Delightful Decadence
Hard Day Babe? Part 3 By: Azure Dee

Disclaimer: Erotic Fiction for the Avid Reader. 

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These are not reviews and do not depict real life occurances or people in any way.  Any resemblance to real life people is merely coincidental.    

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Previously in Part 2.......

Me....."Bite harder"..I order you which make them stand up, rock hard. 
I cry and shout... "Don't stop, please don't stop,"…. never knowing my nipples could feel that way. 

You make your way down to my kitty still pinching my nipples. As you pull my thong off, your tongue reaches its destination. You take both of your hands and gently spread me.............

PART 3.....

Me:…”Oh My God!!!
I cry out as you nice and slowly you run your tongue over my clit. Your tongue is warm and wet. I shiver as waves of excitement wash over me. Then you use your nose to rub my clit while you use your tongue to lick me from all sides and to the apex of my thighs. You really know what you are doing. You turn your focus back to my clit and pull back the skin to reveal the bud. 

You:..."I can't get over the size of your clit"
...You wrap your lips around it and begin to suck. Once again you slide a finger inside...slowly. The combination drives me absolutely crazy. I'm practically begging, ordering you....

Me:..."'t stop." I moan as you increase the speed. Working your tongue and pushing it deep within me. With excitement and heavy breathing, my hands shaking, my legs weak, I proclaim, 

Me: "Right there baby...oh God...I think ....something's ....going to happen" ..."Oh shit!!!.."

I buck my hips in rhythm to your plunging tongue as the hardness of your nose applies pressure against my hardened clit. I can feel the sensations build then ebb, then build again. And just when I didn't think I could take any more, you roll my hips up where my knees are by my head. You spread my cheeks and tease my back door, spreading my juices all over the tight hole of my ass. I am completely immersed in goose bumps, screaming for you to give me more.

You:... Looking up at me briefly, I can see the lust in your eyes as you encourage me..." Don't hold back baby...Give me all of it. I want it all!"

Me:...."I can't....." I moaned. I felt it ...this huge wave. I screamed "YES YES!...I'M COMING...Oooohh Myyyy God," and I explode. 

You:..."That's it baby..Oh yeah...your juices taste so good" and you return to your task. 

Nice and slow you run your tongue over my clit sending shivers through me. You tongue fuck me like you know how to do with your in and out motion, me swaying my hips while I bite down on my lip trying to keep from bucking away from you as you work your tongue and pushing it deep within me. Wave after wave of convulsions rock me, I can feel the contractions...this was the moment. This is when I want to feel your hard dick inside me. 

I sat up like a bolt, grabbed around your neck, wrapped one leg around your waist, and pulled you to me. Your manhood rock hard against me as you cannot believe the experience before you. .I look into your eyes and say the words every man longs to hear.. I demand that you penetrate me. Instead, you play with me, stroking the head of your hard cock against my clit, teasing me, causing me to jump, I was having orgasm after orgasm, making my pussy tighter and tighter.

Me:...."I'm so's like aftershocks". I gasp. You lay me back and continued to run your swollen dick from one end of me to another making me beg you...

Me”…."I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard...NOW!"

I was more than ready. With excitement and heavy breathing, my hands shaking, my legs weak, you flip me around to my stomach, bending me over the arm of the couch. You bend over pressing against me, pulling my hair to the side and kiss the nape of my neck. Kissing my ass and rubbing your cock all over my round ass. I can feel you pulsate against my skin, it felt so good. You are what I want. You are what I need. You reach up under me and grasp my breasts and play with my nipples. I part my legs and open myself up to allow you begin to slowly slide your toy deep inside of me. 

You:...."'re tight!" ...” Is this what you wanted?” What was once a moment of urgency quickly proceeds to softness for you, which gives you a whole new level of excitement as you are watching me pump against you. I look over my shoulder back at you as you moan and gasp in pleasure of your control over me.

Me:..."Ohhhhh...." I started moving my ass around and around, pushing you..."Deeper", I moaned. Your cock in my tight, wet, warm pussy..completely filling me.

Me…”I want you…all of you”.

You draw in air between clenched teeth and exhale. “Fuck, your pussy feels good.....tight and warm.”
You take slow deliberate strokes, drawing practically all the way out and then slam back into me.

Me:… “Give It To Me….HARDER!!

I moan as you increase the speed and intensity of your thrusts....



Author: Azure Dee