Delightful Decadence
PPSS Saga #6 – Party Favor, Part 1 By: Bofors57

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Part 1 – The Gangbang


When Mistress Macayle casually mentioned to PPSS that she would like to fuck him in front of her friends, he never dreamed how far she was prepared to go to realize her fantasy.


The email read, “PPSS – I will be in your town next Tuesday.  Be at my place promptly at 1 PM.  Wear your frillies – and bring a set of heels this time.  I have a very naughty adventure planned for you!  Yours in debauchery, Mistress Macayle”


Reading it, PPSS was apprehensive.  Thus far he had initiated all of their interludes, albeit only after reading one of her posts or hearing her say something that spurred his lust to be used by her in some new, degrading way.  She had never reached out to him to set up an adventure before.  Had their domme/sub relationship changed?  Reached a new level where he was now expected to be at her beck and call?  Drop everything and run to her feet?  He began to worry about what he had gotten himself into.  But he also knew he couldn’t – he wouldn’t – say no to her.  He was ensnared by his need to be used by her and submit to her sexually; he had completed his transition to becoming a sub and it was only through serving his Mistress that he felt complete.  Then he had a thought.  Perhaps he had never truly initiated anything.  The hints and suggestions he had responded to – hadn’t she actually baited the trap and enticed him to walk inside?  Hadn’t she actually read him perfectly from the very beginning and played him to get him to this point?  His head hurt from mulling over all of the “what if’s” and “maybe’s.”  All he knew for sure was that (1) she had piqued his curiosity while simultaneously making him uneasy; (2) that he was incapable of saying “no” to her; and (3) the agitated state he was now in would make the naughty adventure so much more erotic.  He was happily trapped.


And so, at the appointed time, PPSS presented himself at Mistress M’s door.  Underneath his street clothes he was wearing the lingerie he knew she loved – the black babydoll with the cups stuffed, a G string and black fishnet stockings; he was carrying a pair of black ankle strap sandals with 4 inch heels to change into once he was inside.  He had practiced walking in them in the preceding days; he was still a little wobbly, but no longer a complete amateur.  He hoped Mistress would be pleased.


Mistress admitted him into the foyer.  Her discerning eye noted the padding at his chest.  She smiled warmly, kissed him, locked his arm in hers and escorted him into the living room.  With a start PPSS saw three other alluringly dressed and quite lovely ladies sitting, smiling, each with a glass of wine at the ready; clearly they had been relaxing and getting warmed up for his arrival.  “I’ve decided to grant your wish today.  I’m going to use you in front of my friends – and maybe let them play with you, too.  Take off your street clothes, put them on the chair in the corner and then stand in the middle of the room so we all can admire you.”  PPSS hastened to obey, smiling at his good fortune.  “Now turn.”  PPSS happily turned as he imagined a runway model would, giving all of the ladies a good view, earning cheers, jeers and catcalls for his efforts.  “Now introduce yourself to each of my friends individually – and do it properly!”


PPSS walked up to each lady in turn, curtsied (lifting up the hem of his baby doll as he did so) and said, “Good afternoon Ma’am.  My name is Pervy Private Sissy Slut or PPSS for short.  How should I address you?”  The ladies, in turn, took the opportunity to fondle him and inspect their afternoon plaything.  The first, Mistress Sabrinah, his former Mistress, greeted him with a big kiss, saying, “It’s so good to see you again, my little sissy slut:  She caressed his ass, saying, “I can’t wait to spank this again – it’s been far too long!”  The second, Lady Naiad, teased his cock through the thin fabric of his G string, pulled the front out and glanced inside.  “Well, not so big, but definitely happy to see us!” she said with a smirk.  PPSS hung his head, the ladies’ laughter ringing in his ears and his checks burning from her blunt, but quite accurate assessment.  The third, Goddess Iris, had him turn around and bend over.  She pulled the string of his G string aside, fully exposing his asshole to their view.  She licked her finger and gently inserted her fingertip.  “Mmm – I’m going to enjoy fucking this.”


“Yes, we all are,” Mistress M replied with a knowing smile, “so let’s start by warming it up.”  She deftly inserted the vibrating butt plug that PPSS remembered so well and showed him the remote in her hand.  “Now slut, you are going to serve my guests.  If at any time they or I are displeased with your service, you will feel this.”  She pushed the button and PPSS jumped, startled, as his ass began to vibrate.  “Or maybe we’ll just do it because we want to.”  She pushed the button again; this time the vibration was much more intense and PPSS wriggled in discomfort.  “Let’s pass this around, so we can all play with it,” she said with a sinister smile, handing the remote to Goddess I.  Goddess I immediately mashed the button and laughed as PPSS squirmed.  “Ooh, this is going to be so much fun!”


“Slut - refresh my guests’ wine glasses and offer them hors d'oeuvres.  Let’s get this party started!” Mistress M announced.  The ladies clapped their approval and began chatting gaily, laughing and joking amongst themselves.  PPSS spent his time serving them, wobbling uncertainly on his heels as he circled the room.  As he passed by, the ladies fondled his ass, his cock and his “boobs,” their attentions getting progressively more intimate as their alcohol consumption increased.  For his part, PPSS enjoyed being the center of attention.


The ladies quickly noticed PPSS would stop abruptly, jerk upright and shudder his hips when they stimulated his ass.  With that discovery, it became quite the party game to startle him as he walked by with drinks in his hand; soon they had a bet to see who could get him to spill a drink.  Goddess I took the prize.  She watched him quite intently as he leaned over to refill Mistress S’s wine glass and, when his arm was fully extended, she mashed the button.  Startled, PPSS jumped back up, spilling just a little bit of white wine on Mistress S.  Laughing, Mistress S ordered him to turn around and present his ass, whereupon she smacked him hard, the sharp sound drawing everyone’s attention.  “Look,” Mistress S exclaimed proudly, “a perfect pink hand print!”  The ladies laughed, pointing merrily at PPSS’s inflamed ass.


“Wonderful Sabrinah!  We should continue warming his ass,” Mistress M said.  “Slut - on your hands and knees – come over here and worship my feet, circling past all of my guests on your way.  Ladies – warm his ass as he passes by!” Mistress M ordered.  PPSS did as he was told and, as he passed by each lady, he dutifully paused to allow them to lavish their attentions on his ass.  And they did so, each lady landing multiple loud smacks on his cheeks, laughing merrily as they did so.  “This is so much fun!”  “What a perfectly obedient little slut you have!  “You have him so well trained, Macayle!  May I borrow him?”  By the time he reached his position at Mistress M’s feet, his cheeks were already beginning to get pink.  He then happily massaged, kissed, nuzzled and licked his Mistress’s lovely feet, first the left, then the right, all the while Mistress M sighed contentedly.


“Ooh, me next!” Lady N exclaimed.  PPSS circled to her feet, earning another barrage of swats along the way.  “Now me!” from Mistress S.  PPSS crawled to her, flinching as his ass received multiple more swats.  Mistress S lay back, enjoying PPSS’s attentions.  When he finished, she sat back up, kissed the top of his head and thanked him.  Just then Lady N handed Mistress S the remote, pointed to PPSS, who had positioned himself at Goddess I’s feet, and whispered, “Revenge.”  Mistress S smiled and just as PPSS began sucking Goddess I’s big toe, she mashed the button, causing PPSS to nip Goddess I’s toe.  Goddess I slapped him lightly and, wagging her finger in his face, said, “You will pay for that.”  The other ladies laughed at PPSS’s bewildered expression.


PPSS had now worshipped all four ladies’ feet and by this time his ass was quite pink.  But he had always enjoyed being spanked, so he was quite happy.


“Excellent, slut.  Now, stand up, walk behind the sofa, put your hands on the back of the sofa and present your ass to me” Mistress M ordered.  PPSS did as he was told, leaning forward over the back of the sofa, projecting his ass.  Mistress M lifted up the hem of his baby doll, removed the butt plug and inspected his ass.  “No, no; this won’t do at all.  It’s still pink; it needs to be bright red.”  With that she walked over to a corner table and returned with an assortment of paddles of varying sizes, shapes and materials.  She placed them on the sofa cushions, in full view of PPSS.  He cringed, tightening his butt cheeks; he remembered them all too well from previous paddlings Mistress had given him.  Mistress M noticed his body language and chuckled.  She caressed his face with one hand and his ass with the other.  “No, no – you’ll enjoy this.  Well, maybe you won’t, but we certainly will!  Ladies, choose your weapons and come join me.”  And they did, giggling with anticipation.


“Mistress Sabrinah, this ass used to belong to you; you may have the first honor.”  Mistress S leaned over and kissed PPSS affectionately.  “Remember how much fun we used to have, my Pervy Private Sissy Slut?”  Her bright eyes and warm smile lit up her face; PPSS swooned and wiggled his ass expectantly.  Mistress S laid into him, paddling each cheek in turn.  The other ladies watched intently, hooting and hollering as PPSS counted out the strokes and laughing as he grunted at the blows.  Meanwhile, Mistress M reached underneath and fondled his cock, just barely enough to keep it hard and excited.  PPSS was in sensory overload, his attention continually switching back and forth between the stinging of his ass cheeks and the stimulation of his privates; he simply couldn’t stay focused.  “There, I think that’s good; he’s bright pink now,” Mistress S announced triumphantly.  PPSS exhaled loudly, relieved that the torture had ended, his ass warm and tingling.


But the torture wasn’t over.  “It’s our turn!”  Goddess I and Lady N exclaimed simultaneously as they took up positions on either side of PPSS’s ass.  And they proceeded to paddle him hard, taking turns – Goddess I smacking his right cheek and Lady N his left, giggling as they did so.  They synchronized their blows perfectly, scant moments between their respective strikes.  Mistress M voiced her approval, “Very good ladies; keep going!”  PPSS grunted and squirmed to no avail; the two ladies simply would not let up.  Meanwhile Mistress S took out her phone and snapped pictures; she had always enjoyed snapping pictures of his pink ass after she spanked him, but this time she also got photos of the action and she cooed excitedly.


Goddess I caught Lady N’s attention.  Lady N nodded her understanding and stepped back, whereupon Goddess I landed five very hard blows in rapid succession.  PPSS cried out in pain and surprise at the sudden assault.  Goddess I leaned forward and whispered loudly in his ear, “Paybacks are a bitch, bitch.  Should I continue?”


“No!  Please, please - enough!”  PPSS sobbed.  Mistress M waved her hand, stopping the action.  In the sudden quiet, PPSS could hear Goddess I and Lady N catching their breath after their exertions.  Mistress M inspected his ass again.  “Well, we’re close ladies; it’s bright red now, but there still aren’t any welts.  Stand aside; I’ll take care of that!”  PPSS wilted; he knew all too well that Mistress meant every word and was all too capable of delivering on her threat.


She selected her favorite paddle, the heavy wooden one that had been fashioned from a two by four, making sure that PPSS got a good view of her choice.  PPSS wilted and mentally braced himself for what he knew was coming – she had beat him with this one before.  Mistress M hefted her paddle and let loose.  Wham!  The force of the blow lifted him up onto his toes and knocked the wind out of him.  He sprawled over the back of the sofa.  She paused to let him get back onto his feet – and then hit him again, knocking him off his feet again.  He cried in pain – it hurt!  But somehow it also felt wonderful.  And then she hit him again – and again – and again.  He was now lying senseless over the back of the sofa, unable to regain his footing, breathing heavily.  Mistress M stepped back to admire her handiwork.  “There, we have some nice welts now.”  The ladies oohed and aahed at the sight, pointing out the various welts to one another.  “Here, look at his one.”  How about this over here?”  “Ooh – I think that’s the best!”  Mistress S stepped forward and snapped another photo.  Mistress M checked in with her sub. “Are you okay?” she asked tenderly.  PPSS nodded and whispered, “It was wonderful Mistress; thank you.”  “Show him the photo.”  PPSS smiled at the sight of the welts on his ass and thighs; he so enjoyed being beaten, even though it was quite painful.  Goddess I and Lady N caressed his cheeks gently, soothing away the stinging.  PPSS closed his eyes and sighed at the attention.


“I think we need to take a break and hydrate, and give our party favor time to recover.”  Mistress M helped PPSS back to his feet and moved him to the front of the sofa; PPSS sat down gingerly – even the soft sofa cushions aggravated the pain of his quite tender ass.  Mistress M kissed him on the cheek and handed him a bottle of water.  “You did very well; rest a bit and let me know when you’re ready to continue.”  PPSS nodded, leaned back and drank thirstily.  He closed his eyes and breathed deeply for several minutes, inhaling and exhaling slowly to compose himself.  After a while he said, “I’m ready, Mistress.”  “Good.  Ladies, let’s move this party to the bedroom – it’s time for the main event – our gang bang!”  Goddess I chimed in immediately, “Yes!  I’ve been waiting to fuck that ass!”


PPSS quailed at the words.  Several months ago, while fucking him mercilessly, her strap-on deep in his ass, Mistress M intimated wanting to do this in front of her friends.  PPSS was very turned on at the thought and told her so afterwards.  Now, faced with the reality, he wasn’t sure it was a good idea.  But it was too late.  PPSS found himself being led into the bedroom.  He stared wide-eyed as the four lovely ladies stripped down to their bras and panties (or less!), donned their strap-on’s and modeled them for him.  Swaying their hips lasciviously, they taunted him, “Are you ready for my big cock, slut?”  “Do you think it will fit?”  “Oh it will fit all right – just wait and see!”  “You’re ours and we’re going to have so much fun with you!”  PPSS began to get alarmed – the ladies were egging one another on, their excitement building towards a frenzy.


“On your knees, my little cocksucker,” Mistress M ordered.  “I know how much you love sucking cock.  Unfortunately I don’t have a real cock for you today; maybe next time.  But these will do nicely; get them nice and wet for your ass.”


PPSS found himself on his knees, staring up at the four ladies.  They were all so sexy, standing there half naked, their luscious bodies sporting rather intimidating cocks standing proudly erect – and then they began stroking them!  PPSS found himself getting turned on, despite his deep apprehension.  The ladies notice his hardening cock and laughed excitedly – all talking at once.  “Look – he wants it!”  “What a slut!”  “I’m going to fuck him so hard and so deep he won’t be able to walk for a week!”


He paused for a moment, unsure of where to start, earning him a swat on his quite tender ass from Mistress M.  “Start sucking!”  He closed his eyes, recalling how he had sucked men’s cocks for his Mistress.  Smiling at the erotic memory, he leaned forward and started sucking Mistress M’s strap-on, just as though it were a real cock.  He ran his tongue around its tip and then pursed his lips, running them up and down the shaft.  Having gotten it nice and wet, he took it into his mouth and bobbed his head, sucking it slowly up and down, in and out, settling down into a good rhythm.


“There are four cocks here, slut!” Mistress M swatted him again.  PPSS flinched, then thought a minute and, recalling the gangbang videos he had watched on the internet, grabbed the cocks on either side of Mistress M’s and began stroking them.  “Better.”  Next he began moving from one cock to another, trying to give equal attention to all four.  Looking down, the ladies watched PPSS settle down into a groove, kneeling there with his head on a swivel in continuous motion - sucking and stroking, sucking and stroking, taking the cocks deep in his mouth.  His subservience inflamed their lust.  They crowded in close, wagging their cocks in his face, all talking over one another, the tone and timbre of their voices escalating as their excitement grew:  “Here!”  “What about mine?!”  Suck this, bitch!”  “Mmm – I love the way you do that!”  “Oh yeah – keep doing that!”  PPSS was hard-pressed to keep up with their demands.  Then he abruptly realized he could smell the fragrant aroma of the ladies’ arousal.  He smiled and turned to sucking the cocks with a vengeance, hoping to stimulate the ladies further.


“Let’s see if he can take two!” Goddess I smiled mischievously, whereupon she and Lady N pushed their cocks into his mouth simultaneously.  Thrusting their hips forward, they jammed their cocks deep into his throat.  Unfortunately, PPSS had a very strong gag reflex and he immediately began choking – and the ladies laughed mirthfully at his expense.


“Okay ladies, it’s time to fuck him!  This time I go first – and last!” Mistress M exclaimed.  And with that PPSS was pushed face down over the edge of the bed.  Goddess I leaned over and spread his cheeks wide, while Lady N lubed his ass, inserting one, then two fingers from each hand, pulling his asshole open into a wide gape, giving Mistress M a perfect view of her target.  Gaping was a new sensation for PPSS and he squirmed nervously.  “Settle down,” he heard Mistress M whisper soothingly, then he felt the broad head of her strap-on at his backdoor; he exhaled, relaxing himself for what was to come.  She eased it inside gently and stopped, giving him a little bit of time to adjust to being penetrated, and then pushed in deeper, a little bit at a time until she was fully inside.  Meanwhile, Mistress S hopped up onto the bed, wrapped her feet around his neck and pulled him in close.  “Suck my cock, slut!” she ordered.  The situation was very reminiscent of the time he was dual-dommed by Mistresses M and S so many months ago.  The memory was intoxicating and PPSS began sucking her cock happily.  “That’s right, keep sucking; we want you air tight!” Mistress M exclaimed.  With that, she grabbed his hips and began fucking him slowly.  Eager to participate, Goddess I and Lady N began caressing him, gently scratching his skin with their nails - the feeling was indescribable!  PPSS found himself back in sensory overload – the joy of his ass being fucked, the tingling of his skin, the eroticism of sucking a cock, the fragrant aroma of the ladies’ arousal – all competed for his attention!  He moaned excitedly.


Hearing him moan, Mistress M began fucking him harder and deeper – and his moans deepened correspondingly, grunting “yes, yes, yes” in time with her thrusts.  Goddess I and Lady N now began fondling his cock.  “Don’t get him too excited ladies – I get to play with that later,” Mistress M admonished.  PPSS found the numerous distractions made it nearly impossible to continue sucking Mistress S’s cock, but he kept trying.  His hips began to ratchet unconsciously, matching Mistress M’s thrusts.  She began fucking him faster and faster, her hips a blur of activity, her breathing harder and harder, intermingled with her excited moans as the strap-on pushed against her clit.  Suddenly she pulled out.  “There, I’ve loosened him up for you, ladies.  He’s all yours.”


One by one the other ladies took their turn.  Mistress M was quite right – she had loosened him up and their big strap-ons slid in quite easily.  No preliminaries – they immediately began fucking him hard, fast and deep.  Their excitement fed off one another, each trying to outdo the others.  Soon their thrusts literally had him bouncing him off the mattress, forcing the air from his lungs.  For PPSS time lost all meaning; he was powerless; all he could do was hang on for dear life as they rode him without mercy.  And when they weren’t fucking him, the ladies were watching in rapt attention, so turned on that they began kissing one another and fondling one another’s breasts and pussies, their sweet moans mixing with his grunts in an erotically-charged cacophony.


Mistress S, who fucked him last, pulled out, leaving PPSS limp and gasping.  As PPSS tried desperately to regain his senses, he heard Mistress M say, “Flip him over ladies; it’s my turn again.”  PPSS couldn’t believe his ears – more?  More?!  He found himself lying on his back, staring into the ladies’ leering faces.  “Fuck him again, Macayle!” they cried in unison.  Mistress M smiled in agreement, “Look what I have for you, slut.”  PPSS saw with a start that Mistress M had traded up; the strap-on she was sporting now was much larger than the previous one.  PPSS closed his eyes, trying to shut out the image.  Mistress M grabbed his legs and pulled him toward her; then, draping his legs over her shoulders, she inserted herself.  PPSS was so out of control that he had no will or ability to resist.  PPSS stared at her face, marveling at the lust in her eyes as she began fucking him.  Next she grabbed his cock and began masturbating him – closer and closer and closer to orgasm.  And then she stopped, refusing to allow him to cum.  And the she edged him again – and again she stopped just before he came, all the while continuing to fuck his ass.  And then again, and again and again.  Mistress M and her friends reveled in the torment, watching him squirm, watching his face contort in continuous frustrated ecstasy, listening to his moans and his pleas to be allowed to cum.  Finally, just when he thought he would pass out from the intensity, Mistress M masturbated him to a climax and he exploded.


And then she continued rubbing the sensitive skin of his cockhead.  At first it felt wonderful, adding immeasurably to ecstasy of his orgasm.  Then the feeling began to change; the pleasure of having his cockhead rubbed was so intense that it crossed the threshold from ecstasy to discomfort.  PPSS began squirming on the bed, asking Mistress to stop in a strangled voice.  But she didn’t relent; to the contrary she continued rubbing, enjoying tormenting him.  The other ladies, realizing what Mistress M was doing, grabbed his arms and legs, holding him down, preventing him from squirming away – all the while watching the spectacle with rapt attention.  And still Mistress continued rubbing; the feeling was now so intensely pleasurable that it was exquisite agony!  PPSS writhed on the bed, his hips spasming erratically in a vain attempt to pivot his cock away from the torture.  Seeking to distract him, Mistress S leaned forward and began rubbing, pulling, pinching and nipping his nipples.  PPSS was back in sensory overland – his cockhead and his nipples felt as though they were burning.  He began screaming, “No!  No!  It hurts!  Please stop!  Please!  Please!!” as the feeling crossed the threshold into actual pain.  Suddenly he gasped, inhaling sharply; then stiffened, his limbs jerking away from his handlers.  Then he passed out briefly from the intensity of the pleasure and pain.


Coming to, he saw he was surrounded by naked female bodies, intertwined in passion, fondling, kissing, licking and nibbling every part, every orifice of one another’s luscious bodies.  PPSS extricated himself and stood up on rubbery legs so he could get a better view.  It was so stimulating that he surprised himself by getting hard again so soon after his massive orgasm and post-orgasm torture.  As he gazed down in fascinated rapture, he absentmindedly began stroking himself.  Looking up from happily licking Goddess I’s pussy, Lady N smiled, nudged Goddess I and pointed.  Goddess I looked at Lady N, nodded in agreement and they both proceeded to pull PPSS back onto the bed.  PPSS joined in the orgy, happily licking engorged pussies, sucking erect nipples, kissing firm, plump asses, and caressing smooth, taught bodies.  Everyone pleasured everyone else; multiple orgasms were had – by the ladies at least – the sounds of their ecstasy filling the room.  Even PPSS came one more time, courtesy of Lady N and Goddess I sharing his cock, while Mistress S played with his ass and Mistress M sat on his face - one final, massive sensory overload that rolled his eyes back in his head and left him happily panting.  Finally, everyone collapsed in exhaustion, arms and legs draped over one another, totally spent and casually caressing each other while they cooled down.


Afterwards the ladies reconvened in the living room, talking gaily about how much fun they had and swapping erotic tales of their conquests that afternoon.  Mistress M had PPSS sit on the floor at her feet, his back leaning against the sofa while she stroked his hair and the nape of his neck, as though he were her pet, which, in effect, he was; it felt so luxuriously decadent.   “I had so much fun fucking you in front of my friends and watching them fuck you.  Thank you for helping me fulfill my fantasy, my little slut.”  PPSS beamed at the praise.  “And your fantasy was fulfilled, too.  Did you enjoy being today’s party favor?”  PPSS nodded in appreciation.  “Now we need to dig a little deeper into your psyche and uncover other fantasies to play with.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you, my little slut?”  PPSS nodded again.  “What should I do with you – or should I say - to you, next?”  PPSS couldn’t begin to imagine; he just knew that he couldn’t wait to continue his journey of exploration as Mistress M’s slut.


Wait – did she just entice him deeper into her web?  Yes.  Did he care?  No, at least not at this moment; he was far too satiated to think clearly.


Author: Bofors57