Delightful Decadence
PPSS Saga - The Day Had Finally Come, Part 3 By: Bofors57

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Part 3 - Continuing to Explore

Both unnerved and excited by his first bisexual experience, PPSS decides he needs to do it again.  But it turns out far differently than he anticipated.

 PPSS’s first bisexual experience had left him rattled.  He reluctantly admitted to himself that he had been very turned on by sucking an anonymous cock at a glory hole –and by having his cock sucked in return.  He was still struggling to understand why, though.  Was it because he was now a committed sub who found sexual pleasure in being humiliated by his Mistress?  Or was he secretly bisexual?  Both?  Was he ashamed of what he did?  Or glad that he did it?  Both?  He simply didn’t know.  Perhaps he was overanalyzing the situation.  Why not just relax and be content knowing that he had enjoyed it?  But no, he knew himself better than that.  He was an anal-retentive native New Yorker who would never relax until he understood why.  The best way to do that, he decided, would be to try another bisexual experience.

 Of course, if he were being honest with himself, he would acknowledge the other reason he wanted to try again.  He was mesmerized with the photos Mistress Macayle had posted of her bisexual friend, Ethan – or, more to the point, his magnificent cock.  He continually fantasized about sucking that cock – and maybe even being fucked by it.  But, again, why?

 And so PPSS asked Mistress for a session with her and Ethan.  It was quickly arranged.  During the email exchange PPSS told Mistress, “Please do with me as you will and push me to the limits!”  He genuinely wanted Mistress to push his limits – to make him experience new debaucheries under her tutelage.  But after he hit send, he realized his email could be read as though he were taunting her.  Her reply, “Your desire to be pushed excites me.” both excited and intimidated him.  What had he set in motion?  He would soon find out – and it was not at all what he had expected!

 Soon thereafter he found himself making the 2½ hour drive to Mistress’s house on the other side of the mountains for his duo session with Mistress and Ethan.  With so much time on his hands, he once again began analyzing the situation – if he could only turn his mind off!  While a duo like this had been the original plan, in retrospect sucking his first cock at a glory hole may have been easier – not seeing the man, not having to interact with him before or after, just getting on his knees and sucking the cock that presented itself.  True, he had been horrified and more than a little frightened at the prospect beforehand, but in retrospect the anonymity had made going through with it far easier.

 This time there would be no such protection.  He would have to meet Ethan, submit to him and be with him the entire time.  Mistress would have told Ethan a little bit about him; he would know that he was Mistress’s sub - a sniveling little cocksucker wannabe.  Ethan was tall, handsome, well-built with a very large cock; PPSS was the opposite.  Ethan would be looking down at him, both literally and figuratively, while he was on his knees sucking Ethan’s cock.  And after he had finished sucking Ethan’s cock, PPSS would still be there – no quick retreat this time.  Thinking about the situation, PPSS felt embarrassed and ashamed – but no less resolved to go through with it.

 There was one piece of good news from already having sucked a cock at the glory hole, though.  The internal war he had been fighting between his desire to suck a cock (for whatever reason) and his strict religious upbringing was over.  That war had been won (or lost, depending upon one’s perspective).  PPSS knew that he would have no qualms about sucking Ethan’s cock when the time came.

 The woolgathering had so preoccupied him that the drive flew by.  With a start, he realized that he had arrived; it was time.  He knocked on her door and presented himself to Mistress.  He swooned.  She was wearing the black leather bustier and skirt combination he had seen in her photos, but never in person.  It was so erotic – it highlighted her feminine charms while simultaneously boldly announcing her authority as his Mistress – a stunning psychological combination!

 For her part, her discerning eye noticed the padding at his chest.  “Did you?” she asked.  He nodded shamefacedly.  Underneath his street clothes he was wearing the lingerie he knew she loved – the black babydoll with the cups stuffed, a G string and black fishnet stockings.  Dressing this way for Mistress was so exciting.  But dressing that way for a man – the man whose cock he would be sucking – how humiliating!  Which of course was why he did it – the sub in him craved the extra humiliation.

 “Oh, you look so sweet,” Mistress said, smiling playfully.  “Come with me.”  He followed her to the bedroom - and there, lying on the bed, was a tall, fit, handsome man, looking very relaxed and confident, clad only in a pair of black briefs.  PPSS marveled at his calm demeanor; it stood in stark contrast to PPSS’s very nervous state – it took all of his willpower to prevent himself from trembling in Ethan’s presence.  PPSS stared in awe at Ethan’s lean physique and snuck a few furtive glances at the package that lay just barely hidden by the briefs.  What a mistake - this only served to make him more nervous!

 “Sissy slut, this is Ethan.  Introduce yourself.”  Face burning with embarrassment, PPSS merely croaked some unintelligible sounds.  They smiled understandingly at him.  “Look, he got all dressed up just for you.  What do you think?”  Ethan nodded appreciatively and said, “What a pretty outfit.  Come join me,” as he patted the bed next to him.  Mistress coaxed him onto the bed and gently said, “Ask him nicely and maybe he’ll let you touch him.”  PPSS said, “May I please touch you, Ethan?”  Ethan smiled and nodded, “Yes, of course.”  And with that PPSS reached out tentatively and stroked Ethan’s muscular chest, arms and thighs, admiring both the sight and the feel, marveling at how hard Ethan was.  PPSS was pleasantly surprised when Ethan caressed him gently in return.  PPSS was confused; this wasn’t at all what he expected.  He had expected to be dommed by Mistress and Ethan straight out of the box; this was something far different – but what?  Ethan continued caressing PPSS soothingly, calming him down.  PPSS shivered slightly and thought, “Maybe this will be okay.”  Meanwhile, Mistress joined them on the bed, sitting at Ethan’s feet, and said “Good, keep going,” coaxing PPSS onward.

 Emboldened, PPSS put his hand on Ethan’s briefs and felt his cock.  “Would you like to see?” Mistress asked.  PPSS nodded and asked Ethan, “May I?”  Ethan replied “Yes” very quietly.  And with that PPSS and Mistress began pulling Ethan’s briefs down slowly, revealing his cock and balls a little bit at a time.  PPSS was stunned; he had seen the photos, but actually seeing it was far more intimidating.  Even soft the cock was massive and it was sitting atop two correspondingly massive balls.  It was magnificent.  He froze; his mind reeling.  Did thinking it magnificent mean he was, in fact, bi?  No, he argued to himself; he was simply comparing it to his much smaller penis and acknowledging reality.

 “Are you ready?  Did you learn enough at the glory hole?”  Mistress asked.  But PPSS couldn’t answer; he was still staring.  “Here, follow my lead,” she whispered, and she lay down and began kissing, licking, nuzzling and nibbling her way up Ethan’s left thigh towards her target.  PPSS mimicked her actions on Ethan’s right thigh, slowly working his way up.  Ethan sighed contentedly.  Reaching her target, Mistress began worshipping Ethan’s balls, then the shaft of his cock; reaching the cockhead, she swirled her tongue around it and then took the tip into her mouth.  PPSS copied her and their lips met around Ethan’s cockhead.  They began sharing the cock, taking turns sucking the cockhead and nuzzling the shaft.  PPSS was getting turned on and he began taking more and more time when it was his turn to suck the cock, effectively pushing Mistress out of the picture.  She smiled and sat back to watch.  “Didn’t I teach him well?” she asked.  “Mmmh – oh yeah, it feels so good,” Ethan moaned.

 Recalling how he had sucked the cock at the gloryhole, PPSS began sucking a little more assertively.  He licked Ethan’s frenulum several times and ran his tongue around his cockhead.  Then he ran his pursed lips up and down the shaft.  He took Ethan’s cock back into his mouth and bobbed his head a few more times.  Next he started to caress, lick and suck Ethan’s balls.  This earned him another moan from Ethan, “Oh yes, keep licking my balls.”  And PPSS obeyed happily.

 PPSS now realized how much better this was than sucking cock at the gloryhole.  The gloryhole was hot, cramped and dark and his experience was rushed.  Here, the bedroom was comfortable, well-lit and the environment was relaxed, allowing him to savor his experience.  He backed off, giving himself a few moments to examine Ethan’s massive cock closely – it was awe-inspiring – the very essence of male sexuality.  He held it in his hand – it was hot, hard, velvety soft all at the same time.  Inhaling deeply, PPSS luxuriated in Ethan’s musky male aroma.  Taking Ethan’s balls back into his mouth, he tasted their salty musk, rolling them around on his tongue to get every last drop.  He slid his tongue up the shaft to the frenulum – the taste was pure heaven – listening closely to Ethan’s excited moans as he did so.  PPSS contemplated the totality of this new sensory input, - the sight, the feel, the smell, the taste, the sounds.  It brought him to a height of sexual awareness and excitement he never knew existed.  A feeling of brazen uninhibited illicit eroticism over took PPSS.  He began moving back and forth between sucking and licking the cockhead, the shaft and the balls, all the while stroking the cock with his hand, repeating these actions until he got into the rhythm of it.  He was rewarded with another groan and felt Ethan’s cock begin to harden in his mouth.

 He heard Mistress snicker and glanced over at her.  She was pointing at how his now very hard penis had escaped the confines of his G string, exposed for her viewing pleasure.  Mistress sneered, “Just like the last time; see, you are a little bitch!”  She was right; he was very turned on and even more humiliated at the realization that he really was bi.  He reached down to play with himself to relieve his sexual tension and was rewarded with a hard smack on his hand.  “No – don’t touch yourself unless I give you permission!”  Chastened, he returned his attention to the cock in front of him and began taking it deeper into his mouth.

 Ethan’s cock was now quite hard and his cockhead thick and round and very pink.  It had grown so long that PPSS began gagging as he attempted to swallow it all.  But he kept trying, stretching his lips as they slid over the cockhead and down the shaft, stopping with about half of Ethan’s cock in his mouth.  He pulled back until the cockhead slipped out of his mouth.  He ran his tongue all over it, relishing the taste, and then pushed his mouth back down the shaft.  Ethan’s cock was now fully erect and PPSS started to slowly bob his head up and down while stroking the base of Ethan’s cock with his hand.  Backing off for a moment to give his aching jaw a rest, he saw a drop of pre-cum forming at the tip.  Excited with his success and remembering how sweet the pre-cum tasted the last time, he eagerly licked it off with a flick of his tongue and then returned to sucking the cock, faster and faster now.

 Ethan moaned his approval, “Oh - suck me deeper – please!” and he put his hands on the back of PPSS’s head, gently pushing it further down on his cock.  PPSS felt the head bumping against the back of his throat.  PPSS found it so erotic that he fought to overcome his strong gag reflex so he could take Ethan’s cock in ever deeper.  He picked up the pace, using one hand to stroke the shaft and the other to massage Ethan’s balls.

 “How is he doing?” Mistress asked Ethan.  “Mmmh!” Ethan sighed happily, unable to speak.  “Don’t you think he’d do better with something in his ass?”  “What a wonderful idea!” Ethan replied, just barely audibly.  With that PPSS felt his G string being pulled aside, his ass lubed and one, then two fingers inserted, preparing him for what was to come.  Pausing from cocksucking for a moment, PPSS glanced over at Mistress and saw her donning her black leather strap-on belt with her favorite purple dildo dangling from it.  PPSS wiggled his ass expectantly; he so loved it when Mistress granted him the honor of fucking his ass!

 Standing at the foot of the bed, she tugged gently on his hips.  “Back up.  Face down and ass up.”  He did as he was told and felt her inserting the tip of her cock into his ass.  “Relax,” Mistress instructed.  PPSS inhaled deeply then blew his breath out slowly, relaxing himself for what was to come.  She eased inside gently and stopped, giving him a little bit of time to adjust to being penetrated, and then pushed in deeper, a little bit at a time until she was fully inside.

 PPSS was in a quandary.  By backing up for Mistress, he could no longer quite reach Ethan’s cock and he wanted desperately to continue sucking it.  So he wriggled forward, taking the beautiful cock back into his mouth.  This earned him a swat on his ass.  “I said back up!” and she pulled on his hips, much less gently this time.  She began fucking him slowly, in and out, in and out.  Face down on the bed, PPSS moaned appreciatively.  But he still wanted to suck that cock, so he wriggled forward again.  An immediate smack on the ass – much harder this time.  “I said back up!  Don’t make me warn you again!”  Pulling roughly on his hips, she began fucking him harder and harder, faster and faster, her thighs slapping against his ass.  PPSS’s moan turned into a groan – it felt so good that PPSS gave up on sucking the cock.  But to his delight, he found that by craning his neck and turning his face slightly, he could still lick Ethan’s balls and perineum – and with a little extra effort, between his cheeks, just barely grazing his asshole.  An erotic cacophony ensured – Ethan’s soft moans, PPSS’s guttural groans, the slapping sound of Mistress’s thighs against PPSS’s ass, and Mistress’s excited grunts as she fucked PPSS ever harder.

 PPSS was lost in the now of being fucked, unsure of how long his torment and pleasure had gone on.  Then suddenly, with one final push, Mistress thrust deeply into his ass and pulled out.  PPSS collapsed, panting.  “There – he’s ready for you.  You’re going to enjoy fucking him – he’s really tight and he has such a beautiful soft, round ass.”  PPSS woke up – did he hear that right?  Was the rest of his fantasy about to be fulfilled?  Was Ethan about to plow his ass with that magnificent cock?  Yes, he was!  PPSS looked up gleefully and saw Ethan’s cock in full erection – long and thick and topped by an engorged, purple cockhead.

 Mistress blew out her breath, “It’s a warm evening” and she quickly stripped down to her birthday suit, giving PPSS and Ethan a much appreciated view of her taut feline body.  PPSS realized he, too, was quite warm, whether from the weather, the exertions of being fucked so hard, or the unexpected treat Mistress had just graced him with he wasn’t sure.  But he took advantage of the lull in the action to shuck his frillies and join Mistress and Ethan in a state of naked abandon.

 Without speaking another word, Mistress and Ethan exchanged places.  Mistress sprawled on the bed in front on PPSS and spread her legs, flaunting her sopping, engorged pussy, luring PPSS to lick her, to satisfy her.  PPSS needed no further invitation; he dived in enthusiastically, luxuriating in her intoxicating aroma and delectable taste.  While he was so engrossed, Ethan stepped behind PPSS and grasped his hips with his strong hands.  A second later PPSS felt Ethan’s broad cockhead at his back door.  It was about to happen!  He exhaled slowly, relaxing himself, thinking, “Mistress has fucked me so many times; she has prepared me well for this.”

And then it began.  PPSS felt the broad head of Ethan’s cock push into him.  PPSS exhaled sharply – it was so big, far bigger than anything he had experienced before!  Biting his lip, PPSS felt the persistent intrusion as Ethan worked his cock in slowly, pushing himself in deeper, until his 8 inches were almost fully inside.  “He’s so tight,” Ethan grunted happily.  PPSS groaned sensuously in response; he felt so full – it was a wonderful feeling.  Grabbing PPSS’s hips, Ethan began fucking him, slowly at first and then faster and faster, his thighs slapping hard against PPSS’s ass, jolting him forward.  Suddenly faced with the reality of what was happening, PPSS let out a strangled, conflicted cry – simultaneously horrified and ecstatic.  He was letting a man fuck him in the ass!  No, he was enjoying getting fucked in the ass!  No, that can’t be!  Please stop!  No, he desperately wanted it to continue!  Fuck – don’t stop!

 PPSS cried out again as Ethan's hard cock slammed all the way into him.  Clearly over waiting, Ethan began thrusting deep into PPSS.  PPSS cried, taking the huge cock; “God, it felt like it was splitting him open!” his mind raged.  PPSS was surprised at how different Ethan's cock felt from a strap-on in his ass. The sensation was so different.  Ethan’s cock was very hard – almost like steel - and yet PPSS could feel it’s warmth through the thin skin of the condom.  He felt his submission growing deeper with each thrust; he moaned, his eyes opened wide from the intensity.  Ethan’s thrusting went on and on, his huge cock massaging PPSS’s prostate with each stroke.  It felt so good and PPSS was once again lost in the now of being fucked.  Through the haze he could hear Mistress voicing her encouragement.  Sensing her delight, PPSS grew even more aroused and began pushing his ass back against the invading cock, his ragged breaths drawn between sensuous moans.  Until . . .

 Until Mistress suddenly groaned, “Ethan, get down here - now!”  Despite having his ass ravaged, PPSS somehow had managed to continue pleasuring Mistress.  She was writhing on the bed; PPSS barely able to hold on as she jerked her hips back and forth in ecstasy.  “Please help him finish me off - please!” she begged.  Ethan pulled out and joined PPSS on the bed.  Grabbing her hips and legs, he maneuvered her onto her side, giving him and PPSS simultaneous access to both her pussy and her asshole.  And the two of them licked, kissed and tongue-fucked her, swapping back and forth between her two oh-so-sensitive regions, while also tweaking and lightly biting her very erect nipples.  Mistress was breathing hard and tensing, breathing hard and tensing, and breathing hard and tensing until finally she went rigid and then completely limp, eyes closed, surrendering herself to her orgasm with a very satisfied smile.  Ethan and PPSS collapsed from their exertions, too – and the three of them paused for a spell, caressing and savoring one another’s spent bodies.

 After spending several long minutes recovering, Ethan got up and returned with three beers, which, after the exertions of the past hour, tasted wonderful.  Sipping his beer, PPSS mused about what had happened.  At this point in the evening he had expected that he would be so ashamed to be in Ethan’s presence that he would want to slink away, mortified by what he had done and what had been done to him.  Instead, he was sitting on the bed, chatting easily with Ethan as they got to know one another better.  It was so relaxing!  PPSS knew he would have to ponder this further – but later.  For now he was so very content to simply enjoy the experience.

 The three of them sat there, swapping stories of their experiences, quite comfortable with being naked in one another’s presence.  Most of the stories were of Mistress’s and Ethan’s experiences together.  It was apparent to PPSS that they had a long history and he marveled at how comfortable they were in exploring their sexuality together and how much they enjoyed one another’s company while doing so.  This was another new concept for PPSS that would require further reflection – clearly he still had much to learn.

 Mistress shifted the conversation to her collection of electrostim toys and her experiences using them; PPSS, pleased that he could finally contribute, shared his experiences of when Mistress had used them on him.  Ethan looked skeptical.  Mistress continued by talking about her newest toy – a vibrating urethral sound.  She looked at Ethan expectantly; he demurred – it was clear he wanted no part of being sounded.  PPSS chimed in, telling Ethan that Mistress had sounded him twice.

“And what did it feel like?”  Ethan asked, curious.

 “It’s hard to describe.  I was absolutely horrified about the very thought of having a steel rod inserted into my penis, but somehow I couldn’t say no to Mistress.”  Mistress smiled knowingly at this.  “It didn’t hurt, which surprised me.  It did burn and itch somewhat, especially afterwards, but underlying that was a very intense feeling – simultaneously pleasurable and uncomfortable – that made me willing to try it a second time.”

“So you’ll try my new toy?” Mistress asked hopefully.  “I haven’t used it yet and I’m so anxious to try it out.”  PPSS nodded his assent, as she knew he would.  “Good.  Put your head on the pillows and lie back in the center of the bed.  But first, let’s stimulate the other hole,” she said, reaching for her electrostim butt plug.  PPSS remembered this toy very well; Mistress shocked his ass repeatedly with this some time ago, so much so that his rectum had vibrated for over an hour afterwards.  “Spread your legs; knees up,” and she proceeded to lube his ass anew.  Ethan looked on with interest.  The butt plug was thick – thicker than his cock and recalling how difficult it had been for him to insert his cock into PPSS’s tight ass, he had to see this!  He moved forward on the bed so he could get a close look.  Mistress pushed the butt plug gently, but forcefully.  Ethan marveled as PPSS’s asshole slowly opened up and swallowed the plug.”  “Wow!”  “Well, it had to go in, didn’t it?  Here’s the control; let me show you how it works.”  Mistress tweaked the dials, demonstrating.  PPSS felt the electricity pulsing in his rectum, ranging anywhere from a mild tingling, to a pleasurable vibration to a sharp shock that left him wincing and gasping.  Smiling, she handed the control to Ethan.  “Here, play with this while I get my new toy ready.”

Mistress reached over and picked up her new toy, displaying it for PPSS’s and Ethan’s consideration.  PPSS looked over the long, thin black silicone instrument, tapered at one end, and with a small battery compartment topped by a push button at the other.  He closed his eyes.  “Why was he letting her do this to him?” he wondered.  But he already knew the answer – because he wanted to please her.

“Ethan, be a dear and help me out.  It’s easier to insert the sound if he’s erect.”  Ethan smiled and moved in closer.  “What a lovely cock.  May I?”  PPSS was dumbfounded.  His cock was so much smaller than Ethan’s, yet he complimented it!  PPSS nodded gratefully, both at the compliment and the prospect of having Ethan suck his cock.  He watched Ethan take his cock into his mouth and begin sucking.  PPSS felt a warm wetness moving slowly up and down on his cock.  It felt wonderful and he sighed with appreciation.

Mistress watched intently; when Ethan nodded that PPSS’s cock was ready for her and removed his mouth, she placed a generous dollop of gel on both PPSS’s cock and the sound.  She slowly inserted the sound and PPSS felt the burning itch, followed by pleasurable, uncomfortable feeling he remembered so well.  Then Mistress pushed the button; PPSS immediately experienced indescribable intense feelings in the most sensitive areas of his penis.  Mistress continued pushing the button, repeatedly changing the vibration level and pulse mode; PPSS nearly jumped out of his skin!  Soon the vibrations and shocks he felt in his rectum and penis merged into one.  The sensation was incredible – he felt everything from pleasurable tingling to near orgasmic contractions as his muscles clenched involuntarily from the invisible power of the electricity.  He looked down at his cock in horrified amazement – it was rock hard and so swollen that his cockhead was deep purple.

With a mischievous grin Mistress began masturbating him.  “Don’t you dare cum,” she warned him.  “How can I cum?  You have my hole plugged!” he cried, nearly in tears from the intense pleasure and pain.  “That won’t stop you, so you’d better not come until I give you permission,” she rebuked him.  She began edging him, like she had done so many times in the past.  Ethan watched in fascinated silence as PPSS panted in ragged breaths, his chest heaving, while squirming in agonized ecstasy.  “Please may I cum, Mistress?” PPSS sobbed in frustration.  “No.”  Very quietly this time, her soft tone of voice underscoring her dominance.  The game continued – Mistress edging PPSS to the brink of orgasm and then stopping; PPSS begging and sobbing for relief – on and on it went.  Then finally, Mistress grabbed his cock tightly and rubbed it furiously, “Now!”  PPSS’s back arched up off the bed and then slammed back down again, his entire body tensing, the tendons in his neck cording, his toes curling, his face beet red.  “Aaarrrggghhh!” – a long strangled groan as he came, and came, and came, his cum exploding its way out around the sound.  It stung – his cockhole burned!  And still Mistress kept rubbing furiously.  “Give it all to me!”  “You have it all.  There’s no more.  Please stop, Mistress,” he whimpered.  “No, I know there’s more,” and she kept rubbing, milking more cum out.  PPSS was astonished – how could there be more?  But there was.  But even after he stopped cumming she continued masturbating him until his cockhead burned.  Now everything burned – his rectum, his urethra, his cockhole, his cockhead; it was the most intensely pleasurable and yet painful orgasm he had ever had.  He surrendered, closed his eyes and caught his breath.  When he opened them, he saw Mistress gently wiping the cum off his genitals, his stomach, his chest – even his forehead.  “Wow, did you ever cum!  I’m so proud of you!” she said with an approving smile.  Ethan just stared in amazement.

PPSS lay there, chest heaving, recovering slowly and saw Ethan smiling at him.  “That was hot,” he said, slowly stroking his cock back to an impressive erection.  “Now it’s my turn.  Would you like to watch me fuck her?” he asked, nodding at Mistress.  PPSS couldn’t believe his ears.  He nodded yes, barely able to move his head, so stunned at Ethan’s erotic offer.  Mistress stretched cat-like on the bed, clearly relishing the thought of Ethan fucking her, then lay on her back, her legs spread wide, massaging her pussy with a look of undisguised lust on her face, watching Ethan put a condom on his now very erect cock.  PPSS didn’t know where to look - at him?  At her?  Ethan solved his dilemma by entering her missionary-style.  “Make sure he gets a good view,” Mistress groaned as Ethan pushed his cock in deep.  Ethan hooked his arm underneath her knee and pulled her leg up and away, treating PPSS to an unobstructed view of their loins, joined together in that ultimately intimate fashion.  PPSS stared wide eyed at how Ethan’s thick cock filled her pussy, seemingly barely able to fit inside, and how her luscious lips wrapped themselves around his cock in tight embrace.

Ethan began fucking her, rewarding PPSS with an extreme close up of his cock moving slowly in and out of Mistress’s pussy.  It was an intensely erotic voyeur’s delight!  PPSS watched in rapt attention as Ethan slowly picked up the pace, fucking Mistress ever harder.  In response, Mistress groaned and panted.  “Fuck me!  Harder!”  Ethan picked up the pace.  “Harder!”  And again Ethan picked up the pace.  “HARDER!”  Ethan was now pounding Mistress, their loins slapping together loudly.  Mistress began ratcheting her hips faster and faster, pulling Ethan’s cock ever deeper inside.  Her moans intermingled with Ethan’s in a symphony of ecstasy, both of their breaths coming out in loud pants.  They were both moving so very fast now and PPSS watched, fascinated at the blur of activity.  Then, by as if by unspoken agreement, they both paused briefly, catching their breath.

Ethan took advantage of the respite to maneuver Mistress onto her side and reenter her pussy from behind.  Mistress was now facing PPSS.  Ethan pulled her leg up and away again, giving PPSS a stunning full frontal view as their fucking began anew.  PPSS cursed his luck that he had cum so hard just a short time before; he would love to have played with himself while watching or even, dared he hope, join in; but alas, that was impossible now.  Still, he watched the spectacle closely, burning it into his memory.  Ethan began pounding her again and Mistress again begged – no, ordered – him to fuck her harder and harder.  PPSS watched fascinated, as Mistress’s oh-so-lovely breasts began bouncing in response to Ethan’s slamming her from behind, her swollen nipples jutting out provocatively.  He switched his gaze to her beautiful face, watching her rapture grow as her climax approached – it was breathtaking!  Then, suddenly, he heard her cry out; her feral feminine caterwaul sending shivers down his spine.

Another period of recovery and casual chatting between the three ensued.  Then PPSS knew he had to depart.  He so wanted to stay, at least long enough to recover and participate one more time.  But he had a long drive through the mountain pass ahead of him and he wanted to get through the worst of it before dark.  He dressed and reluctantly bid his farewells to Ethan and Mistress, thanking them for the amazingly erotic evening.  Mistress locked up his arm in hers and walked him to the door.  Smiling, she popped a piece of chocolate into his mouth, then hugged and kissed him, her kisses warming him and making his heart race.  And PPSS knew that Ethan was still on the bed, awaiting her return and that they would continue pleasuring one another after he departed.   Damn the luck – he had to go.

The Aftermath

Driving home, he once again had plenty of time for woolgathering.  He had challenged Mistress to push his limits.  And she definitely did so, but not in the way he had expected.  He had expected to be dommed by both Mistress and Ethan – to be forced to suck Ethan’s cock – and to be humiliated in the process.  It hadn’t been that way at all.  Once again Mistress had read him well.  She knew that after the glory hole, he no longer need to be forced, that he would willingly – no, happily – suck cock for her – and for himself.  She had also foreseen that he would be quite nervous, so she and Ethan had gone out of their way to choreograph the evening so he could relax and enjoy a MMF experience – a consensual threesome, not a forced one.  They had gently seduced him – that’s what it was – a seduction, he realized – and a very arousing one at that.  They wanted him to relax and enjoy himself so he would want to continue to play with them in the future.  And it had worked – he definitely did.

And then the anal-retentive native New Yorker reemerged.  He needed to categorize himself.  Was he bisexual?  Through his internet explorations of kinky behavior, he had recently learned a new word – heteroflexible – a person who identifies as primarily straight, but can occasionally find the same gender appealing in a sexual and/or romantic way.  He decided that term fit him better.  As between Mistress and Ethan, he was much more sexually and emotionally attracted to Mistress.  But he had also had to admit that he was attracted to Ethan.  And because it pleased Mistress for him to engage in bisexual behavior, he would cheerfully do so for her – and for himself, but only in her presence.  He needed her to be there to make it exciting for him.  And now that he had put a label on it, he knew he could relax and enjoy future adventures.

And then he realized something else.  He had grown as a sub.  Heretofore he needed to be forced to explore his kinky fantasies, i.e., while he desperately wanted to explore them, he needed Mistress to apply the push to make him do it.  Now he would try new things simply because she wanted him to.  He was in awe of her power; he wanted to please her and took sexual and emotional pleasure from her sexual and emotional pleasure.  That’s what this evening’s sounding had been all about.  Left to himself, he found sounding slightly disconcerting and physically uncomfortable.  But because it excited her, he wanted to do it for her.  So when she said she wanted to try her new toy, he readily agreed.  And because she was so excited, when he came, he had an amazingly explosive and oh-so-satisfying orgasm.

Later, when he finally arrived home, he was exhausted, but far too wound up to sleep.  So he drank a beer – two actually.  Finally relaxing after the long drive home over the mountain pass in the dark, he replayed the evening in his mind, getting turned on in the process.  He reached down and began playing with himself as he visualized Ethan’s beautiful cock – so big and hard – standing proudly erect from his loins.  He remembered its tantalizing musky aroma.  He remembered the engorged cockhead, swollen so purple it almost looked angry.  He remembered how wonderful that cock felt in his mouth.  He remembered Ethan pushing that huge cock into him and pounding his ass – and how powerless - and excited - he had felt.

PPSS began fantasizing that he was sucking Ethan’s cock again and he began jacking himself harder and faster.  In his mind’s eye he saw Ethan breathing harder and faster, his excitement mounting.  He saw himself redoubling his efforts – sucking, licking and stroking in a continuous frenzy.  What he saw and heard in his imagination was now so vividly real.  Ethan’s moans of pleasure were now continuous.  He gripped PPSS’s head and began face-fucking him, his balls slapping against PPSS’s chin, PPSS gagging as the huge cock speared deep into his throat.  PPSS felt Ethan’s balls tighten beneath his tongue and hands.  Suddenly Ethan pushed him back; panting, and ordered PPSS to open his mouth wide.  PPSS looked up and saw Ethan’s engorged, purple cockhead right in front of his face, Ethan stroking himself furiously.  With a groan, he exploded, spewing multiple streams of thick cum all over PPSS’s face and into his mouth.

With a cry PPSS came hard and then sank back in his chair, luxuriating in the wonderful post-orgasm sensations as he slowly relaxed.  In his orgasm-induced languor he thought about his erotic daydream of sucking Ethan’s cock and Ethan cumming on his face.  And he wondered what Ethan’s thick cock had looked like, spearing his ass.  Oh, to have been able to see that!  Wasn’t he kidding himself when he labeled himself heteroflexible?  Wasn’t he really bi?  He was confused all over again.  But he happily realized it no longer mattered to him.  He was content to follow Mistress’s lead.  With a smile he thought of her and silently thanked her – and Ethan, too - for helping him unlock his hidden desires.  He began pondering what future adventures with her might be like, hoping that they would involve more opportunities to suck cocks and do other things that he couldn’t even imagine.  And he was confident that Mistress would be up to that challenge!


Author: Bofors57