Delightful Decadence
Hard Day Babe? Part 4 By: Azure Dee

Disclaimer: Erotic Fiction for the Avid Reader. 

Please note, that these are erotic fiction stories only. They are posted here annonmously. I have permission from all of the authors to post them here.

These are not reviews and do not depict real life occurances or people in any way.  Any resemblance to real life people is merely coincidental.    

Enjoy you nasty minded freaks!


Previously in Part 3

Me:..."Ohhhhh...." I started moving my ass around and around, pushing you..."Deeper", I moaned. Your cock in my tight, wet, warm pussy…Completely filling me.

Me…”I want you…all of you”.

You draw in air between clenched teeth and exhale. “Fuck, your pussy feels good.....tight and warm.”
You take slow deliberate strokes, drawing practically all the way out and then slam back into me.

Me:… “Give It To Me….HARDER!!

I moan as you increase the speed and intensity of your thrusts....

Part 4

I can feel the tension inside me building once again. You stop for a moment and I swear I feel you growing as you fill me up with your throbbing dick. My breathing is heavy with excitement; I can barely hold myself up as my legs are weak, even though I am bent at the waist and sup-ported by the arm of the couch. You pull your cock out and marvel at how coated it is with my juices.

You:…”That was the wettest orgasm I’ve seen you have…it’s a beautiful thing.”
You spread my juices all over the crack of my ass and play with my hole, pushing it in a little. I respond at the pressure of you against my backdoor.

Me:…”You want to play?”
You:…”Oh yeah…but not just yet.” 

And with the last word out of your mouth, you slam back into me. Gasping and the suddenness of you inside me once again,…catching my breath and gaining rhythm. You tease me with your slow deliberate thrusts. Your hands holding tightly onto my hips, you pull almost completely out of me, then slam back into me.

Me:…”Fuck me!!…Harder!!!.I demand. “I want to squeeze every drop out of you!”

I clench my muscles around you, making pussy tighter, then I relax, then tighten again. I do this several times over and you enjoy the deliberation I exhibit. But you can’t wait any longer and once again pick up the momentum. Your cock in my tight, wet, warm pussy. I don’t care anymore about the clenching game. 

You:…That’s it baby…I want you to fuck my cock like that.
Me:…”Ohhh yes.. I want you hard and fast.”

At your encouragement, I start grinding, moving my ass around and pushing you deeper inside of me as I meet your thrusts. You start playing with my ass again so I reach underneath me to rub my clit at the same time but I can’t support myself.…..I don’t want to stop the momentum that’s building in both of us but I want to get off with double the pleasure. I encourage you to play with my ass some more ..

Me:….”Hey babe…play with my ass…I love how nasty it feels.”
You:…”Oh yeah….I love how your ass looks from here…I want to fuck it.”

As I continue to grind my ass and pussy against you, I beg you….
Me:….”Prime me first baby…..please…I want to be ready for your thick cock…” 

You interrupt me with a charged exclamation of how close you are to exploding..
You:….” I’m ready to blow my wad…oooOOOHHhhhh…Shit…”

At the last moment, you pull out which sends a rush through me. You unload your cum all over my backside, rubbing your dick and it’s juices up and down the crack of my ass, spreading your cum over my hole. Up to this point I had only experienced small orgasms, not yet reaching the big O. I turn around to face you.

Me:..”I’m not done yet…. I still need you to help finish me off..…mmm..mmm.mmm.”

With that I drop to my knees and lick you clean, you are semi hard. I look up to stare you in the eye as I finish by giving you a flick of my tongue on the head of your dick. I can still feel the stickiness of your cum on my backside, not wanting it to go to waste, I urge you…

Me:…”Come with me.” 

I grab your hand and you pull me to stand. I lead you to the bedroom and go to the nightstand. I open my goodie drawer and pull out a couple of vibrators…a small, bullet shaped but very powerful one and a blue double ended one. One end is shaped like a long slender cock and the other end is same in length but not as thick. Instead it is much more slender with the head shaped like a dick but the shaft is ribbed like a string of small Ben Wa balls but solid; this I hand to you along with a bottle of lube.

Me:….”Here, this one is for you to use on me.”.....



Author: Azure Dee