Delightful Decadence
Lucid Dream #1 By: BG

Disclaimer: Erotic Fiction for the Avid Reader. 

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The dream is always the same; I am in a dimly lit bedroom with just a few candles burning, naked on a large bed and only partially awake.  I am here because my mistress has instructed me to be and even though I am excited for the unknown, I am very relaxed because I trust my mistress implicitly.  
I lay on the bed for what seems like an eternity, drifting in and out of a light sleepy state.  The room is warm and the light scent of the candles have me at peace. The soft cotton sheets rubbing against my naked body have me slightly aroused.  I stroke myself through the sheet that covers me and my erection comes and goes as I drift in and out of consciousness.  I am awakened by the sound of the doorknob turning and I hear light footsteps pad across the room.  I roll over on my stomach and decide to keep my eyes closed as the mystery of what is coming has me intrigued.  
My senses are absolutely heightened with my eyes closed and I am eager to use my other senses for any clues as to what is going on around me.  As I lay there in anticipation, I think I hear the soft sound of clothing dropping to the floor and I smell a light fragrance but I can't tell if its masculine or feminine in nature.   I am still in a very relaxed state of mind and decide to keep my eyes closed and stay in this dreamy, partially awake, partially aroused zone.
My lower body is covered by the soft sheet and my torso is lit by the glow of the candlelight.  I feel a soft hand caress my shoulder and move to the center of my back, slowly moving up and down the center of my back with such a light touch, it gives me goosebumps.  Gently, I feel a knee up on the bed next to me and the weight of a body coming up next to mine.  Eyes still closed, I imagine my mistress next to me and my cock grows hard in anticipation of her touch.  The hand is still caressing my back, up and down, each time going lower under the sheet towards my ass.  Before long, my ass cheeks are being gently caressed and I realize there are lips on my ear and a hot breath causing my brain to tingle with excitement.  The lips on my ear become teeth tugging gently on my earlobe and a tongue flick turns me on and sends me into ecstasy.  
I feel the sheet being pulled off my lower body and the warm wetness of some sort of oil or lube being worked between my ass cheeks.  I begin to tremble with anticipation as the hand teases towards my eager asshole but I can tell my mistress is going to take her time with me.  It seems like forever as the hand caresses my ass and teases me with anticipation of what I crave so badly.  The sensation of the well lubed hand and fingers has me so turned on that I realize I am involuntarily gyrating my hips towards the hand in the hopes I will be appeased. My mistress takes her time and can read my body language like a book.  She has told me she loves how responsive I am to her touch.   I can barely stand it anymore and just as I'm about to open my eyes and roll over I hear a soft, sweet voice say, "Stay on your tummy".  In that instant I realize that is not the voice of my mistress but the hand starts applying more pressure on my anus and I feel a single finger enter me.  The sensation of ass play has always turned me on and this was no exception.  First one finger and then two, slowing fucking my ass as I raise my hips up to get a deeper penetration.  Whoever this is, knows what they are doing.  
I roll my head over towards my visitor and open my eyes to see their silhouette in the candlelight.  It looks like a petite young lady with beautiful perky tits and shoulder length hair.  I can't be sure as the room is pretty dim and the candle is behind her.  I decide it must be a playmate of my mistress and I am perfectly fine with whatever she has in store for me.  I manage to mutter, "Who are you?" in a whisper my visitor simply replies, "I'm Vivian and I'm here to play".  
Vivian continues to finger fuck my ass switching between one finger and two, testing how deep I can take them.  I put my arm up to caress Vivians leg and i'm curious to feel her pussy and see how wet she is.  I can't help but feel gratitude to my mistress for providing a new playmate but wonder if she is watching the scene or if she's even here. As I move my hand up her leg and explore her inner thigh, my hand dips to feel her wetness but I am not met with a warm pussy, but instead a nicely hard, circumcised cock.  
I have told my mistress of my desire to feel a real cock in my ass and I realize quickly that she has taken the steps to help me realize this fantasy.  Vivian's fingers feel so good and I am such a state of erotic bliss that I am eager to experience all I can tonight.  I take Vivian's gorgeous T-Girl Cock in my hand and begin to stroke it. In an instant she is rock hard and starts to moan sweetly.  I roll over and sit up on the bed and pick Vivian up and lay her on her back.  She is beautiful laying there, perky little breasts and a nice 5-6 inch cock glistening in the candlelight.  I decide right then and there that this will be a night to remember and I take her cock and start to lick it.  I'm surprised and how clean and smooth she feels in my mouth as I run my tongue all around her hardness and I love it.  I put both of my hands under her ass and pull her deep into my throat.  Vivian must like my mouth a lot and starts gyrating her hips in a fucking motion as I eagerly take all her length.
A few minutes of sucking Vivians thick cock and I think I hear some rustling in the corner of the room.  I am about to lift my head up off of Vivians cock and she pushes my head down thrusting herself deep into my throat and saying, "Oh No, you keep sucking".  The next thing I know, a new set of hands is caressing my asshole again.  This is just too much, I am on overload but I can't believe how much I love sucking this cock.  The new sensation of fingers in my ass while sucking is sending me over the edge.  I feel my cock throbbing as it hangs between my legs.  My hands are still under Vivians ass and I am slowing working a finger up her ass. I start working a rhythm of pushing back against the fingers in my ass and swallowing this T-Girls pretty cock.  
My ass is feeling so good and I manage to utter "Fuck Me" between sucks.  I know I am going to get what I want when I feel two hands on my hips and the head of my mistresses dildo against my eager asshole.   As she applies pressure, I push back towards her and that big fake dick slides up my ass in a slow but deliberate motion.  My moan is muffled by the cock in my mouth and I soon catch my breath and start to rock back against my mistresses thrusting hips.  My mistress knows how to fuck me and always does so with such care and tenderness.  She knows I love to feel the weight of her body pressing close against me filling me up and bringing us as close as two humans can be.  She also knows of my desire to feel a real cock and after a few minutes, she decides I've sucked Vivians cock long enough. 
In a dizzy haze, we all get up and move around with my mistress now laying on her back where Vivian once laid.  I absolutely LOVE the way my mistresses pussy looks and tastes and she spreads her legs to reveal her clean shaven and dripping mound.  
Behind me, Vivian is now lubing up her hard cock and playfully fingering my ass getting me ready to take "The Real Thing".  My mistress knows my fantasy is to be fucked bareback and feel a hot load of cum to be shot inside me.  As Vivian pushes her nice hard cock inside my ass, I can feel the sensation of her bare skin going into me and it is so sublime.  As she starts to fuck me slowly and gently, I simply can't believe it's happening and I must have been so lost in the moment that stopped licking my mistresses sweet pussy.  My mistress knows me all to well and she flips around so her head is now between my legs with a full view of my ass getting pounded by Vivian and starts sucking my cock.  This new touch of a hot mouth on my cock is almost more than I can take and within minutes I am cumming deep inside my mistresses throat. Vivian starts fucking me harder and her motions get jerky as she's about to shoot her hot load up my ass.  I can feel the hot cum and its lubrication as Vivians cock pulses its last few drops into my ass.  
After I cum, my mistress flips back around under me and has me lay on top of her.  We kiss deeply and I can taste my cum in her mouth.  Its salty taste makes me suck on her tongue eagerly and I am so thankful for all she provides.