Delightful Decadence
Paradise...Chapter 3 By: Bthooker

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I woke, as you were getting ready to go. I was trying to think how to stop you I wanted to still make love to you. Then without even thinking about it I ask if you wanted to go to Hawaii. You looked at me and smiled you would take me to Hawaii just for a piece of ass. I shook my head and told her all the details. You finally agreed and left. I started making the arrangements and next thing we knew we’re on the plane. We had first class seats to have more room. It was a night flight so we all tried to get some sleep. I just dozed off when I felt your hand unzip my pants. Next thing I knew you’re jacking me off. I tried not to show how excited I was but boy you had me going. I lean over and kissed you on the neck and thanked you, just as I came you lowered your head under the blanket to swallow my cum. When you were done I slowly zipped my fly and turned my attention to you. I slide my hand up your shirt to pull your panties off and to my surprise you weren’t wearing any. You must have seen the look on my face because you leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said just for you. I slide my hand up to your clit and played with it to make it swollen when I thought it was ripe I inserted my finger. I started slowly then went faster and faster until you had your eyes close and hummed softly. I could tell you wanted to scream but afraid you might wake someone. This only made me want to bang you harder. In and out in and out until I seen you arch your back and start to quiver. I didn’t think you would ever stop twitching. When you were done you leaned over and we kissed like there was no tomorrow. The rest of the flight we rested and waited to get to our rooms. We had a long taxi ride so we killed time by make out. It seemed we couldn’t get enough of each other. We had thought about the elevator, but just as we started a kid ran in and spoiled everything. We finally got to the room and we had wine and goodies from the hotel. I looked into your eyes and wondered what you seen in me. I was just an ordinary country boy and you're such a beautiful and sexy lady. People turned their heads when you walked into the room. I didn’t know but I wasn’t going to spoil it. You undress to get ready for bed and I couldn’t help myself. I reach around you and grab your firm breast and started to kiss you neck. You turned around and I kissed your soft lips and slide my finger inside of you. I slowly slide it back and forth just to get the juices flowing. We kissed for a long time then I guided you to the bed. I laid you down and had you close your eyes and held your arms above your head. You didn’t know it but I had hidden some scarves under the pillows. I slip them over your arms and tied them to the headrest. Then I slipped them over your feet. You wanted me to untie you but I didn’t think you tried that hard. I started sucking your nipples going back and forth pulling with my teeth with one then pinching the other one with my fingers. I work down to your pussy I knew you didn’t want me to do this but it was a must. You kept telling me no but I could smell you and I wanted to taste you. I licked your pussy inside and out and your yells turn to moans. I always had a talented tongue now I can show you. I started licking your clit then when it was swollen I started sucking and racking your clit. You arched you back and started to cum over and over again. I didn’t stop until I thought you had enough. You must of came at least ten times just with my tongue. I went up to your face and placed my dick in your mouth and told you do me right. I’ll untie you and we can fuck until you say stop. You started sucking the head and then when it got hard you slide your head back and forth until you were jacking me off with your mouth. I wanted to cum but I wanted your pussy before I came. I told you that you had done a good job so

I was going to untie you. I untied you and laid down on the bed, then told you climb on top. Then before I knew it you had scarves around my hands and trying to tie me up. I was still weak from your blowjob so I gave in. Then you had me all tied up and with a hard on. You put your pussy in my face and told to smell your pussy and your not going to taste it again. Then you started to rub your titties in my face not letting me suck them. When you figured you had teased me enough you acted like you were going to let me up when instead you mount me. You pumped and pumped and I wasn’t able to help you. Oh how I wanted to grab your ass and help but you wouldn’t let me loose. You went faster and faster telling not to cum. If I came you would leave tied up for the maid. I held back then you started to slap me just as if I was a horse and you were riding me. I couldn’t hold back any long when at the last moment you started jerking and shouting fuck oh fuck. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I came and came until I thought I was going to pass out. Then when you were done cumming you slide up me and left a trail as you went. Then you rose up and placed your pussy just above my nose and mouth. Now open wide, as I did you pushed all my cum and your pussy juices into my mouth and then told me to swallow I laid there for a while until you had your shower then you untied me and gave me a big kiss and hug. We knew that we weren’t done we were just starting a new chapter.


Author: Bthooker