so tough?"

Me:..."I had this one woman ....what an idiot..she escalated to supervisor...she broke her new iphone and expected us to give her a new one..Free! After exhausting all other possible options for replacement, nothing was suitable for her....she got verbally abusive."

You:.."Did she get what she wanted?"

Me:..."No...she wasn’t eligible for anything free. .....I just want to lay against you...thanks for the foot massage, that felt good. You feel good. Your skin is so smooth...I need to take this blouse off so I can feel you better." 

You:.."Let me help you." 

Me:.."No..don't move." I remove by blouse. ( I wrap myself around you.) "I could just melt into you." 

You: ..."You know you're turning me on." 

Me:..(a little giggle)..."I can're getting harder." 

You:...(so as to confirm your growing interest, you take my hand and place it on your hard cock, looking deep into my eyes)..."You feel that? That's what you do to me." 

Me:..."Then I must be doing something right (giving your hard dick a firm squeeze). Show me babe."

You do a little strip tease strut. 

Me:..."Take it off baby...oooohh..come on don't be shy." I waited hungrily as you undid your zipper, waiting for you to push down your pants and…but you stop there!

Me:….”Awww, don’t stop there. You are gorgeous! I want to see all of you.” 

But you aren’t going to be persuaded….yet.
You:...”Now it's your turn to even the playing field” 

Me:..”Maybe...with a little help.”

You turn me facing away from you but keeping me close to you. You reach around and undo my belt buckle, button, zipper of my jeans all the while breathing softly in my ear, brushing my hair away and kissing my neck while I reach behind me, I slide my hand into your jeans where your hard dick strains against your boxers and stroke it... 

You:...”Mmmmm..that feels good” 

You push my jeans downs past my butt...while I bend over to take my jeans down to my ankles, you release the hooks on my bra and run your hands down my back to my I stand up it falls to the floor and you wrap your arms around me..your hand slides down my arm still wrapped around my waist, you reach past my thong and start massaging my clit which immediately brings moisture to the surface.

I kick off my jeans and you turn me to face you and run your hands up into my hair pulling me to you giving me at first a soft kiss that turns to a deep, hard passionate kiss. I feel your hard cock pressing into me...I kiss your eyes, the bridge of your nose, I brush my tongue across your lips, your chin, down your neck to your chest, kissing each side giving little bites along the way down your stomach, to your sides.

You grab my hair and push me down on my knees. I wait hungrily as you push down your jeans and boxers to reveal a hard, most amazingly shaped dick I have ever seen. I moan... 

Me:...”You are perfect babe, everything I want and right now I just want to wrap my lips around you and taste you." 

You:…”Go for it babe..."


Author: Azure Dee