Delightful Decadence
Hopeless, Helpless Part 2 By: Mr. Pink

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I couldn't stop thinking about Miss Jessica and the humiliating things she made me do at the bar last night.   Why was I so paralyzed by her, unable to not obey whatever she told me to do or say?   How did she so quickly put her erotic spell on me and make me act like her submissive bitch?   All weekend I was aroused thinking about her, and wondering what she had planned for next Friday.   She was too real, and I knew I was getting in over my head.  I convinced myself I’d figure out a way to end this before it went any further.

At work on Monday, I had a lot of trouble concentrating.  As I was getting ready to leave at the end of the day, I received an email on my computer. I didn't recognize the sender and couldn't believe it when the subject of the email was 'bad boy.' How did she know where I worked and how did she get my email address?

I opened the email, it was short and direct. 'Go to Victoria’s Secret and buy seven pairs of panties, some pink and some other colors.  You choose.  Also, get yourself a lacy Babydoll that covers your crotch.  I’ll leave it to you and the sales clerk to pick out a sexy one that fits you.   Send me a copy of the receipt and a picture of what you bought. If I don't receive the copy and picture by tomorrow night, then our Friday night date is off, and you’ll never see me again.  And, depending on how I feel, I may then post my favorite pictures of you on my website and email them to the addresses in your office.

Fuck, fuck. How did I let myself get into this position? How could I go shopping in Victoria’s Secret? The idea is so humiliating.  I made sure the email was deleted from the computer before I left. Driving home I felt like things were spinning out of control. I was just looking for a little excitement in my life, that was all.  And now I was trapped under the control of an extremely dominant woman I just met.  I was equal parts scared, mad and aroused. 

Well, I came to realize I had no choice but to obey.  I had to see this woman again.  I can't tell you how embarrassing it was to walk into Victoria’s Secret by myself knowing what I was going to have to buy.   I started looking for the items, when a sales clerk introduced herself and said, “You look totally confused. You’ll never figure out what to get without some assistance.  Tell me what you think you’re looking for and I’m sure I can help you.”  I told her what my girlfriend had asked me to pick up.  When the clerk asked about her size, I could only lie and say she’s about the same size as me.  It was probably the way I said it, or maybe because my face was turning red, but it was evident to both of us that she knew the panties and Babydoll were for me.

But she did pick out all the items and sizes for me.  From time to time, with a grin on her face, she’d hold up to my body a pair or panties or a Babydoll and ask, ‘do you think your girlfriend will look good in this?’  After I paid and was heading to the door, she said in a loud voice, “I hope your girlfriend is pleased with all the lingerie, Steve.  My card is in the bag.  Please send me a picture of you wearing the panties and babydoll. ”  

When I got home I spread the panties and Babydoll on my bed, took a picture and emailed it and the receipt to Miss Jessica.  An hour later I got an email back telling me that I was being a good boy and that she was proud of me and that she couldn't wait to see me in them. She gave me an address and told me come to that address at eight o'clock on Friday.  She instructed me to bring the Babydoll, and wear one of my new panties. And she concluded; do NOT jerk off the rest of this week.

It was only Tuesday. I had to four more days to stress out and fantasize about the date on Friday.  There was no turning back now.  I was so under her spell, I thought it best to obey her command about not jerking off. I was a total horny wreck by Friday.

 . . . I drove to the address she had given me. It was a high end high rise apartment building and I went up to her floor and knocked. I was surprised when a man answered the door.

'You must be Steve, please come in, Jessica will be here soon.'

I followed him in not believing what was happening. He looked to be in his late 30's to 40's and reminded of the pictures of top level executives you see in the magazine. Good looking.  He was a few inches taller than me, probably about 5'10", slender, his hair light brown and pulled back into a ponytail.

'My name is Matt', he says extending his hand. We shake and the softness of his hand surprises me. "What can I get you to drink Steve? I'm having rum with a special mix I make.'

'That will do,' I answer still trying to deal with the fact that I'm standing here with another man and not Jessica. He leaves to fix our drinks and when he comes back with our drinks, he sits on the couch with me, rather than on one of the chairs.   It makes me uncomfortable that he as sitting so close to me. 

We make small talk, and I quickly finish the large drink he brought me.  I ask about another, and he replies, “You bet. Did you like my special mixture?”  Not wanting to insult him, I say it was fine, and that I’ll have another just like the first.  As I figured out a little later, his special mix had some kind of sedative mixed in it.

He went back to the kitchen to refill our drinks.  When he returns with my drink, he’s talking on the phone.  He tells me it’s Jessica, and puts her on speaker so she can talk to both of us.   

“Hello, my little bitch, Stevie.  I will be there in a little while.  Tell me how much you’ve been longing to see me again, and how much you want to be my sissy slut bitch tonight.  Tell me, NOW.”

 Once again, I can’t resist obeying her commands. I tell her everything she wants to hear, as a wave of humiliation washes over me as Matt smiles and stares at me, apparently enjoying my pathetic submission to Miss Jessica.   

Now bitch, don’t you think Mattie is a very handsome man?  I didn’t hear you; Look at Mattie and I want to hear you tell him how much you admire his good looks, Tell him how hot he looks.  But first, before you do that, take off all your clothes and put on the Babydoll.  I can’t wait to see you in it. ”

What could I do at that point? Despite what Miss Jessica kept saying, I certainly knew I was not gay and was turned off by anything having to do with sex and a guy.  I couldn’t wear frilly girly Babydoll in front of a guy and tell him he looked hot! But I heard Miss Jessica say, “Bitch, are you modeling your Babydoll for Matt? I’m waiting to hear your words,”

Her voice was enough to trigger that foggy sensation of helpless submission.  In a submissive trance, I obeyed.  I got undressed and put on the pink Babydoll.  My partially erect cock tented out the Babydoll’s sheer fabric and somehow the words came out of me, loud enough for Miss Jessica to hear.  I felt broken down.

Matt replied to Miss Jessica to confirm I was wearing the lingerie. 

Good bitch boy.  Now, until I get there, Matt is your master and you must obey everything he says as if it was me saying it.  I want you to tell Mattie and me all about your trip to Victoria’s Secret, and stroke your cock.  I want to know your hard.  And Mattie, I want you to take some pictures of Stevie, but first help him put on some red lipstick.  I love the way you can make the color red pop in your photos. I’ll see you both soon.  In the meantime, you boys have fun with each other.

I really, really don’t want any more humiliating pictures, but I don’t know how to stop this thing from happening. 

Matt brings me another drink and sits down next to me on the sofa.  “Better keep stroking it, or Miss Jessica will be very angry.  I’ll put the lipstick on for you.  Look at me and open your mouth a little.”   It’s at that moment, my cock hard as I helplessly obey this man, that I begin to wonder if my drink has been drugged, why else would I be so submissive to and aroused by this man?  

He then steps away, and tells me to make different poses, as he snaps away with a professional-looking camera.  There’s still a rational part of my brain that’s screaming at me not to let this happen, that knows how trapped I will be once Miss Jessica gets hold of the pictures.  But I do nothing.  I remain silent.  Aroused.  Obedient.

After a while, Matt sits back down next to me.  Turns out he is a professional photographer.  He puts one of his photo books on our laps, and begins turning the pages.   The book is filled with pictures of incredibly attractive women and very buff men, most of them wearing very little clothing.   Matt is saying something about the pictures, but my mind is in such a fog I have no idea what he saying.

He comes to a picture that grabs my attention.  It’s Miss Jessica lounging in an overstuffed chair, topless, wearing bright red short-shorts and heavy make-up. Kneeling in front of her are two men, one naked and the other is wearing is a pair of black jockey shorts that fit tightly outlining his ass. He looks to be mid 20's black hair, five o'clock shadow and a total stud. The two guys are holding each other’s hard cock.  I can't stop staring at her and the two guys.

“I know how you feel Steve. She does have a presence doesn't she?  Or is it her two boyfriends that have you excited?” 

I didn’t realize how long I’d been staring, nor did I realize I was still touching my erect cock.   

The next picture was of the same guy wearing the black shorts in the prior picture.  This time he was naked and fully erect.  Again, I stared without realizing it.

Matt laughed and told me, “His name is Tony. Gorgeous isn't he?  He’ll be coming over later tonight with Miss Jessica.  He’s her favorite boyfriend.  But don’t worry, he is totally bi, in fact, there’s nothing he loves more than having some virgin sissy mouth sucking his cock.”

I was speechless.  Lost in an erotic haze.  Tingling with arousal.  

Matt continue, “Now, Stevie, I want to be your friend tonight, but you must obey everything I tell you, or else I’ll have to tell Jessica if you disobey.  I’m going to help you stroke your cock while we look at more pictures.”  His hand reached under my babydoll, and caressed my cock. That was a first for me.  My erection was pushing out the babydoll.    

“I’m going to call Miss Jessica and put her back on the speaker phone.  You must tell her, beg her, to bring Tony over so you can have sex with him.  I want you to beg her to let you be Tony’s bitch. I want you to describe how you will sit on his lap, kiss him on the mouth, fondle his cock and then suck him off until he’s satisfied.   You will be severely punished by Miss Jessica if you don’t say everything just as I told you to do. Are you ready, bitch?”   

I was so scared but so totally aroused by my humiliating predicament.  And then I felt Matt’s hand job getting more pronounced as I got harder.  I couldn’t help myself from getting fully erect and moaning softly.   I mumbled something again about my not being gay and not into sex with men. 

Matt laughed at me:  “That’s a pretty big hard on for someone who’s not gay.  Is your cock erect because you’re thinking about Tony and what you have to say?  Ok, bitch, time for you to tell Miss Jessica you are gay and beg her to let you have sex with Tony.  Don’t fuck this up, or you will be very very sorry.”

With that, he dialed and I was on the speaker again, hearing Miss Jessica’s voice.

“Well, my little sissy bitch.  I bet you’ve been having a fun time getting to know Mattie. Now, I believe there is something you’d like to tell me.  Talk to me my sissy slut.  Tell me everything Matt told you I want to hear. Say it all NOW”

And with Matt stroking my now-raging cock, I told my mistress everything, all those embarrassing humiliating words came out of my mouth. 

Thank you, Mattie.  I can see you have my little sissy faggot ready to serve us all tonight. Tony, you want to add anything?”

And then another voice, a man’s voice came over the speaker. 

“I’m looking forward to meeting you Stevie.  You sound like just the kind of slut boy I love to have suck my cock and taste my cum.  If Miss Jessica allows it, you might even get to have me fuck you.  I bet you’d like that.  Right, bitch.”

This is so fantastic.  Don’t you think, Stevie. And Mattie, I think you will have lots of great opportunities tonight to add to your collection of erotic photos.

I sat silently on the sofa. Stunned.  My mind blank.  A total submissive.  A slave to Miss Jessica’s erotic power.   And then the door to Matt’s apartment opened. 



Author: Mr. Pink