Delightful Decadence
Our First Time By: Shey

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Our First Time

Finally, the day had arrived. It was so strange how we had always flirted around the subject, but never directly talked about it more than a handful of times. Even though I talk a good talk about what one should do to communicate openly with a lover, we were strangely uncommunicative in this regard and had been for years. This long only to realize we're both so into this. We were giddy with excitement. Texting back and forth through the day teasing each other with letters and symbols of happiness and more than 3's. He already new my truths, yes, I'd had a man before, but not often and from only one subordinant position. I had also had women, but not many. Details were never needed and although they were ready, were never required and therefore remained clandestine and tucked away.
This would be my first time strapping up and pegging my lover. Even though we knew this was our intention in the end. We began our lovemaking, like we always do, with a long session of kissing and sensual touching to arouse our senses. We delight in the closeness and randomly share breath and gaze into our eyes. This gets us both writhing and yearning for more. Thrusting on each other and teasing with fingertips which travel from shoulders to ears to thigh to pelvis. Every touch sends warmth all over my body. I play with his entire body. Nibbling here and there, biting and releasing to licks and purrs. My hand slides to his front between his legs and searchs for his rosebud. My fingers have a mind of their own and entice him in numerous ways. Eventually, I'm fucking him with two fingers, putting pressure in all the right spots to make him orgasm. My eyes roll back in my head as the intensity ramps up as his thigh crushes my pubic hair. My pussy is pulsing and throbbing, my hips thrust sporactically and the increased contact is sending me over the top. Finally, my clit peeks through and gets some solid pressure and my body is awash in fantastic feeling of bliss and as my pussy climaxes and my body contorts and twists in a spasmodic fashion. Each spasm sending me farther and farther into my happy place. Eventually, I feel the pull of reality and remember my special goal and my longing to quench this desire returned and found a resting spot in my pubic area.
My pussy felt alive and breathing on its own. The power spot was all the tissue surrounding my pubic bone, the g-spot region, urethra, clitoris.. all felt like they were breathing and throbbed as I slipped into the harness. The slender piece of rubber situated itself, cupping my mons and inflaming all of my bits even more. I could not help but stroke my cock as I momentarily daydreamed of the soon to be reality. Meanwhile, patiently waiting was his beautiful ass. I kissed it and rubbed it. I wanted to chew on it! I was feeling so feral. My senses were heightened. I could smell so well right then and his skin was intoxicating. Without any planning, finesse, or patience, I dove my tongue in his ass. I made circles around the rosebud and swung my head making zig zags with a full flat tongue. I was a kid in a candy shop and this was awesome. He swayed his hips and ground against my tongue and sometimes skittishly pulled away only to push back against me in the next moment. Eventually, this tease was not enough, he motioned me to mount him.
I positioned him so I could enter from behind while we both lay on our sides. We shared the control this way as we both got use to the sensation. He guided my cock into his ass and I tried to enter as gently and slowly as I could manage. But his reaction to my cock was overwhelming. As soon as I was inside, he was grinding against me. Writhing upon my cock like a stripper on a pole, he moaned in ecstasy. I was overtaken with lust and quickly situated him on all fours and prepared to enter him from behind. I was so filled with this lust, I rubbed and squeezed his ass and about lost it as I watched my cock sink into his ass. Grabbing both of his hips I thrust deep and felt something like a bolt of energy surge from inside me. I felt like I was riding a bucking bronco, but I think the bronco was me! I couldn't help myself and was jackrabbiting his ass. It was the strangest and one of the greatest feelings I've ever had. It was surreal how amazing the waves of pleasure felt. I was flying so high.
Then he turned over. Face to face, we kissed and groped and felt ourselves blend as if we were becoming one. When I entered him I took pleasure in seeing his face and watching his breath catch in his throat as he took all of me. He lifted his legs to wrap around me. I pulled him closer, lifting his hips and pulling him up to meet me then with one hand on a shoulder and one under his ass and around his hip, I got my groove on. I don't know how many times we both came, but I could hardly hold myself up anymore. My arms were weak and I could barely focus. He flipped me over and immediately climbed on top of forever hard cock and I got to see my baby ride me. That sight was enough to make me blow again. It was more powerful than I could have imagined and he kept satisfying his own needs while grinding on top of me. I took his cock in one hand, his balls in the other and proceeded to give each my full attention. His head began to loll to one side and he swooned like a drunkard catching himself only to do it again. It was divine to watch his pleasure intensify and I only closed my eyes during the moments when my own lust took over. He came during a peak of ecstasy and shot all over my chest and belly where he collapsed soon after, panting and shivering, completely spent, holding each other until our breath normalized and we could separate without that feeling of tearing apart. Absolutely mindblowing are the words I want to forever describe that feeling I had while pegging my lover. Our first time will be a day I will never forget and has proven to be a near and dear pasttime of ours. The wait was worth it!