Delightful Decadence
Hard Day Babe? Part 2 By: Azure Dee

Disclaimer: Erotic Fiction for the Avid Reader. 

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These are not reviews and do not depict real life occurances or people in any way.  Any resemblance to real life people is merely coincidental.    

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Previously in Part 1.......

You grab my hair and push me down on my knees. I wait hungrily as you push down your jeans and boxers to reveal a hard, most amazingly shaped dick I have ever seen. I moan... 

Me:...”You are perfect babe, everything I want and right now I just want to wrap my lips around you and taste you." 

You:…”Go for it babe...”

PART 2.....

I take just the head of your dick into my mouth and I suck on it…. I slide my tongue up and down, all over your rock hard cock. .. I wrapped my lips around your hard cock, sliding them down to take as much of you as I can. The warmth of my mouth as I take you in completely for the first time and you can’t take it anymore…..

You.…” Put it in your mouth, take it all baby, take it all." 

I opened up my throat to allow more of you. With both hands directing my head, you push in, out, in and out, as I come face to face with your long, hard stick. I raise my head back bringing my lips back to your head and plunge downward again, harder, tightening my mouth around you for firmer suction...I raise my head back again this time taking my tongue and circling the rim of your head as I grasp your hard dick with my hand gently massaging your balls....I wrap my mouth around you again this time giving you several short strokes before I take you all the way....Your moaning excites me to do even more.

You.....”Oh baby...don't stop....yeah..that's it..take it..suck it!” 

Me.....”You taste soooo good.” 

I run my tongue up and down your shaft clear to your balls..licking each of them..I have to taste them...gently sucking on one then the other while keeping the massage going with my hand. I can feel you tightening up. I wrap my mouth around you again this time going down on you breathing comes beg me not to stop..Again with my tongue I play with your head pushing my tongue into your hole, alternating swirling it around the rim. Your moans are making my pussy drip.

I slide a hand down to play with my clit. It was throbbing and hard as could be. I rub it slowly….

You. .."Is this what you wanted babe, my dick to be yours? Well now it is ….., all of yours." 
Me.... "I'm so wet."

Then I wrap my lips fully around you stroking you harder and harder…..With both hands directing my head as you push in, out, in and out. You're gasping this time...under your breath 

You grunt.... "I feel like I'm ready to explode!" 
Me..... "That's it baby..come to me...Bring it home. I want to drink every drop of you." 
You.... "I can't hold back....OOHH..OOHH..OOHHHaawwhh.." 
Me.... (as I apply a firm grasp and pull to your shaft bringing every drop to the head) . “mmm...pure protein baby.”

Your legs gave a little shiver and I looked up to see your head thrown back in sheer bliss. You looked down and catch me staring at you.

You..."That was amazing baby. I definitely needed that".
Me..."Oooh we're not done yet," I said with a sly smile and a wink."
You..."Of course not...I feel the need to return the favor" 

With that you scoop me up. I wrap my legs around your waist and my arms around your neck as you carry me to the couch. I run the tip of my tongue across your lips as you tilt me back against the arm where I lay half against it, back arched as my legs slip away from you and my feet find their way to the floor still feeling pleasure as I continue to treasure your manhood. You feel the warmth of me as I spread my legs spread over your leg, you raise it ever so gently towards your shoulder as I apply pressure of my moist and heating mound against you. I moan softly and grind down harder onto you.

You..."I remember you saying something about how wet your were?". 
Me..."Couldn't help myself," I giggle. "Here....feel". 

As I guide your hand to my mound, I feel your fingers probing, sliding underneath my thong…parting my butterfly to find the moisture as you slide first one then two fingers which cause me to gasp. You pull me to you and part my mouth with your tongue. You gently suck my bottom lip as you wrap your arm around my hips, slid your hand between my thighs and enter me from behind. I firmly grasped your hips and pull you to me. You pull your fingers out and suck the juices off of them then give me a deep French kiss. Your mouth finds its way to my neck, my earlobe….

You whisper in my ear...."Your juices taste good…I want to taste every bit of you". 

You trace the contour of my neck with your tongue to my shoulders, giving little love bites along the way. You raise my arm and run your finger tips down my inner arm from my hand to my waist that gives me goose bumps. You make your way down exploring the curvature of my breasts with your tongue, slow circles growing ever closer to my hardened nipples. You look up and stare into my eyes. I am deep in melting pleasure. 

Me....."Bite harder"..I order you which make them stand up, rock hard. 
I cry and shout... "Don't stop, please don't stop,"…. never knowing my nipples could feel that way. 

You make your way down to my kitty still pinching my nipples. As you pull my thong off, your tongue reaches its destination. You take both of your hands and gently spread me.............



Author: Azure Dee