Delightful Decadence
PPSS Saga #5 – Meeting Mistress Macayle By: Bofors57

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Part 2 – Falling Deeper Under Her Spell


This story is a continuation of “Meeting Mistress Macayle.”  Part 1 revealed how PPSS met Mistress Macayle and first became enchanted with her; this part reveals how he fell deeper under her spell.

In the days that followed, PPSS’s thoughts kept drifting back to his breathtaking submission to both Mistress Sabrinah, his current Mistress, and Mistress Macayle, her mentor.  What an exhilarating afternoon that had been!  The two had used him repeatedly, far beyond what he had anticipated; pushing him far beyond what he thought his limits were; it was such an erotic experience for the novice sub.  But, truth be told, he actually spent most of the time fantasizing about Mistress M.  In particular, he kept thinking about how, just as he was ready to depart, she had donned a white doctor’s coat and stethoscope, told him about the exam table she had in her house on the other side of the mountains, and suggested he might be in need of an intrusively detailed examination.  His imagination was on fire; he knew had to do this.  But how?  Wouldn’t submitting to Mistress M – alone - be betraying Mistress S?  He stewed about it for days, but realizing that he really wanted to do this, he gave in to his desires and asked Mistress M about a visit.  She immediately put him in his place, admonishing him to get his Mistress’s permission.  Abashed, he did so and was elated (but perplexed) when Mistress S said yes; clearly he still had much to learn about being a proper sub.

It was quickly arranged.  During his 2½ drive to Mistress M’s house, PPSS was both elated and anxious.  Mistress M had cautioned him that once he crossed her threshold, he would be surrendering control to her – that what happened thereafter would be at her whim.  He had emailed her that he was looking forward to surrendering control to her – that not knowing what might happen would make the experience especially erotic.  He assumed that the session would include that intrusive medical exam he craved.  But, beyond that, what would happen?  His imagination was locked in an endless do-loop throughout the drive speculating about this.  As it turned out, he wasn’t imaginative enough . . .

He knocked on her door, expecting to be immediately collared again.  She threw him off balance immediately when she greeted him warmly with a kiss on the cheek and led him to her playroom.  She excused herself and returned a few minutes later wearing the doctor’s coat that had so turned him on; the contrast between the white coat and her taut, tanned legs was compelling and he felt a familiar stirring down below.

“It’s good that you decided to come in for an exam; we want to catch things before they become a problem.  Here, put on this gown and hop up on the exam table.”  Smiling knowingly, she handed him a frilly pink baby doll.  It came down to his hips, covering his genitals and ass – just barely - and PPSS felt slightly uncomfortable.  She pulled out the stirrups, put his feet in them and instructed him to slide all the way back against the back rest.  He found himself sitting with his knees up high, the “exam gown” riding up to his waist and his private parts fully exposed to her view – which, of course, was the idea.  Now he felt very uncomfortable and began to blush; he felt a twinge of empathy for the embarrassment women endure during their annual “special treat.”

She placed her stethoscope against his chest.  “Hmm – strong heartbeat; no problem there.”  Of course not – his heart was racing!  She placed the stethoscope against his testicles next, listening intently and shaking her head slowly.  “We may have a problem; I need to examine more closely.”  She proceeded to lightly cup his testicles, examining each individually with her fingers, gently rolling each one back and forth.  PPSS found this very stimulating and let out a low grunt.  She then gently grasped his penis and ran her fingers up and down the length of his now raging erection.  “Please don't feel embarrassed, you are having a natural reaction to penile stimulation.  I would be surprised if you didn't have an erection.”

“No, I’m still sensing a possible problem” as she reached for a tray of metal implements.  He recognized a Wartenberg wheel, but there were many other implements he didn’t recognize, all with rather sharp points.  She spent quite a bit of time examining his testicles, explaining that she had to absolutely determine that there were no abnormalities.  She poked, prodded and pricked with her fiendish implements, smiling with satisfaction as he winced.  It was somewhat painful, but stimulating nonetheless, especially when she repeatedly ran the Wartenberg wheel across his perineum and along the length of his cock; his erection was very much intact despite the pain.

“I’m afraid we do have a serious problem here, one that calls for a drastic solution,” she said, shaking her head dramatically.  Smiling, she pulled out a very large, very sharp, very intimidating Bowie knife.  His eyes bugged out.  She pricked his balls with the tip, laughing wickedly as his erection deflated immediately.  She continued waving that knife around his cock and balls.  “She wouldn’t, would she?” his mind screamed.  And then another thought a nanosecond later, “But I really don’t know her.  What have I gotten myself into?!”  Seeing the look of absolute panic on his face, she couldn’t contain herself any longer and burst out laughing.  Belatedly recognizing he had been had, he blew out his breath in a sign of relief.  Still smiling, Mistress M helped him down off the table and led him across the room to a bed.

Laid across the foot of the bed were an array of paddles of various sizes, shapes, and materials.  PPSS scanned them and then froze when he saw the one at the far left – large, mean, menacing, it looked like it had been fashioned from a 2x4.  “Pick one and bend over the bed,” she ordered.  Still shaken from the mock castration, PPSS hesitated.  He rather enjoyed being spanked and paddled; it had always figured prominently in his submissions to Mistress S.  She took particular joy in snapping pictures of his pink ass and sending them to him and, for his part, he enjoyed looking at them from time to time, remembering the pain and pleasure she had inflicted.  He was drawn to the various shapes and textures of the smaller paddles, imagining how they might feel striking his bare ass.  He knew that Mistress M wanted him to pick the 2x4.  He recalled only to vividly how hard she beat him the last time and how much she enjoyed it.  He wanted desperately to please her, but he was afraid.  He selected one of the smaller paddles and bent over to accept his punishment.

Clearly disappointed, Mistress M picked up the paddle.  “Count them out – and remember to thank me properly slut.”  Smack!  “One; thank you Mistress.”  Smack!  “Two; thank you Mistress.”  And again and again and again until Mistress tossed the paddle aside and said, “Pick another one.”  The process repeated.  “Pick another one.”  Again the process repeated.  PPSS had gone through half the paddles when he realized, belatedly, that she was not going to stop until he asked for the 2x4.  He realized, too, that he had made a tactical mistake.  His ass was already very tender; he should have started with the 2x4.

Voice quavering, he asked Mistress to spank him with it.  Smiling in victory, she picked up her favorite paddle, hefted it and then let loose.  Wham!  The force of the blow lifted him up onto his toes and knocked the wind out of him.  He cried in pain.  And then she hit him again.  She paused to let him catch his brief – and his thoughts.  “How much more can I take?” he asked himself.  After several more blows, just as he was about to beg for mercy, she stopped.  “I’m pleased with you PPSS; you finally learned that you are here to please me.”  PPSS lay on the bed stunned; all he could think of was how painful the drive home would be, sitting on his bruised ass for 2½ hours.  Nonetheless he had to admit to himself that he was very turned on by the paddling!

After he caught his breath, Mistress M told him to stand up.  She pointed to several eye bolts in the ceiling near the foot of the bed and asked if he’d like to try them.  PPSS nodded eagerly.  She had him stand on blocks while she fastened his wrists to the eyebolts.  He found himself with his arms stretched overhead, standing precariously on the blocks.  Mistress M circled him, running her nails over his skin – it felt so good.  She then picked up several floggers, made sure he got a good look at them, and then disappeared behind him.  He squirmed in eager anticipation; Mistress S had flogged him briefly once and ever since he had been looking forward to experiencing it again.  For the next while Mistress M flogged him repeatedly on his back, his tender ass and his thighs.  She continually varied her rhythm and the target of her strikes, keeping PPSS in suspense as to where and when the next blow would land.  He loved it!  Her uneven rhythm caught him by surprise and his feet slipped off the blocks; he found himself suspended from the eyebolts, standing on his tippy-toes, just barely able to reach the floor.  The lack of control enhanced his pleasure and he groaned appreciatively as her blows landed!  His cock was rock hard and he longed to reach down and relieve his sexual frustration.  But of course, that was impossible.  Mistress was very aware of his dilemma and she would reach around to stroke his cock and rake it with her fingernails.  Not nearly enough to relive his frustration; no – just enough to add to his agony.  And so the game continued - until it suddenly stopped.

“It’s time,” she said, releasing him.  “Follow me.”  She led him to the bathroom and turned on the shower.  “In the tub, face up.”  He lay down and watched in rapt attention as she stood next to the tub, stripping.  She entered the tub and straddled him.  Looking up, he scanned up her long legs to her lovely pussy, to her tight waist and finally to the underside of her firm, full breasts.  What a heavenly view she was treating him to!  Realizing what was about to happen, he opened his mouth wide.  He was rewarded a few moments later with a warm golden stream splashing his face.  “Drink it!”  He moved his head slightly to position his mouth under the stream and began swallowing her nectar.  He was somewhat surprised to discover that her pee tasted delicious and began drinking eagerly.  And he was fascinated with the sight of the stream emanating from between her luscious lips – how erotic!  And the volume!  He couldn’t swallow fast enough and felt her pee overflowing his mouth and running down his chin.  And it seemed to go on forever!

Her stream finally dribbled to a halt.  “Clean me!”  He happily licked the last few drops from between her lips and then cleaned her lips as well.  She reached down a hand and helped him to his feet.  They stood there embracing one another in the shower, savoring the feeling of the warm water on their bodies and the feeling of their bodies pressed together.  They began fondling one another.  She allowed him to kiss her neck and then her lips while he caressed her breasts, her arms, her hips, her rear.  It was unbelievable!  After several long minutes of bliss, she broke the embrace and said, “Clean yourself thoroughly and join me back in the bedroom.

PPSS did as he was told and, upon entering the bedroom, he saw Mistress M lying on her tummy with her legs spread slightly.  Realizing what was expected of him, he knelt at the foot of the bed and massaged her exquisite feet, paying careful attention to her toes, soles, arches and ankles.  She sighed appreciatively.  Moving on, he kissed and nuzzled her feet and her ankles, and then moved up slowly, worshipping her calves and then her thighs.  Reaching her beautiful ass, he kissed and nibbled her cheeks and then slowly pulled them apart.  He paused for a few moments to treat himself to the sight of her lovely puckered asshole and then slowly, carefully, deliberately licked her perineum and then circled her asshole with his tongue.  He repeated this several times and then inserted his tongue and began tongue-fucking her; the taste was delectable.  She began moaning and squirming, trying to push her pussy harder against the bed to enhance the pleasure she was feeling.  She inserted one hand beneath her and began massaging herself.

With a start, she flipped over and spread her legs wide.  PPSS needed no guidance.  He lay down between her legs and inhaled sharply, savoring her fragrant aroma.  He kissed her inner thighs and slowly worked his way up.  He circled her lips with his tongue, pausing a moment to revel in her succulent taste.  He circled her clit with his tongue and then, when he sensed she was ready, he began paying her clit the attention it deserved, licking it lightly and slowly at first, then faster and faster.  He reveled in her moaning and in the rocking of her hips – it was such an honor for him to be permitted to please Mistress in such an intimate fashion.  She closed her eyes and began caressing her lovely breasts and pinching her already very erect nipples.  She turned her head to the side, her neck arched, lost in her ever-growing pleasure, as her breathing quickened into ragged gasps.  She began whimpering lightly in between gasps.  She was close and, seeing that, PPSS redoubled his efforts, continuing to pleasure her until she suddenly arched her back in ecstasy, her thighs clamped around his head, pulling his mouth tight against her pussy.  Then, with an oh-so-satisfied sigh, she fell back into the bed – limp, relaxed, utterly content.

Afterward, as they lay cuddling, Mistress M asked him whether he had ever tried sounding.  No, he hadn’t.  He had watched several videos with horrified fascination.  The mere thought of having a metal rod inserted into his penis scared the hell out of him and he told her so.  “Wouldn’t you like to try it?” she continued in an oh-so-innocent tone of voice.  He nodded numbly; somehow he couldn’t say no to her.  She bounded to her feet happily and returned with a small, zippered leather case.  Opening it, she proudly displayed her toys; PPSS inhaled sharply, the rush of air clearly audible.  And then he was so scared he couldn’t exhale for quite a while.  He lay there, eyes bugged out, as Mistress M selected one of the sounds.  He stared at the bulbous bud at the end of the sound – how could that possibly fit?  Mistress M masturbated him to an erection (a near impossible feat, considering how frightened he was) and put some gel on both the bulb and tip of his cock.  He stared, bewitched, as she slowly inserted the sound.  It didn’t hurt.  It didn’t hurt?  He kept staring as she eased the sound deep inside and then slowly pulled it back up, and then down again and then up again.  It was as if she were masturbating the inside of his cock, which, in effect, she was.  And then she started masturbating the outside, too.  Switching his gaze to her face, he could tell she was clearly enjoying herself.  She continued for a while and then asked, “What do you think?”  He admitted being surprised that it didn’t hurt, but also said that he was so apprehensive that he couldn’t relax and enjoy it.  “Well, perhaps we can try again some other time,” she replied with a knowing smile.

 Their time was drawing to a close.  Pleased that he had been willing to try sounding, Mistress M decided to send him home happy - but on her terms.  Cuddling next to him, she caressed him gently – arms, face, chest - soothing away the distress he still felt from the sounding.  His skin felt so alive!  Feeling him relax, she switched to his cock and masturbated him back to an erection.  He groaned, grateful for the attention.  “Tell me when you’re close.”  It was to be a repeat of the final debauchment he enjoyed at the hands of both mistresses the previous month.  He smiled, remembering how wonderfully erotic it had been to be edged repeatedly and he resolved to hold out as long as he could.  He felt her lips and tongue embrace his cock – what a luxurious sensation!  He began breathing faster and faster as he got ever more excited.  “I’m close Mistress,” he whimpered, concentrating for all he was worth to keep from cumming.  She immediately stopped and watched his breathing closely.  When she gauged that he had settled down a bit, she started all over again – stroking, licking, sucking.  Again “I’m close Mistress” in a strangled voice.  And again she stopped and then resumed – again and again and again.  He lost track of how many times – five?  Ten?  More?  He no longer knew.  He just knew that he was so aroused and it was taking all of his will to not cum.  For her part, Mistress M was enjoying tormenting PPSS – his groans, his squirming, his contorted face – it was all so delectable!  Finally he exploded – he simply couldn’t hold out any longer.  He sank back on the bed in utter ecstasy.  Smiling, she kissed and held him while he surrendered to the physical sensations of his massive orgasm.

 Afterwards, on the long drive home, he mused about what had happened that day.  This experience had been very different.  Mistress M had been less strict, more playful than last time.  Not playful as in a cat toying with a mouse; no – she was warm and smilingly playful, almost girlish (if one could imagine a young girl smiling playfully as she flogged you).  And it was much more relaxed; the last time had been an ongoing flurry of activity.  This time the pace had been more measured, walking him through different experiences.  She had him try a variety of things, almost as though she had been testing him to see how far he was prepared to go in his submission to her and whether continuing to amuse herself with him was worthwhile.  If so, he hoped had passed her test and earned another opportunity to submit to her.  He resolved to follow her posts closely, looking for another opportunity to do just that.

And this is how he found her blog on forced bi/MMF experiences, which takes us back to PPSS Saga #1 “The Day Had Finally Come, Part 1.”


Author: Bofors57