Delightful Decadence
Life on the Farm Part 1 By: Dolly

Disclaimer: Erotic Fiction for the Avid Reader. 

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It was 4:30 in the morning when I felt my husband’s hard cock poking me from behind as I tried to sleep.  It was his usual ‘morning wood’ straining for relief.  I tried to pretend I was sleeping soundly but who was I kidding.  He was going to get what he wanted.  He slipped his hand between my legs and massaged my pussy enough that it started to moisten.  He placed the head of his cock at the opening and gently pushed until the entire 4 inches was in.  He then went through his daily routine of pounding away until he came inside of me which was usually about three minutes.  Just enough to arouse me but not even close to satisfying me.

“Thanks, honey,” he said.  “I’ll make it up to you later.  But I need to get up to the orchard and spray before the wind comes up.  But don’t worry I’ll make it right.”  “Right, like that’s going to happen,” I thought to myself.  The orchard was about a half mile away up on a hill and easily visible from the house.  He would spray the trees until the wind came up.  It would then take him at least 15 minutes to get down the hill and another 15 to put the tractor and sprayer away.

“Ok baby, go to work now and I’ll start breakfast for you when I see you driving the tractor down from the orchard,” I said hoping to get a little more sleep before starting the usual “farm wife duties”.  I closed my eyes but just couldn’t go back to sleep.  I was still aroused from my husband’s quick draw performance earlier.  Plus the semen dripping from me was starting to form a wet spot on my nightie. 

“Oh crap,” I muttered and got up from my bed.  I went into the bathroom and cleaned up my husband’s deposit and said to myself, “Might as well start the day.  I can’t go back to sleep.”  As I took off my nightgown I thought of how good it felt to have his cock in me, even though it was for a short time and dreamed about what it would be like to have a nice big cock pound me for even ten minutes.  I started to get wet again.  Laughing to myself and thinking, “like that’s ever going to happen,” I decided to slip on and old house dress that was missing a couple of buttons and go out and gather the eggs. 

As I walked past the garden to the chicken coop I noticed a nice sized cucumber basking in the morning sun.  I said to myself, “Now that’s what a cock should look like!!”  I giggled and passed on by to gather the eggs but could feel my wetness return and an itching inside my pussy.  I quickly gathered the eggs and as I walked past the garden again, I thought to myself, “Why not?”  I set the basket of eggs down, walked into the cucumber vines and searched until I found the biggest one.  “Why not,” I repeated to myself.  I found a nice one about eight inches long and a good 2 inches in diameter.  I looked up the hill to make sure my husband was still spraying and I could see the white watery chemical billowing above the apple trees.  Not a bit of wind.  I had at least a half hour to pleasure myself.  I was dripping wet just thinking about what it would feel like to have something that big in me.  I was so excited I ran to the barn because it was closer and I didn’t want to waste any time.  All the Mexicans had gone to the fields so I figured I was safe.  As I entered the barn I had to adjust my eyes to the filtered light inside.  I ran to the cabinet where I knew we kept a jar of Vaseline we used to help with the calving operation.  I lay back on the straw and applied the lubricant to the cucumber.  OMG, I thought to myself.  I felt like a horny school girl as I stroked the huge imaginary cock.  I opened the few buttons holding my flimsy old house dress together and spread my legs.  I rubbed the end of the cucumber across my opening and over my clit.  My body trembled as I wondered if I was going to actually get this big thing inside me or not.  I truly love my husband and he is gifted in many ways, just not down there.  Of course his four inches was better than nothing but I have never reached an orgasm with him.  I had faked many but never really had one.  As I pushed the small end of the cucumber into me I gasped at its sheer size and hardness.  The lips and surrounding tissue of my pussy were stretching so tightly I thought they would tear.  Finally I got a couple of inches into me.  I slowly worked it in and out.  Each time I pushed it in I would try to add another half inch.  Tears were streaming down my face and I was starting to giggle.  When the whole thing was in me my body shuddered.  I slowly pulled it out and then slowly shoved it back in again.  I couldn’t believe the sensation I was having. I had never felt anything like it before in my life.  I started to pull it out farther and then push it back in all the way to the hilt.  Eventually my pussy had stretched where I could pull all but about an inch out and then shove the whole thing back in.  I gradually picked up the pace and in no time I was slamming it in and out of my sopping wetness.  My body started to shake and I knew I was in for my first real orgasm.  My eyes rolled back into my head.  Suddenly my body was convulsing.  A low yet loud guttural noise came from deep inside me.  The intensity was so great I started to laugh.  At least at first I thought it was me laughing.  Suddenly I realized it wasn’t.  My eyes opened quickly to the sight of two of the older Mexican workers standing over me smiling down at me.  I was petrified.  My first thought was to run for my life.  But instead I froze.  Well kind of froze.  I was still shaking from the orgasm.   They had both unzipped their pants and were stroking their cocks.  One was almost as big as the cucumber.  I was so embarrassed yet so excited.  “What the hell”, I thought as I raised up onto my knees and started pulling on both their hard cocks.  They pulled me up onto my feet as the robe fell to the ground.  Four hands roamed over my body.   I could feel the moisture dripping down my thighs.  They quickly removed their cloths and the one with the biggest cock laid on his back on the straw and motioned for me to straddle him.  I was worried at first that I couldn’t take a cock that large easily but to my surprise it slipped in easily.  Probably due to the good stretching the cucumber gave me.  Not to mention I had never been this wet with my husband.  As I rocked back and forth on the huge cock, the other worker grabbed my hair and pulled my head around so I could suck on his cock.  I was not new to this but again it was only with my husband’s little dick.  He rammed the full length down my throat causing me to gag a little.  He only laughed, said something in Spanish and continued to fuck my throat.  I soon felt another orgasm rising and my attention returned the lower cock.  He was thrusting his hips in an upward motion, slamming into me as I bore down on him.  As my body started to quiver I was oblivious to the cock in my mouth.  Suddenly my body stiffened and what felt like electrical shocks surged through my body over and over as I reached a powerful orgasm.  He continued the pounding motion until I felt his hot load.  I was trying to scream but my sounds were muffled by the upper cock.  Suddenly I felt a warmth in my throat and realized the upper cock was finishing.  As they squeezed out their final drops I collapsed on the man below me.  They gently rolled me over onto the straw, got dressed and hurried off to work.  As I laid there trying to fathom what had just happened to me I felt a strange warm glow come over my body.  It was a gentle peacefulness.  “So that’s what an orgasm feels like,” I thought to myself.  I wanted more!!  Hopefully we could repeat the scenario tomorrow morning.   

As I laid back in the soft straw I gazed out the window and noticed the trees gently swaying in the breeze.  “Oh crap!” I thought.  My husband would be coming down from the orchard.  I rushed out the barn door to see him just starting to leave the orchard.  I ran by the garden, grabbed the basket of eggs and made it to the house before he could see me.  I jumped in the shower and was still basking in the glow of what had just happened.  Although my pussy was a little sore it was a pleasurable pain that I had never experienced.  I felt like pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. 

As I dressed I could hear my husband’s tractor nearing the barn.  I rushed to the kitchen to start his breakfast.  When he came through the door he seemed a little put out about something.  My body suddenly stiffened worrying that he knew what had happened in the barn.  He said, “I noticed two of our older workers getting a late start this morning.  I hope they don’t make a habit of it.  I’d hate to let them go.  They’re two of the hardest workers we have.  “Yes they are,” I thought to myself.  “Very hard!”


Author: Dolly