Delightful Decadence
PPSS Saga #4 – Meeting Mistress Macayle By: Bofors57

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Part 1 – Dual Dommed


This story is the prequel to “The Descent” (PPSS Saga #1).  Part 1 of this fantasy reveals how PPSS first met Mistress Macayle; Part 2 reveals how he began to fall ever deeper under her spell.  There are two Mistresses in this story:  Mistress Sabrinah (Mistress S) and Mistress Macayle (Mistress M).  It was through his submission to Mistress S that PPSS met Mistress M.

PPSS had just begun exploring his submissive side; he was especially fascinated with femdom BDSM.  He was oh-so-pleasantly surprised to discover a local lady, Mistress S, who described herself as a budding domme.  He contacted her and offered himself as a toy for her to practice on.  A very gratifying relationship ensued.  She solicited his fantasies, gave him embarrassing homework and demanded photograph proof of his obedience before he was allowed to submit to her in person.  She could read him very well and was very adept at enticing him past what he thought were his boundaries.  She was so pleased with his progress into subservience that she gave him his pet nickname – pervy private sissy slut, or PPSS for short.

As PPSS began this journey, his favorite fantasy was to be dommed by two mistresses.  Imagine his delight when he discovered Mistress S’s mentor, Mistress M, would be passing through town.  He begged permission from Mistress S to be dommed by the two of them together.  After Mistress S gave her permission, he reached out to Mistress M, who replied that she and Mistress S would be “happy to debauch you as we see fit.”  She added that she and Mistress S would be getting together beforehand so she could learn about his progress as a sub and his kinks.  PPSS was both excited and more than a bit intimidated at the prospect.  He knew that Mistress M was edgier and far more demanding than Mistress S; she would be fully prepared to exploit his vulnerabilities and push him out of his comfort zone.  He had no idea what he was setting himself up for; it would prove to be a very long afternoon . . .

 The day finally arrived.  PPSS parked near Mistress M’s condo and called.  She gave him final directions and admonished him, “Don’t keep us waiting!”  Flummoxed, he looked around and couldn’t make sense of her directions.  He checked his map, looked around again, checked the map again.  It finally dawned on him on him – he was around the corner from the street she had named and couldn’t see it.  Putting the car in gear, he drove there quickly, but, as he parked, he realized he was late.  Only several minutes late, but late nonetheless.  He was already nervous about meeting her; being late sent him over the edge.  He scurried across the parking lot to her door.

Mistress M answered his tentative knock.  He gaped - she was stunning – a bewitching redhead with an oh-so-taut body!  And she was dressed in the same bra and panty set he had gazed at innumerable times in her photos.  Jet black, filigreed in silver, it showcased her firm, lovely breasts and ass - she was a vision!  He was so captivated that he momentarily forgot his nervousness - until she said, “You’re late!”  Her warm smile and stern tone were completely out of sync, sending him straight back into a state of extreme discomfiture.  He glanced around for the familiar face of his Mistress, but she wasn’t there.  What?  Mistress M stroked his cheek and in a stage whisper said, “I’ve heard all about you; we’re going to have so much fun together.”  The emphasis she placed on her words caused his heart to jump in anxiety.  She collared him and he stumbled behind her as she led him by his leash to a bedroom.

Entering the bedroom, he saw his Mistress, a voluptuous blonde with sparkling eyes and a smile that lit up her face.  Mistress S hugged and kissed him warmly; “Hello my pervy private sissy slut.”  Her familiar presence settled him down.  “What do you think?” she asked Mistress M.  “We’ll see.”  Noncommittedly.  “Strip!” Mistress M ordered.  PPSS hurried to do as he was told.  He stood there, naked except for the backless black lace panties he had worn underneath his jeans.  “Is he?” Mistress S asked.   Mistress M spread his ass cheeks, revealing the jeweled butt plug he had inserted.  “Oh yes” she smiled.  “See, I told you,” Mistress S said proudly.  “Very nice; he is a little perv; you did well.  But I prefer him in my things.”  She tugged his panties down and had him don a black thong instead, then added a sexy lace bralette.  She stepped back to admire her handiwork - “Very nice; now you’re mine.”

 The two of them moved in close and began caressing him – his arms, his chest, his ass.  He began sighing contentedly, eyes closed.  Then they began softly stroking his skin with their fingernails; his skin tingled – the feeling was indescribable!  Every now and again they would briefly stroke his cock through the thin layer of fabric – just enough to get and keep him very hard.  He was in heaven.

“He’s relaxed now; it’s time to get started.”  Mistress M taking charge.  Mistress S moved onto the bed, slipped her panties off and sat with her legs spread wide.  She tugged on PPSS’s leash, pulling him so he was bent over the bed, his ass exposed.  “Lick me,” she purred.  PPSS wormed his way forward gratefully and began pleasuring his Mistress.  Soon she was very wet and the fragrant aroma of her pussy wafted in the air

Then, as if with the flick of a switch, everything changed.  Whack!  Whack!  Whack!  Mistress M spanked him.  The blows were not particularly hard, but the surprise attack startled him.  She leaned over his back and whispered throatily in his ear.  “Mistress Sabrinah told me how much you enjoy being spanked and you told me that I can leave marks as long as they don’t show when you’re wearing your street clothes.  I am so going to enjoy this!”  They began working in tandem; Mistress S distracting him with her lovely pussy and Mistress M spanking him repeatedly.  Then she began flogging him and finally began paddling him.  She varied the intensity of her blows – hard, then soft for a while to allow him time to recover, then hard again.  But the overall trend was harder and harder, building to a crescendo.  It hurt!  Mistress S had never beat him this hard.  But somehow it also felt wonderful.  So, to prevent himself from breaking and using his safe word, he focused his attention on pleasuring Mistress S.  Her moans kept him going - for a while.  But the pain was getting so intense.  Finally, just when he was ready to break, Mistress M stopped.  His ass was on fire; his cheeks tingling.  She rubbed his ass soothingly, cooling him down.  She took out her cell phone and took several pictures.  With a mischievous grin she showed them to him.  He blanched at the sight of the bright red bruises and welts all over both cheeks and his upper thighs.  He realized his ass would be very tender tomorrow; but for now he was so stimulated!

“Now that we have the outside warmed up, it’s time to work on the inside.”  PPSS watched in horrified fascination as Mistress M donned her strapon with a knowing smile.  The black leather belt with the very large dildo dangling from it enhanced her strong persona, whereas the sensual purple color of the dildo softened the image; the contraposition was so erotic!  She noticed his fascinated stare and ordered him to suck her cock.  He found himself on his knees, looking up adoringly at her while kissing, licking and sucking her cock, inexpertly, but with great enthusiasm.

After this brief lull, Mistress M nodded to Mistress S.  Mistress S tugged on the leash again, pulling PPSS back over the bed.  He felt his panties being pulled aside, his butt plug being removed, the soothing coolness of lube being applied to his sphincter, and the pleasure of one, then two, then three fingers entering him, preparing him for what was to come.  Mistress M found his prostate and rubbed it; he could feel the precum beginning to ooze.  But, before he could really enjoy the experience, he felt the broad head of the strapon at his back door; he began squirming.  She hissed in his ear, “Stop it – you know you want this and it is going to happen.”  She eased it inside gently and stopped, giving him a little bit of time to adjust to being penetrated.  PPSS exhaled sharply – it was so big, far bigger than the strapon Mistress S had used!  Mistress M pushed in deeper, a little bit at a time until she was fully inside.

Once again everything started happening at once.  Grabbing his hips, Mistress M began fucking him, slowly at first and then faster and faster.  Grabbing the back of his head, Mistress S pulled his face deep into her pussy.  Groaning with a mixture of pleasure and pain, PPSS again focused on Mistress S’s succulent pussy to take his mind off the assault on his ass, licking her for all he was worth.  Then, feeling the pleasure of being fucked, he unconsciously began ratcheting his hips to meet Mistress M’s thrusts.  But this caused him to lose contact with Mistress S’s pussy.  She slapped him gently and pointed.  He shifted his attention back to her, earning him a swat on his already tender ass when he stopped meeting Mistress M’s thrusts.  And so it went, on and on, back and forth until he figured out the rhythm of pleasing them both.  An erotic chorus filled the room - Mistress S’s moans of pleasure, Mistress M’s feral cries of dominance and PPSS’s grunts - culminating in cries of ecstasy as both mistresses climaxed.

Another pause as everyone collapsed for a spell, recovering.  And then it started all over again.  PPSS was lying on the bed with a mistress on either side.  The two were perfectly in sync.  Their excitement fed off one another as each strove to outdo the other in humiliating him, spanking him, using him, etc.  It was so remarkably intense - a blur of activity, so trying to piece together what happened after-the-fact was impossible.  PPSS didn’t know what to expect next, from whom or from what direction it would come.  He was continuously subjected to at least one debauchment, with the two mistresses acting in concert.  Frequently the two subjected him to two or more different debauchments simultaneously, with the two acting effortlessly in concert such that their abuses complemented one another, heightening the overall effect.  Any time he thought he figured out a pattern, the two switched roles and renewed their assaults, confusing him and leaving him bereft of an anchor.  PPSS was in sensory overload – things were happening to him faster than he could absorb them – a swirling ecstasy of painfully erotic sensations.

At last it stopped.  PPSS was totally spent, lying between the two mistresses while they chatted quietly with one another.  Lying there in a daze, he became dimly aware they were talking about Mistress S’s continued education as a domme.  Mistress M was saying, “Let me show you.”  He felt some sort of pad being inserted beneath the small of his back.  Then he felt a curious, pleasant tingling effect, as though his skin was being repeatedly pricked with pins.  Struggling to open his eyes, he saw Mistress M running her fingers and various implements over his arms and legs, producing that wonderful feeling.  What was happening?  Seeing she had his attention, Mistress M picked up some sort of small box and tweaked its dials.  “Aaargh!”  The pleasant tingling suddenly became a biting pinch!  He gasped as his hips bucked off the bed and then back down onto the pad, producing yet another shock.  He bucked again; it took several iterations before PPSS realized he’d better concentrate on lying still so as to avoid repeated shocks – if he could.

Now fully awake, he saw Mistress M smiling playfully.  He jumped again as she touched the sensitive skin of his inner thigh.  Then, with dread, he realized she was slowly moving up his thigh to his balls.  The anticipation . . . another shock!  He jumped again.  With horror he realized his cock was next!  The sensation was indescribable – the anticipation of having one’s private parts violated, followed by brief, sharp pain and then the adrenalin rush that made the entire experience so amazingly pleasurable!  And he could do nothing about it; he was totally subject to Mistress’s whims and the involuntary reaction of his body to the invisible power of the electricity.  PPSS found this absolute lack of control to be so alluring!

Mistress M handed the toys to Mistress S, coaching her on using them.  The two of them played with the toys – and with him – for a while until, satisfied that Mistress S had learned her lessons, Mistress M turned the toys over to her to experiment with.  And that’s what it was – an experiment - and he was the lab rat, subjected to an ongoing series of shocks to his privates of varying intensities that left him writhing, gasping and groaning in ecstasy.

“You have the hang of it; time for me to have a little pleasure for myself.”  Mistress M straddled PPSS’s chest, limiting his ability to squirm away from Mistress S’s attentions.  Looking down, he was rewarded with the alluring sight of a small tuft of red hair between her firm thighs.  When had she removed her panties?  She inched forward, giving him a close-up of the lovely lips framing her gash – a sight he had been longing to see.  She planted herself on his mouth; she tasted so sweet and her fragrant aroma was intoxicating.  He did his best to please her, a difficult proposition while his private parts were being shocked.  Evidently he was doing something right because she began grinding her hips into his face; he could feel a wetness oozing onto his lips and cheeks.  To Mistress S:  “You’re right, he is very good at this.  You also said he’s good at licking ass - right?  “Mmm hmmm!”  Mistress M spun around and spread her cheeks, showing him her delicate puckered asshole.  She mounted his face, his nose buried between her cheeks.  Knowing what was expected of him, his tongue sought out her asshole and began licking eagerly.  She raised her hips a little, giving him better access.  Now he was able to lick from her pussy, across her perineum, up to her asshole.  He licked for all he was worth.  She began rocking her hips slowly, moving herself across his tongue to give herself maximum pleasure.  His face was now soaked with her juices.  Suddenly she shuddered and with a satisfied sigh, her full weight fell on his face.  Finally, after what felt like an eternity, she got up; he gasped, pulling air into his lungs as quickly as he could.

 This had to stop!  He was now far beyond spent – it couldn’t go on, could it?  Oh yes, it could.  “Let me show you my favorite toy,” Mistress M said.  She held up a metallic butt plug with wires hanging from it.  “No!” his mind screamed at him, but he was far too exhausted to protest, much less stop her.  He felt it being inserted and soon felt a pleasurable tingling.  “Let’s see how much pain you can take.”  She tweaked the dials.  The tingling slowly became a vibration, followed by a sharp shock deep inside.  Crying in pain, PPSS jumped out of his skin.  Smiling evilly, she backed off to just below his pain threshold.  She began playing with the dials, repeatedly taking the intensity up and down.  The sensation was incredible – his rectum was being continuously vibrated and shocked; he felt everything from pleasurable tingling to near orgasmic contractions as his muscles involuntarily clenched.  His cock was rock hard; it was leaking pre-cum; he needed to cum so badly but he couldn’t do anything about it.  This went on and on for what felt like an eternity.

Finally, finally, finally, Mistress M took pity on him - almost.  She turned off the butt plug and invited Mistress S to help her.  “Tell us when you’re close; do not cum until we give you permission!”  The two of them shared his rock hard cock, stroking it, licking it, and sucking it.  They edged him repeatedly, backing off momentarily when he groaned that he was close, and then starting up again.  After multiple iterations, he begged frantically to be allowed to cum.  “Please Mistress, please!  I need to cum - it hurts so good!”  They stroked him hard and fast and he erupted almost immediately.  Hips bucking, he spewed large streams of cum with great force; he had never cum so hard before!  He collapsed back on the bed, near comatose.

When he regained his wits, he realized he was lying in bed with a beautiful blonde mistress to his left and a beautiful red-headed mistress to his right.  Mistress M was murmuring to him how well he had done, and his Mistress, Mistress S, was murmuring how pleased she was with him for making her look good in front of her mentor.  An amazingly sensual period of cuddling followed, as they all recovered from the intensity of the afternoon.  How sweet that was!

Afterwards, at home, he reflected on what had happened.  The two mistresses had used him repeatedly, far beyond what he had anticipated, in an ever-escalating cycle of debauchment, rest, and debauchment.  They had played off one another with perfection – an ongoing good cop, bad cop routine that kept him off balance.  Not knowing what was going to happen to him was exhilarating; being this far out-of-control was both intimidating and very erotic.  And, as he sat there musing about it, he realized he desperately wanted to submit to Mistress M again; she was breathtakingly beautiful and so intense!  But what about his Mistress?  Would submitting to Mistress M be disloyal to Mistress S?  He knew he needed to think about this, but he was far too exhausted and took a three hour nap instead.  And, when he awoke, he realized that his ass had finally stopped vibrating.


Author: Bofors57