Delightful Decadence
PPSS Saga - The Day Had Finally Come, Part 2 By: Bofors57

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Crossing the Rubicon

PPSS presents himself to Mistress Macayle to suck his first male cock for her.  But can he go through with it?

PPSS parked the car and sat for a spell, trying desperately to collect himself.  He was trembling.  The war he was fighting within himself was raging out of control.  He wanted to turn around and go home; he wanted to move ahead and realize his fantasy.  He took several long, deep breaths, but it scarcely helped.  He shook his head, gathered his courage, walked up to the door and knocked, albeit tentatively.  Mistress Macayle answered, smiling at his obvious discomfort.  “How could a smile be both so captivating and intimidating?” he wondered.  He felt the authority emanating from her, felt himself being drawn into her aura; any resolve he had to resist dwindling rapidly.  She drew him inside and kissed him warmly; that clinched it – he was now absolutely under her power.

Once inside, PPSS realized something was different.  For his previous visits Mistress had always been dressed in a way that announced her authority as a domme.  Today she was dressed casually – in jeans and a nice top.  It was almost as though they were going out on a date.  And as he soon found out, they were – but not the type of date he was thinking about.  No, it would be far different.

“On your knees!”  Peremptorily.  PPSS hastened to obey.  “Why are you here today, my sissy slut?”

“To suck a cock for you, Mistress.”

“I’m not convinced.  How badly do you want to do this?”

“Very badly Mistress.  I will do anything to please you!”

“I’m still not convinced.  Show me how badly you want to suck a cock for me.”  And with that, she unfastened her jeans and pulled them down just below her hips.  PPSS’s eyes bulged – he was eye level with her black leather strap-on harness and dildo.  He had seen this before, but this time she wasn’t wearing any panties!  He spied a tuft of pubic hair above the harness, and became erect instantaneously, imaging the glory that lay just barely hidden behind the harness.

“Suck it!”  Peremptorily again, and again PPSS hastened to obey, putting his many hours of practice on his dildo to work.  He allowed himself a few moments to stare at the dildo adoringly and then ran his tongue around its tip, imagining he was licking the cockhead and frenulum.  He pursed his lips and ran them up and down the shaft and spent some time licking the base, imagining he was sucking the balls.  He took it into his mouth and bobbed his head, sucking it slowly up and down, in and out.  He got into the rhythm of it and was rewarded with a slight groan.

“Oh, I love how you’re doing that – so slowly and sensuously.  You have been practicing for me.  Maybe you are ready to suck a cock for me – a real cock.  Would you like that?”  PPSS nodded hesitantly, the dildo still in his mouth.  Smiling, she grabbed the back of his head and thrust her hips forward repeatedly, pushing the dildo deep into his mouth and throat, gagging him.

 “I have some bad news for you, slut.  Ethan bailed on us; he’s so attached to his business and can’t get away.”  PPSS’s eyes widened – was this his way out?  Please let it be so!  “But I have an alternative; I’m taking you to the glory holes and you’re going to suck a cock for me there.”

PPSS’s mind jumped into overdrive – multiple thoughts swirling around so fast he scarcely had time to sort them – or his feelings – out.  What?  Glory holes in his town?  Where?  But that would mean going out in public!  It was one thing to suck a cock for Mistress safely within the sanctuary of her condo, but to go out in public in his town and risk being seen?  No!  And sucking the cock of some nameless, faceless man hidden on the other side of a wall?  No, that would be far too risky!  He couldn’t.  He wouldn’t!

“But first,” Mistress continued in a soothing voice, “I want you to lick my pussy.  You so turned me on, sucking my cock that I need some relief before we go.”  And with that, she pulled aside the leather strap-on harness, revealing her luscious pussy, already glistening.

Beguiled, PPSS leaned forward and began licking her; she tasted heavenly and her aroma was divine.  She had seduced him – again.  He collapsed inside himself, knowing that he would go to the glory holes with her and suck an anonymous cock for her.  But he no longer cared; she had ensnared him.  He knew it – and she knew it.  And that had been her intention – and it had worked.

Mistress sighed, enjoying his attentions.  After several luxurious minutes she pulled him to his feet.  “Two things before we go.  First, you’re wearing this.”  She held out a pink dog collar.  He blanched; she would be announcing to the world that he was her sissy slut!  How humiliating!  She put the collar around his neck and then unbuttoned the top bottom of his shirt, ensuring the collar would be quite visible.

“Second, it’s a hot day and will be even hotter at the glory holes.  I want to help my sissy slut stay cool.”  She disappeared to the kitchen and came back with a chrome-plated butt plug with ice clinging to it; it obviously had been in the freezer for quite some time.  PPSS unfastened his pants, picked up the plug and inserted it.  Wow!  Inserting the ice cold butt plug was an intensely erotic experience!  It felt very soothing and refreshing inside his rectum and the handle felt the same, lying between his ass cheeks and against his perineum.  PPSS immediately got very hard and squirmed for a while, trying to pull the plug deeper inside.  Mistress merely smiled at his histrionics.  “It’s time to go.”

PPSS followed her meekly to her car.  Soon they arrived at his town’s adult store.  PPSS was aghast; he visited this store periodically to buy toys; please let them not recognize him!  “I’ll bet you didn’t know there is an arcade with glory holes in the back of the store.”  He didn’t; he was actually astonished that something like this existed in his sleepy little town.  As soon as they entered, PPSS pivoted towards the back of the store so the men at the check-out couldn’t see his face or his pretty pink collar.  Whew, he successfully dodged that bullet.  But his luck ran out almost immediately.  Following Mistress through the beaded curtain that cordoned off the arcade, PPSS saw two men standing at the entrance to the arcade.  They smiled knowingly.  Were they smiling at his beautiful Mistress, imagining themselves getting a blow job from her?  No, they were looking at him, following her submissively, wearing his pretty pink collar.  They knew why he was there.  Oh no!  So much for his hopes of getting inside a booth unnoticed.

He hurried behind Mistress through the arcade into the relative safety of a dark, cramped booth.  “What kind of porn do you like?”  He was so alarmed with the position he found himself in that he couldn’t answer.  She shrugged and made a selection.  A scene of a man munching happily on a lovely lady’s pussy popped up, but PPSS was so nervous he wasn’t the least bit aroused.  Undeterred with his non-reaction, Mistress unfastened her jeans and pulled out her strap-on.  Seeing that she had his attention again, she smiled and put her hand on his crotch.  Feeling a stirring beneath her fingertips, she knew she had re-hooked her quarry.  “Suck my cock, my sissy slut.”  Deep under her power, PPSS automatically fell to his knees and began sucking.  “Oohh, that feels so good!  Keep sucking, my little sissy slut!” she moaned in a loud stage whisper, calculated to be overheard in the adjacent booths.  More moans, more admonishments to keep sucking, more naming him her sissy slut until suddenly she said, “If I had a surprise for you, would you accept it?”  Puzzled, PPSS looked up and saw Mistress grinning playfully while pointing at the wall behind him.  He turned his head around and saw a good-sized cock – much larger than his - framed by the glory hole.  He looked it over appreciatively; it was so sexy – and scary - knowing that it was there for him!

He no longer had a will of his own.  He shuffled around on his knees inside the cramped booth and took the still soft cock in his hand.  Holding it in front of his face, he found himself looking directly at the cockhole; it was almost as if it the cock were staring back at him.  Shaken, he realized his mouth was very dry; he licked his lips several times and swallowed, trying desperately to generate some saliva.  He pursed his lips, took the cockhead into his mouth and tentatively bobbed his head a few times.  Mistress leaned over his shoulder to ensure she had a good view.  He felt her breasts compress against his back and he quivered – how wonderful!  “That’s right, my little sissy slut,” Mistress whispered seductively in his ear, “Suck it.  Take it deep.  Swirl your tongue around it.”  She began caressing him sensuously - his ass, his back, the nape of his neck - all the while continuing to murmur instructions to him, her breath warm in his ear.  Aroused, he began sucking the cock with great enthusiasm, working hard to pleasure it and be good cocksucker for his Mistress.  He bobbed his head back and forth, caressing the cock with his lips and swirling his tongue around the cockhead.  Getting into the rhythm of it, he felt the cock begin to harden in his mouth.  Feeling something wet in his mouth, he pulled off momentarily and, spying a drop of pre-cum at the tip of the cock, he licked it off with a flick of his tongue.  Mistress’s moans of pleasure spurred him on and he began sucking and licking harder and faster.  And he kept going and going.  Mistress pushed hard on the back of his head, pushing his lips against the wall and the cock deep into his throat.  Suddenly he felt an explosion and his mouth was filled with a warm creamy substance.  He swallowed almost automatically, not thinking about what it was or what he was doing.  And then the cock was gone; he felt a pang of disappointment as it withdrew from his mouth and disappeared beyond the glory hole.

PPSS remained kneeling, gasping with emotion until Mistress held out her a hand and helped him to his feet.  “Oh look; he wants to reciprocate,” she cooed, pointing to a set of fingers wriggling from the glory hole.  She reached around, unfastened his pants and pulled them down to his ankles, exposing his cock and ass.  He heard Mistress laugh derisively and glanced over at her.  She was pointing at his now very hard cock.  He had been so focused on servicing the cock in the glory hole that he didn’t realize he had gotten an erection.  Mistress smiled mockingly, “What a little bitch; see – the hard cock doesn’t lie.”  She was right; he was very turned on – and even more humiliated (if that was possible) at the realization.

Mistress pushed him forward.  PPSS approached the glory hole and found that because he was so short, he had to stand on his tippy toes to insert his cock into the hole.  He leaned hard against the wall to push his cock through as far as he could.  As he leaned in, Mistress began caressing his naked ass and fondling his balls and perineum.  PPSS groaned in excitement.  Then he felt something warm and wet around his cock head.  He groaned harder as he felt the warm wetness moving slowly up his shaft and then back down to his cockhead.  It felt wonderful!  He had had blow jobs before, but somehow this time was so much more exciting!  Was it because he wasn’t able to see what was happening - everything was happening in his imagination?  Or was it because of the forbidden nature of the experience – having his cock sucked by a man?  Both?

PPSS’s position was untenable.  Standing on his toes, leaning hard into the wall, he couldn’t find a stable position and, as a result, his knees were vibrating continuously.  The lack of control only served to heighten his excitement.  His breath came in ever-quickening gasps as the anonymous lips and tongue moved ever more rapidly along his cock.  He felt that he had been on the edge of an orgasm forever – how much longer could this go on?

For her part, Mistress reveled in seeing the contorted, agonized ecstasy on his face and the spastic gyrations of his body.  “That’s right slut – keep going,” Mistress purred in a low voice.  PPSS risked a glance over at her.  One hand was on her pussy; the other inside her top, her breathing shallow and rapid and her eyes half-closed as her excitement mounted.  The vision pushed him over the edge; he suddenly shuddered, spewing his cum into that anonymous mouth, surrendering himself to a most amazing orgasm!

As he caught his breath, Mistress beamed at him.  She could tell he was very shaken by his experience.  “I’m very proud of you,” she said soothingly, hugging and kissing him.  “You did very well; you’re my little cum slut now and you should be rewarded.  I’m so turned on; would you like to finish licking my pussy?”  Dazed, PPSS nodded happily – what a treat!  Mistress led him by the hand, past the many jealous stares and out of the arcade.

Back at her condo, Mistress stripped without further ado and laid on the bed with her legs spread wide.  Seeing how turned on she was, PPSS realized there was no need for subtlety.  He quickly crawled up between her thighs, clamped onto her pussy and began licking her for all he was worth.  Mistress lay back, surrendering herself to his attentions.  She closed her eyes, turned her head to the side and began caressing her very erect nipples.  “Put your fingers inside me.”  She was barely able to get out the words out.  PPSS inserted two fingers, found her G spot and began rubbing it, all the while not letting up on tongue lashing her clit.  “Oooh - right there.  Keep doing that.”  Moaning almost inaudibly.  Mistress began rubbing herself from the outside, their fingers making a sandwich of her G spot.  She was now very quiet, her breathing heavy.  She remained in this trance-like state for quite some time, periodically tensing her strong thighs.  Suddenly her whole body tensed – “Oh fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!  FUUCCKK!!”  Then, with a satisfied sigh, she relaxed, utterly content.

They lay together, limbs intertwined, talking quietly while they recovered.  It was so relaxingly intimate.  PPSS knew he had to understand what had happened that day.  But for now he was incapable of thinking – and he didn’t want to spoil the moment.  It would have to wait ‘til later.


The Aftermath


That night, safely at home, he reflected on his experience.  He was astonished.  He expected his strict religious upbringing and his conviction that he wasn’t gay or bi to surface and rebel against what he was doing.  But it hadn’t.  He had done it – he had realized his fantasy.  He sucked a cock for his Mistress – and had his cock sucked by an anonymous man on the other side of a wall – and did it all without a second thought.  But not just without a second thought, he realized with a start.  He had actually been turned on by the experience.  Turned on?  Was it the humiliation of Mistress forcing him to suck a man’s cock that had been so stimulating?  Or had he been turned on by actually sucking a man’s cock?  Both?  Was he ashamed of what he did?  Or glad that he did it?  Both?  He simply didn’t know.

He began recalling the events of the day in detail.  He visualized the cock, still soft, protruding through the glory hole.  Wait - was he beginning to get turned on again?  He remembered taking the cock into his mouth, tasting the salty sweat and smelling its tantalizing musky aroma.  He remembered taking it deeper into his mouth and sucking it, feeling it grow harder and harder.  He remembered the wonderful contrast between the hard shaft and the spongy texture of the cockhead.  He remembered seeing the first drip of pre-cum forming at its tip and its sweet taste when he licked it.  He remembered the sudden explosion of cum filling his mouth - its creamy texture and its sweet, slightly salty and bitter taste as he swallowed it.  Then he thought of the photos Mistress had posted of Ethan’s cock, fantasizing about having that magnificent cock in his mouth.  With a start he realized he was hard again.  What did that mean?  Now what?  His mind was reeling; he simply didn’t know what to think.  But somehow he knew that Mistress had captivated him and would continue to entice him into more and greater – and more degrading – debaucheries.  And that he would relish it.


Author:  bofors57