Delightful Decadence
Life on the Farm Part 2 By: Dolly

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My husband was snoring loudly as I lie in bed wide awake at 4:00 am waiting for the alarm clock to go off. I couldn’t help but think about yesterday’s encounter in the barn. Did it really happen? Was I dreaming? Were there really two big cocks servicing me at the same time? YES I screamed to myself!!! And I loved it!!! Would I be so lucky as to have a repeat this morning as I went to gather the eggs? Probably not I thought to myself as my husband had gotten after the two men for being late to work yesterday.

As my husband started to wake I could feel his 4 tiny inches poking me from behind. At least this morning I was already wet for him from thinking about what had happened the previous morning. He went through the motions, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and hurried off to finish spraying the orchard. It was a calm day which meant he would be away from the house for several hours. As I cleaned myself up I thought to myself, “ What if???”, “What if the two older workers were there again in the barn waiting for me.” I became wet instantly thinking about what had happened just 24 hours ago. I pulled off my nightgown and put on the old house dress again hoping it would be a good luck charm. I laughed out loud at myself at that thought. “You’re losing it lady,” I said to myself. “Just be satisfied with a good sized cucumber. It’ll be the second best fuck you’ve ever had!!”

As I stood on the porch of the farmhouse I felt the warm sun warming my body. As I walked toward the barn I passed the cucumber patch again and immediately started getting wet again. I thought to myself, “I’ll first check the barn and see if my two lovers are waiting for me and if not I’ll pick out a nice big one on the way back to the house.”

As I opened the barn door I was pleasantly surprised to find my two macho men waiting for me. My head was starting to spin wondering what they had planned for me this time. As they approached me my heart was pounding so hard I could both feel it and hear it. They came up to me and gently caressed my body, their hands tanned and muscular from a lifetime of working in the fields. I could feel my wetness dripping down the inside of my thighs. Suddenly they stopped feeling me and stepped back saying, “Lo siento senora pero necesitamos trabajar.” My heart dropped. I knew enough Spanish that they were afraid of being late to work again after my husband had gotten after them the day before.

As they opened the door to leave they turned and said, “Probecho senora.” Enjoy myself? What did they mean by that? Were they just adding insult to injury? How rude of them. Then I heard a noise from the corner of the barn. Without any lights it was hard to see anything at that time of day. The noise sounded like laughing. As I made my way to the corner of the barn a light suddenly came on. There in the corner of the barn was the entire work crew from our farm. Fifteen men aged 18 to 40. They had brought several mattresses from the bunkhouse and arranged them on the floor together. Suddenly I was surrounded. Multiple hands groping my body, my dress was soon on the floor. The men were stripping themselves of their work clothes. I was gently pushed down onto the mattresses on my knees. Five cocks presented themselves for inspection. I kissed each one then started to suck the biggest one into my mouth while caressing the others. Hands were caressing my hair and face. My shoulders were being rubbed. The man with the big cock pulled himself from my mouth and laid down on his back, his cock pointing toward the ceiling. I immediately climbed on and took the entire length to the hilt. I was so wet I was amazed on how easily I was able to take him so easily and quickly. As I rode him he thrust himself into my waiting pussy like a madman. I felt a cock being pushed into my mouth. I gladly excepted it. And then there was another on the other side of my face. There was a cock in each of my hands. I had never even dreamed of something like this. What more could a woman want? Next thing I knew there was a man behind me pushing me forward and inserting himself in my ass. “Wait!!” I said as I had never had anal sex before. I pointed to the jar of vaseline on the shelf. A broad smile appeared on the man’s face as he grabbed it, opened it and generously lubed his cock and my asshole. He gently pushed himself into my tight sphincter until it was all the way in. My head was spinning. He stroked himself in and out of my ass slowly increasing the speed until he was pounding me. With the big cock below me and the one behind me I hardly noticed the cocks taking turns fucking my throat. I have no idea how long they double fucked me but when they were finished there were two more waiting in line to take their turns on the bosses wife. Cum was being pumped down my throat, into my ass and pussy over and over. I had to laugh at the younger guys because it didn’t take them too long to finish. But because of their age they were as hard as a rock. I think I was the first for some of them. As each worker finished he put on his clothes and went out the door to work. When there was just four or five waiting I noticed a large figure in the shadows of the opposite corner. His head was hanging and he would glance over to where the action was only for a second and turn and look the other way. I recognized him as a young man the others had nicknamed Toro. At times the others had gently teased him, because of his size I assumed.

When the last young man shuddered and blew his load I laid back on the mattresses to try and come to grips with what had just happened. I heard a shuffling sound from the corner and saw that Toro hadn’t moved an inch from where he had been during the festivities. I motioned for him to come over and he immediately looked down at his feet. I called to him and he looked up and stared and my sweaty cum covered body. “Ben aca,” I said. Come here. He slowly walked over to me as I sat on the edge of the mattress all the time avoiding looking at me. When he finally got close to me I noticed a huge bulge in his pants. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. What popped out literally scared me. I had never seen a cock so big. It reminded me of a Hickory Farms Beef Log. “So this is why they call you Toro!” He finished taking his pants and shirt off and stood before me like a Greek God. As I reached for his cock he moaned. It was so big it took both of my hands to put around it. I leaned forward and started to lick the head. He moaned again, this time from deep in his gut. I tried to put my mouth around the head as best I could but it was so big I though my jaws would come unhinged. As I licked the head I gently stroked his huge cock and squeezed his tennis ball sized balls. Suddenly a dollop of semen shot into my mouth. “No you don’t young man. Don’t you dare cum until I’ve had that big cock in my pussy.” I stood and pushed him down onto the mattress positioning him on his back so I could ride him like a cowgirl. I found the almost empty jar of vaseline and was able to scrape enough out with my fingers to put a good layer on his cock and in my pussy.

As I straddled Toro I slowly placed my pussy over his cock. I had to spread my lips with my fingers. As I slowly lowered myself onto the head of his cock it felt like nothing I had ever felt before. The walls of my vagina were stretched tight as a drum. I only allowed about a half inch at a time and then pulled back up a little not wanting to tear anythings. An inch was in and I was starting to tremble. I pushed down another inch and my whole body was shaking. “Slowly gal. Gently, “ I said to myself as I took my time trying to adjust to the massiveness of his cock. “ you can do it gal, just take your time,” I thought. Then Toro reached up and put his massive hands on my shoulders. “Wait a minute big boy, take it easy,” I said knowing he didn’t understand my English. Then he did it!! He pulled down hard on my shoulders slamming the entire 12 inch length into my pussy. My body shuddered. I tried to speak but all that came out were gurgling sounds. He stood up from the mattress while still inside me. I was impaled on his huge cock like a rag doll with my arms and legs flailing wildly as he fucked me. He then started to lift me up down onto massive member. He would lift me up until just the head was still in and then slam me back down on the full length. Over and over. It was like he was using my body to jack himself off instead of his hand. I have no idea how long this went on. My eyes had rolled back into my head and I was just hanging on for dear life. He then started to moan and I new he was getting close. He lifted and slammed me faster and harder than before until he let out a muffled scream while pumping his hot cum into my pussy. After he finished he gently laid me on the mattress and dressed and went to work. I laid there shaking, trembling and laughing wondering what the hell had just happened. As I struggled to stand up it felt like my legs were going to go out from underneath me. As I staggered to the barn door I could still hear my husband’s sprayer up the hill which meant I had plenty of time to shower and get breakfast started. Just as I was putting the food on the table he came in madder than hell. “Could he have known what happened. Did one of the workers tell him?” I wondered?“ As I stood silently staring at him wondering if he was going to scream at me, he said,”Those damn Mexicans! Yesterday it was the two older guys who came late. But I must have scared them with the talk I had with them yesterday because they were first out of the barn to go to work. Even a few minutes early. But the rest of those guys came straggling out two or three at a time like it was their day off. And the big guy, the one they call Toro was the last one out. He’s one of my best workers and never late. I don’t know what’s going on hun but I need you to go out to the barn early tomorrow and make sure they all come at the same time. Biting my lip to keep from laughing, I said, “ but honey it’s so early.” “ I don’t care,” he bellowed. I want you out there at sunup doing whatever you have to to get them to all come at the same time.

“Ok dear whatever you say”


Author: Dolly