Delightful Decadence
PPSS Saga #7 – Party Favor, Part 2 By: Bofors57

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Part 2 – Diving Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole


PPSS so enjoyed being gangbanged that Mistress Macayle decided a repeat performance was in order.  But she wanted to make the second time even better!


It began with another email.  Several days after the gangbang, PPSS received the following note from Mistress:  “It would appear that you really enjoyed our little party.  Tell me what you liked and why.”


PPSS stared at the email, remembering Mistress saying, “We need to dig a little deeper into your psyche and uncover other fantasies to play with.”  Was that what this was about?  Was she baiting yet another trap for him?  How should he answer?  He shrugged mentally, realizing that he had no will to do anything other than what she ordered.  So he told her enjoyed being the ladies’ plaything.  Being the centerpiece in a group setting had long been a fantasy of his – having to perform semi-publicly, being watched while he was being used and degraded – it was all so thrilling!  And he told her he also enjoyed the gang-bang aspect because he was so completely out of control; he was, after all, now 100% sub and he found being under others’ control sexually to be especially erotic.


Her reply came quickly.  “I thought as much.  For my part, I particularly enjoyed watching you suck our cocks.  You put your practice with Ethan to good use, my little slut.”


And then nothing for many weeks.  PPSS starting to get worried; had he upset Mistress in some way?  Disappointed her?  He missed serving her and being used and degraded by her.  Why the silence?


Finally he received a note from her, asking him to visit her at her house on the other side of the mountains.  She added, “No set agenda, I just miss you and want to play with my little toy.  Oh, and this time you don’t need to wear your frillies; I promise you’ll be naked very quickly.”  PPSS frowned; she was clearly toying with him – what was she up to?  Then he brightened; of course she was toying with him – that’s why he found serving Mistress to be so alluring!


And so, at the appointed time, PPSS presented himself at her door.  No preliminaries this time; “No talking.  Strip and follow me,” she ordered tersely.  PPSS was taken aback at her brusque manner - what was happening?  She led him back to her playroom without speaking a word until, pointing at the eyebolts in the ceiling, said, “You remember those, right?”  In short order she had his wrists fastened to the eyebolts.  Then she added ankle restraints, using them to spread his legs wide, leaving him balancing precariously on his toes.  Finally she added a blindfold and noise cancelling head phones, cutting him off completely from the world around him.


PPSS fought down a momentary surge of panic at being so isolated.  Calming himself, he began to think about his predicament; the last time he had been in this position, she had flogged him.  Was that what she was about to . . .  He never had the chance to complete the thought.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, he felt a stinging across his back and shoulders; he gasped in alarm.  Then he felt soft tendrils of leather gently trailing over his back, down his spine to his ass and then back up; a soft whimper escaped his lips.  Unhinged by the change-up, PPSS steeled himself, trying to anticipate when and where the next blow might fall, but the blindfold and headphones made that virtually impossible.


Another gasp - Mistress had resumed flogging him.  At first her blows continued to be gentle, the strands falling lightly on his upper back.  Mistress watched him closely; as soon as she saw him beginning to relax, she moved to a different spot, still keeping her blows gentle. Without warning, she landed a harder blow in that spot, causing PPSS to cry out in surprise.  Her strokes become harder but slower as she concentrated on continuing to hit that spot.


Each blow sent a thud of pain that made PPSS cry out; then he felt a spreading warmth that turned his cries into more of a moan.  Mistress’s strikes continued, moving to his upper thighs and ass, merging into one continuous sensation of pain mixed with pleasure.  PPSS could feel the blood rushing into the area and the warmth suggested how red his cheeks must be.


Then a long pause - PPSS began to relax, sensing that his ordeal might at last be over.  Then, without warning, Mistress lashed vertically upwards between his legs, repeatedly striking his balls and perineum.  PPSS cried out in pain and squirmed, trying to move his privates out of the line of fire.  But to no avail – he was hamstrung by the restraints at his wrists and ankles, unable to move more than a few millimeters.


Then another long pause, but this time PPSS correctly surmised that his ordeal was not over.  The flogging resumed, this time to the front of his body.  His shoulders, torso and upper thighs were systematically abused in turn; his skin was afire everywhere, overloading his senses.  Then, at the very end, one of the blows aimed at his thighs missed (or did it?) and one of the tendrils landed squarely on the head of his cock.  PPSS screamed and then sagged against his restraints, hanging limply, his chest heaving.


His senses numb, PPSS vaguely felt Mistress release his ankle restraints, allowing him to get his feet back underneath him and support his own weight.  Then she released the wrist restraints.  Mistress lifted one of the headphone ear pieces and whispered in PPSS’s ear.  “Still no talking.  I’m going to put a leash and collar on you.  You will get down on your hands and knees and follow me.  Understood?”  PPSS nodded, just barely moving his head because he simply didn’t have the strength to do more.  Satisfied, Mistress replaced the ear piece, cutting PPSS off from the outside world once more.


PPSS found himself being led down the hallway and then into the living room.  Mistress removed the earphones and ordered “On your knees, slut.”  As PPSS pushed himself upright, Mistress removed the blindfold.  PPSS blinked at the sudden light and found himself looking up at Mistress, seductively dressed in a stunning bra and panty set.  “Eyes on the floor.  Turn around, staying on your knees.”  PPSS shuffled around on his knees, keeping his eyes down.  “Now look up.”  PPSS did as he was told and was startled to see Ethan framed by two equally handsome, tall, fit men; all three standing naked, casually stroking their large, semi-erect cocks.  “You said you like being the center of attention.  Get to it – make my guests happy.”


PPSS was flustered; Mistress’s treatment had knocked him off balance and, looking up at the three strong men, he was more than a little intimidated.  “Don’t disappoint me.  You’ve already shown me that you’re my little bitch – do it!”


“I’m waiting,” Ethan growled.  He grabbed the leash, pulled PPSS’s head forward and forced his cock into PPSS’s mouth.  It was just the jolt PPSS needed to get moving.  He began sucking, licking and nibbling Ethan’s massive cock and balls, just as he had just a few months previously.  Recalling his experience sucking the ladies’ strap-ons, he grabbed the cocks on either side of Ethan’s and began fondling and stroking them.  He tried to give equal attention to all three, but, unlike the ladies, these men were much more aggressive in insisting PPSS pay more attention to their cock – slapping their meaty cocks against his face and thrusting them into his mouth, demanding he lick their balls.  PPSS simply couldn’t satisfy them and he was beginning to get a little frightened.


Yet he was also getting quite turned on in spite of his fear.  He marveled at the three cocks, now getting quite erect and engorged as the men’s lust grew.  Ethan’s was by far the most beautiful (after his previous two adventures sucking cocks for Mistress, PPSS had come to terms with his bisexuality; he didn’t give a second thought about thinking that Ethan’s cock was beautiful.  He had come so far in such a short time!).  The man to Ethan’s right had a longer, more slender cock.  The other man’s cock was shorter, but substantially thicker; PPSS actually was finding it difficult to get his mouth around its girth as it continued to swell.  Now PPSS began to appreciate the subtle differences in their aromas and tastes; he began to suck and stroke the cocks in earnest.  The men grunted their appreciation as their erections grew ever larger.  Each one stared at PPSS servicing his cock and ogled the other’s cocks – their excitement growing exponentially at the combination.  PPSS was now staring at three large, mushroom-shaped cockheads, swollen purple – swollen so large that their piss holes were gaping and dripping pre-cum – an awe-inspiring display of masculine ferocity!


Mistress uttered a savage “Yes!” and threw a pack of condoms on the floor at their feet.  “Fuck him!”  The men didn’t need a second invitation.  They grabbed PPSS and picked him up bodily, planting him roughly on the large ottoman in front of the sofa.  They pushed his face down forcibly, burying it into the ottoman, exposing his ass at a perfect height for fucking.  PPSS was now truly terrified and he begged Mistress for help.  In response she simply stepped in and lubed his ass.


Slender Cock stepped up and inserted himself.  “Mmm – he’s tight!  I like that!”  He grabbed PPSS’s hips and began pumping, slowly at first, then faster and faster as his excitement grew.  Meanwhile, Thick Cock positioned himself in front of PPSS.  “Keep sucking, bitch.  I want my cock rock hard when it’s my turn to fuck you!”  Mistress and Ethan stared in voyeuristic delight, breathing rapidly.  She stepped up behind him, caressing his ass; he reached back, inserted his fingers into her panties and began slowly rubbing her already very wet pussy.  She murmured her approval.


Terrified at his helplessness, adrenalin surged into PPSS’s system.  Then something happened.  Slender Cock’s lust ignited the adrenalin rush, turning it into ecstasy; PPSS began grunting, “Fuck me!  Harder!  Harder!  HARDER!”  Slender Cock did just that, slamming his cock into PPSS in a frenzy, cumming with a final, massive thrust, a primal bellow uttering from his throat.  PPSS collapsed on the ottoman, gasping.  Mistress kissed Ethan’s shoulder, murmuring, “Keep something in reserve for me.  I’m so horny – I’m going to need you to fuck me after you finish with my bitch.”  Ethan grinned.


“My turn!” Thick Cock roared, and he and Slender Cock changed places.  Slender Cock ripped his condom off.  “Look up,” he ordered and when PPSS looked up, Slender Cock squeezed the cum out onto his face.  PPSS stared at him, dumbfounded, cum slowly dripping down his cheeks.  Then PPSS felt Thick Cock at his back door.  First he spread PPSS’s cheeks and rubbed his massive cock up and down against his crack, getting himself even more excited.  The he began pushing in.  PPSS gasped - it hurt - it was so much thicker than anything he had accommodated before!  He felt his sphincter tearing and cried out in pain at the violent intrusion.  “Shut up and take it, bitch,” Thick Cock grunted.  PPSS’s cries only served to inflame his lust and Thick Cock continued to force his way deep inside.  Now fully inside, Thick Cock ratcheted his hips aggressively, fucking PPSS without mercy; PPSS put his face down into the ottoman and whimpered pitifully.  And then it happened again – PPSS began to get turned on by the assault and began grunting “Yes, yes, yes!” in sync with Thick Cock’s thrusts.  PPSS’s excitement spurred Thick Cock on to even greater exertions and soon his thighs were slapping repetitively against PPSS’s ass.  PPSS groaned appreciatively, despite the pain.  Thick Cock came with a final roar, shaking PPSS like a rag doll.  And then, just as Slender Cock had done, he clambered off and squeezed the cum out of his condom onto PPSS’s face.


Mistress squeezed Ethan’s buttocks.  “Go.”  Ethan nodded and stepped forward.  PPSS looked up and begged, “Please, no.”  Ethan replied, “You know I have to.”  PPSS nodded his understanding and presented his ass.  Ethan inserted himself gently into PPSS’s by now quite tender ass and then, equally gently, began fucking him slowly – building, building, building up over time.  His slow, gentle approach allowed PPSS to enjoy being fucked.  Ethan continued to fuck him slowly over a prolonged period, picking up speed at a measured pace until suddenly PPSS moaned and begged, “It hurts so good!  Fuck me hard and finish me off!  Please!  Please Ethan!”  Ethan immediately picked up the pace, pounding PPSS’s ass, grunting “Ugh!  “Ugh!  “Ugh!” as his arousal built towards its climax, mixing with PPSS’s exited, but pathetic little whimpers, “unh, unh, unh.”  With a final lunge, he jammed his cock into PPSS, holding it there and cumming hard in his ass.  PPSS moaned and collapsed in a heap, panting, trying desperately to recover his senses.  And, as PPSS lay there, Ethan squeezed the cum out of his condom, adding to the caked masterpiece on PPSS’s face.


Now Mistress stepped forward, grabbing PPSS’s leash.  “That was so hot!  Now you have to fluff my bulls so they can fuck me!”  PPSS looked up, dazed, trying hard to comprehend.  “Let’s go!” she ordered, tugging on the leash.  She led him to the bedroom, PPSS crawling in her wake.  Once there, PPSS found himself surrounded once more by the three cocks, only now they were very much deflated.  “Get them hard – I’m horny!”  PPSS was so exhausted, but the look of determination on Mistress’s face brooked no dissent; he dutifully knelt before the three alpha males and sucked their cocks again.  Fortunately for PPSS, Mistress stripped and flaunted her engorged pussy before her studs, helping PPSS immeasurably in restoring their enthusiasm.


Soon all three had impressive erections standing proudly from their loins.  “Good – now you can watch me get pleasured by real men.”  She secured PPSS to hard points mounted on her bedroom wall and sprawled on her bed.  “Gentlemen, come fuck me,” she said to her studs.  Even though there were three of them, and they were all large, strong men, it was quite evident that Mistress was the alpha.  She required them to pleasure her – worship her body, her ass and her pussy, and then fuck her until she came repeatedly.  She saved Ethan for last, pushing him back on the bed in an orgasm-fueled frenzy.  Mounting him, she treated everyone to a close-up of herself slowly pumping up and down on his cock.  It was an intensely erotic voyeur’s delight!  She began gyrating her hips, pumping faster and faster, pulling Ethan’s cock ever deeper inside, her moans intermingling with his in a symphony of ecstasy.  Suddenly, she cried out; her feral feminine caterwaul sending shivers down everyone’s spines.  And then she collapsed, reveling in the ecstasy of her multiple orgasms.


Firmly secured to the wall, unable to reach his cock to masturbate, PPSS watched, his eyes agog at the erotically charged scene transpiring before his eyes.  Even though his prostate had been massaged by three large cocks, he had never been permitted to cum and now he was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum.  He groaned in frustration, squirming, trying in vain to get his hands on his very erect cock (although, admittedly his erection was very much smaller than the three large cocks he had serviced that afternoon).  Mistress opened one eye, trying hard to concentrate through her orgasm-induced languor.  “Oh, gentlemen, our little slut needs some relief.  After everything he did for you, you should help him.”  And so PPSS watched in amazement as Mistress’s three studs shared his cock and balls – licking and sucking - sending him shuddering into a most amazing orgasm.  And then he hung limply from his restraints, eyes closed, a huge smile on his face.


Later Mistress said to her studs, “Gentlemen, I need to speak with my sub privately.  If you wouldn’t mind . . . ,” she nodded towards the door.  The three nodded, cleaned up, dressed and departed.


Mistress released PPSS and returned to the bed.  “Slut, come join me,” she said, patting a place on the bed next to her.  PPSS happily clambered up onto the bed and took his spot.  “What happened today?  Why do you think I did what I did?”  PPSS looked puzzled and didn’t answer.  “You were getting too complacent – too comfortable in your role as my sub.  I had to shake you up,” she continued.


“So you were pushing me out of my comfort zone?” PPSS asked, with a just a glimmer of understanding.


“Yes.  You’ve always told me that being out of control and not knowing what is going to happen to you is what you find especially erotic.  I was giving that back to you.”


“So ignoring me for weeks, treating me brusquely when I arrived and then flogging me senseless were all specifically calculated to disorient me?”


“Yes.  Remember, you also told me that enjoyed being the center of attention in a group sex situation – the party favor, as it were – and being gang-banged.  If you knew that’s what I had planned and we proceeded directly to it, this afternoon wouldn’t have been as thrilling, would it?”


“No, it wouldn’t.  Wow – I am so privileged to have a Mistress who would pay so much attention to giving me such a wonderful experience.”  With that he leaned his head against Mistress’s breast and sighed as Mistress gently stroked his face.


“Yes, you are.  But remember, ultimately this for my pleasure.  When you react viscerally to the unknown, it heightens my pleasure – and I had such a good time today – thank you, my pervy little slut.  A word of caution – never assume.  I will always be playing you, astonishing you, using your kinks for my pleasure – and yours.  Is that okay with you?”


PPSS nodded and smiled.  And then he began contemplating what his next adventure with Mistress would bring.


Author: bofors57