Delightful Decadence
Hard Day Babe? Part 5 By: Azure Dee

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Chapter 5....

I get up on the bed on my knees, spread wide, my arms stretched ahead of me with my face buried into the bed. I reach up underneath me, holding the silver bullet vibrator, pushing the small button on top not once but three times, till it hums with power and place it on my clit, making me jump at my sensitivity.
You begin to massage my ass with both hands, stretching both holes. You continue this for a couple of minutes, spitting into my ass as you use your thumbs to rub the spit around my hole. You drop to your knees and slowly run your tongue first straight up the middle of my pussy, then stroke the sides of my labia up to my clit, I move the silver bullet up higher while you circle my clit with your tongue, stroking it on the underside of it while at the same time inserting the cock side of the double dildo into me.

Me:….I inhale through my teeth then exhale slowly…”Ohh yesss…oh gawd that feels amazing.”

Playing with my wetness you return your attention to my ass and I move my focus back to my clit with the vibrator. I start grinding harder on the vibrator. I can feel the trickle of lube running down the crack of my ass and feel the other end of the dildo swirling around my hole, then the pressure as you push it into to me. I’m bouncing my ass up and down, spreading my legs wider, wanting it deeper.

You:..”That’s it…grind on it…shit I love seeing you fuck and be fucked. Take this baby…all of it!”

You shove the rest of the dildo up my ass and I wince and sharply inhale. I began to pick up the sensation on my clit as the pain subsides. You twist the base of the dildo and it springs to life vibrating within me. The sensations from all three directions are amazing. Between my thighs, deep within, I feel an orgasm in the making. I shift the silver bullet to hit my clit on the underside….I want pressure against my clit more than anything…it’s like hitting my G-spot from the outside in. It comes in waves…builds then subsides…builds, subsides…little orgasms.. I gasp and release as you reach up underneath me pinch my nipple hard. 
I am moaning and grunting, my breathing is in rhythm with my bucking. In a muffled but stern voice I command you....

Me:…”I Want You….Inside Me…Now!”

You pull out the one end out of my ass slowly…it feels like its forever with more to come. My breath quickens as you yank the other end out and taking your hard dick, you stroke my wet ass and pussy then slam yourself inside my pussy. You keep it moving back and forth then I feel more liquid and you begin to slowly slide inside my ass. I feel an enormous amount of pressure.

Me:….”Hold up baby…let me get used to you…..” 

Pushing yourself deeper into me got me screaming,…

Me:…"Damn baby FUCK ME!" 

You’re riding my ass good, at the other end I’m grinding on the silver bullet and feel inward pulsations building to a crescendo, the vibration on my clit sends me into pure ecstasy.

You:…" Damn! Yeah baby….bring it. Shit!” 

I let out a scream as you bust and I let go. We both collapse into a heap, your weight heavy atop of me. We are both breathing heavily. You pull the blankets around us, I curl up in a fetus position as you encircle me. I can feel myself drifting off, I manage a whisper….

Me:…. “What a way to end the day”…..

Dedicated to my G man.....You were the inspiration to our story....R.I.P. January 8, 2016



Author: Azure Dee