Delightful Decadence
PPSS Saga #8 – PPSS Makes a Mistake (or does he?) By: Bofors57

Disclaimer: Erotic Fiction for the Avid Reader. 

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In his quest for new experiences, PPSS inadvertently taunts the tiger and gets far more than he bargained for.  Will he escape unscathed?

Mistress met PPSS at the door, grabbed him by the front of his shirt with her left hand and pulled him inside.  Sporting an ominous smile, she brandished the fingers of her right hand in front of his face.  With a start he saw the wicked -looking talon rings adorning her finger tips and he jerked his head back in alarm.  Still smiling that evil smile, she pulled the front of his shirt down and lightly traced the talons down his cheek, his throat and the top of his chest – just hard enough to scratch the skin without drawing blood.  The talons were every bit as sharp as they appeared.  PPSS was instantaneously intimidated - which, of course, was Mistress’s intent.

Mistress smiled at his discomfiture.  “Why are we here today, my little slut?”

“Because I was intrigued with your post about hot wax play and I asked you if we could try it, Mistress,” he replied meekly, in a very small voice, his head hanging low.

“And I replied that I would love to torment such a willing victim, didn’t I?”

“Yes, Mistress.”  Meekly once again.

“And do you still want to try it?”

“Oh yes, Mistress –more than anything!”  Still meekly, but with a hint of excitement in his voice – after all, play time was about to commence.

“Hmm, we’ll soon see whether you regret that decision.  Follow me,” she ordered, leading him to the bedroom.

It was only a short walk to the bedroom, but long enough for PPSS to review his decision.  And the more he thought about, the more concerned he grew.  What had he done?  He had taunted her – again – asking to try something he knew she reveled in.  And every time he had done this, she had delivered, but differently than he had imagined – in a way that far exceeded his fantasy, both in terms of ecstasy - and pain.  Would he ever learn?  No.  Submitting to her sexually was so very exciting that he was continually seeking new opportunities to be used by her – new experiences that would take him further and further into the dark side.  He was addicted to her.


Upon arriving in the bedroom, Mistress kissed PPSS lasciviously, slipping her left hand inside his shirt.  “Mmmmh, what’s this – something new?” she asked, opening a few buttons to reveal his new lingerie – a very soft, slinky camisole.  “And down here?” she asked, running her hand over his crotch.  PPSS nodded, embarrassed.  His research on preparing himself for wax play advised him to shave judiciously.  After he had done so and felt how smooth his skin was, he decided to treat himself with new lingerie.  He shopped slowly and discriminatingly, running the fabrics between his fingertips, savoring the slinky textures, and then holding promising choices against his body, imagining how pretty he would look wearing them.  He wanted to look special for Mistress, so he endured the embarrassment of the sales lady’s knowing smirks – she knew exactly why he was there.  And, if truth be told, the embarrassment made the shopping trip so much more titillating.  He was getting hard despite the embarrassment, to the point that it was growing difficult to hide his erection, which in turn deepened his embarrassment and which then further fueled his excitement.  He was having so much fun shopping to make himself look pretty for Mistress!  He began surreptitiously massaging himself through his pants.  He was actually getting too turned on and was worried about having an embarrassing accident, and so finally, after much deliberation, he selected a matching camisole and panty set.  The nylon/Spandex fabric was so smooth, so silky, so stretchy – it would feel luxuriously decadent against his smooth skin.


“Strip – I want to see and it’s too hard for me to do one-handed,” Mistress ordered, wiggling her taloned fingers.  PPSS hastened to obey.  He finished unbuttoning his shirt, revealing the cami for Mistress’s inspection and then slowly slid his khakis down over his hips.  “Oh, you look so sexy in white and I love the feel of this sheer fabric,” she said, running her free hand slowly over his chest and backside.  PPSS swooned –it felt so good to be caressed.  And knowing that Mistress was pleased with his efforts made it especially pleasurable!


“Now turn around and present your ass to me,” she ordered.  PPSS leaned over the end of the bed and inhaled sensuously as Mistress caressed his inner thighs.  She coaxed them apart and reached between his thighs to caress his balls and cock.  Mistress took her time, enjoying both the tactile sensation of caressing his private parts through the sheer fabric and his involuntary response to her attentions.  His cock hardened and strained against the sheer fabric; PPSS moaned softly in appreciation – eyes closed, savoring the attention.


“This is so nice; what a wonderful way to get started.  But it’s play time now; lie down on your stomach for me.”  And again, PPSS hastened to obey.  Mistress continued caressing him, the back of his neck, his shoulders, his back, the small of his back, his ass, his inner thighs – both directly on his smoothly shaven skin and through the sheer fabric.  PPSS was in heaven.  And then Mistress changed hands and began gently raking his skin with her talons – and that felt wonderful, too.  Next she began gently pricking his skin – once again both directly and through the sheer fabric.  Even that felt wonderful – at first.  But then she began putting more pressure into her caresses, giving PPSS just a taste of how sharp her talons were.  It still felt good, but PPSS also realized how precarious his situation was.


Mistress began concentrating on raking his inner thighs and ass.  PPSS groaned appreciatively.  And then Mistress jabbed his inner thigh and PPSS reflexively spread his legs, inadvertently giving her a much better target.  She pricked his balls through the fabric and PPSS jerked his hips upwards, moving his balls away from the source of the pain; in doing so, he gave Mistress a target that was too tempting for her to ignore and she smacked his ass hard.  “Ow!” he thought, stunned; “that wasn’t her hand.  What is she using this time?” he thought, unable to identify the implement as one of the many she had beat him with in the past.  Mistress continued the game, raking and jabbing his inner thighs and balls, and then beating his ass when he tried to squirm away from the source of his torment.  But she kept changing it up, never settling into pattern that would enable him to predict when he would receive the next blow.  And he felt his ass getting quite warm and pictured how pink it must be getting.  And yet he continued to lie there because she was his Mistress and accepting the pain was expected of him.  And because he found the pain to be sexually stimulating; he enjoyed it when Mistress hurt him.


Next she removed his panties.  “Tell me, does it hurt more without the panties?” she asked, landing three hard smacks in rapid succession.


“Oh god, yes,” he replied, panting heavily.


“Interesting.  I wouldn’t have thought that thin fabric would provide much cushioning effect,” she replied, pleased with the results of her experiment.  And then the game began anew.  She continued jabbing his balls, punishing his ass whenever it jumped upwards.  She giggled at his response – this game was fun and she was getting turned on.  And so she began raking his skin and jabbing him ever harder; his balls had become her pin cushion.  In a sudden change-up, she raked the sensitive skin of his perineum and jabbed her talons near his asshole.  PPSS gasped in response; this game was becoming nerve-racking.  Just as quickly, Mistress switched back to jabbing his balls and, as the jabs grew harder, PPSS began jerking his hips up higher in a vain attempt to avoid the pain.  In so doing, he gave her an even more tempting target, and she raked the sensitive skin on the underside of his cock with her talons.  His erection grew at the mixture of pleasure and pain.  Seeing that, Mistress began a rapid fire attack – raking, jabbing and beating in one continuous motion.  PPSS was now jerking spasmodically, reveling in the torment Mistress was inflicting on him; his ass was on fire and his inner thighs, balls and cock were stinging.  He buried his face in the pillow to stifle his moans and gripped the sheets with white knuckles.  He was in an ecstatic sensory overload!


Mistress, watching PPSS’s reactions carefully, paused, giving him time to recover – she didn’t want him to peak too soon.  So she caressed the bruised skin of his ass soothingly, whispering comforting words to her sub.  And then she took a picture of his bright red welted ass and showed it him.  He smiled gratefully, thankful for the torment she had inflicted.  “Tell me, what were you hitting me with?  It felt different than anything you’ve used before – the surface felt very smooth and cool.”  Triumphantly she showed him a paddle with a mirrored surface.  “A new toy. Did you like it?”  “Oh yes - very nice!” he replied dreamily.


“Now that you’re warmed up, it’s time for the main event.  Strip off your camisole and lie back down, on your back this time.  You’re sure you want to do this?”  He nodded tentatively.  She left the room, giving him time to reflect.  Why did she ask him a second time?  Was it that painful?  He thought about his preparations; he had shaved and coated his skin with a thin layer of baby oil as the internet had advised.  He had done so; he was as ready as he could be.  Well, physically anyway.  Mistress had successfully messed with his mind; his mental preparations were now in shambles.


Mistress reappeared, carrying a box of wooden matches, and walked over to the night stand where several candles in glass containers, all different colors, were staged.  She turned her back to PPSS, shielding what was about to happen from his view.  Then he heard the distinctive sound and smell of a match being struck; it was about to begin.  He took several deep breaths and exhaled them slowly, trying to calm himself - to little avail.


Mistress turned around, holding one of the glass containers.  She waved the candle in front of his face.  “We have to let it burn for a little while, to build up some wax for us to play with.”  Her teasing smile destroyed what little sense of calm he had managed to restore and he trembled slightly.  She noticed.  “Don’t worry; it won’t hurt . . . much,” she said, smiling knowingly at the dramatic pause.  She moved the candle close to his face.  He could feel its heat on his cheeks.  Then she began moving the candle slowly down his body.  Now he could feel the heat on his chest and nipples, then his stomach.  PPSS began breathing faster; his heart began racing.  She moved the candle down lower, between his legs, close to his balls – and kept it there.  Feeling the heat on that very sensitive skin, PPSS began to get truly worried and his eyes opened wide.  And again she noticed the effect she had on her victim and smiled.


She put the candle back on the night stand.  “We’re almost ready.  One more step - turn over and face away from me – part of the fun is the anticipation; not knowing when – or where – the wax will drip.”  PPSS turned over, straining to hear for clues, but Mistress was very quiet; he could discern no motion whatsoever.  He felt like he had been waiting an eternity.  As he waited, his arousal grew.  He felt his cock twitch - Mistress was correct; the anticipation was excruciatingly erotic!  Then he felt hot liquid drip onto left shoulder blade and drizzle midway down his back.  He gasped and jerked – a sharp intake of breath.  It hurt!  It burned!  “That was just one drip,” he thought, “I’m not sure I can do this.”  Then he felt it cool and harden and he exhaled, relaxing slightly.


“I have several different types of candles.  Let’s experiment.  Tell me, which is hotter – this?” she asked, dripping hot wax on his left cheek.  “Or this?” dripping wax on his right cheek immediately thereafter.  PPSS gasped, “The first, I think.  It’s hard to tell.”  “Let’s try again – this – or this?”  This time she dripped wax on his right cheek first, then his left.  “I don’t know – the second?”  “You’re guessing; let’s try again.  This – or this?” and she dripped wax on the small of his back, and then down the crack of his ass, the hot liquid seeping down between his cheeks.  “The second – the second,” he gasped.  “Silly, they were both the same,” she reprimanded him.  “I can’t tell anymore; it all feels the same,” he said writhing in pain as the wax ran inside the crack of his ass before cooling and hardening


Mistress noted his writhing.  “Good, he’s scared,” she thought.  “This is going to be so much fun.”  She knew her sissy slut had a fairly high pain threshold and enjoyed the pain she inflicted.  “I can play with him slowly for a long time.”  She felt herself starting to get wet at the thought and waited, building up the tension – his and hers both.  For PPSS it felt like another eternity had passed.  And then he felt several drips on the left side of his back, running from his shoulder blade down to his ass.  He gasped reflexively and then, after the wax cooled and hardened, he noted that the pain wasn’t as severe as when Mistress had decorated the sensitive skin of his ass.  And he relaxed slightly.  Mistress noted the lessening of the tension in the muscles of his back and smiled.  Wonderful!  She immediately dripped wax in a long, continuous stream down his spine.  PPSS gasped and then, before he could think or say anything, he felt another long drip down the right side of his back, followed immediately by a long drip down the left side.  The muscles in his back tightened from the pain.


“Oh god – no Mistress!  No!”


“You know your safe word if you want me to stop – right?”


“Yes Mistress,” he panted.




“Please keep going, Mistress.  I want the full experience.”  Mistress smiled again; she had him right where she wanted him.  She tipped the candles very carefully, decorating the backs of his thighs and calves.  Another long pause to build the tension and then she returned to her main target, delivering multiple drips all over his already very sensitive ass.  His butt was soon covered with little dots.  Mistress so enjoyed watching him jerk every time the hot wax made contact with his sensitive skin; she had to see more, so she made a long pour directly onto the crack of his ass.  PPSS gasped as the hot liquid burned his flesh and then ran down into his crack, searing its way to his asshole.  PPSS grabbed the sheets underneath him and buried his face in the pillow again, desperately holding in a cry of pain.  It burned - yet somehow he was aroused.  How?  Why?  He lay there trembling, too overwhelmed to process the contradiction.


Mistress gave him a few moments to recover and then, holding up her phone, showed him a photo of his back, legs and ass, decorated with multiple red, green and violet lines and numerous individual drips.  “See how pretty you look!”  PPSS smiled, enjoying the visual of the pain he endured and wondering about his arousal.  “Thank you, Mistress.  It was fun being the canvas for you to paint on.”


“Oh, we’re not done yet.  It’s time to turn over now,” Mistress coaxed.  PPSS closed his eyes, girding himself for this new onslaught, and then he turned over, facing his Mistress again.  She held a candle in her right hand, moving it slowly, hovering over his chest.  Eyes agog, he watched her tease him, slowly moving a candle over his body, pausing momentarily over different spots and tipping the candle slightly, but not enough to spill wax.  She watched him closely as he tensed expectantly, holding his breath in anticipation of the pain.  She enjoyed toying with him, like a cat playing with a mouse.  And there was something feline about her graceful, sinuous movements.  Once again it felt like an eternity had passed.  Then, without warning, she poured hot wax onto the center of his chest, between his nipples.  He gasped, watching in horror as it run down his chest towards his navel before cooling and hardening.  As bad as lying on his stomach had been, not knowing where or when the wax would drip had been, watching it drip was far worse.  She immediately poured several more drips onto his chest, right next to the first.  He gasped again and his body jerked in reaction; then, before he could think or say anything, several more drips fell onto his stomach.  Another long drip, but slow this time.  PPSS watched in fascinated horror as it spattered onto his chest a drop at a time, a few drops falling on the sensitive skin of his nipples, and then a trail of drops all the way down to his hips.  The heat was so intense that his body shook, but was it from pain?  Arousal?  Both?  The wax cooled and hardened and he lay there trembling.


Mistress paused again, giving her slut time to recover from the onslaught – once again building up the tension.  She observed him closely.  His excitement was palpable; he yearned for the wax to be dripped onto his waiting body.  She nodded at the realization and picked up two candles.  She stared at him, holding his gaze with hers, paralyzing him.  And she waited – and waited.  Then, without warning, she quickly tilted the first candle over his left nipple, coating it liberally, and before the wax had dried repeated the dose on his right nipple.  Drops of wax seared his sensitive skin.  More gasps; more writhing.  And, for Mistress, more smiles.  She felt her excitement growing and she tensed her thighs together, savoring the growing warmth in her nether regions.


“Ooh, your nipples look like a pair of eyes.  Let me add the mouth and turn you into a big smiley face,” she giggled, enjoying his torment.  And she proceeded to make a long, hot continuous drip across the width of his diaphragm.  PPSS gasped again, holding his breath against the pain, and shuddered, his torso twitching at the pain.  And then, when the wax cooled, he blew his breath out in long, soothing exhalation as the pain receded and his pleasure remained.  He took several more deep breaths to settle himself down.  Having restored his sense of calm somewhat, PPSS stared down in amazement at the multi-colored pattern on his chest.  That much?  His chest was covered with little dots, and his nipples and the surrounding areas were completely caked!


That sight coupled with the immediate memory of the pain and pleasure caused the rational part of his mind to separate and hover above the scene, trying to resolve what had happened.  With a start he recognized that the sensations were much the same as those he had experienced when Mistress introduced him to estim play - the anticipation of being violated, followed by brief, sharp pain and then the adrenalin rush that made the entire experience so amazingly pleasurable!  Now that he understood it, PPSS fervently hoped for the agony of further anticipation and pain and the resulting ecstasy.  He was not to be disappointed . . .


“I’m going to hold the candles lower now.  You know what that means, right?”  Mistress jerked PPSS’s attention from his reverie back to what was about to happen.  PPSS nodded tentatively, barely able to move his head as he considered the increased pain he was about to experience.  She noticed beads of sweat breaking out on his brow and smiled.


Then, without warning, she tipped the candle over his right thigh, dripping just a little bit of wax.  He gasped – it was so much hotter than the previous drips!  It burned and his heart skipped a beat; but it turned him on at the same time.  She smiled at his reaction and began circling the candle over his body again.  He watched her like a hawk, trying to steel himself for the next increment of pain.  She hovered over his cock and balls, feasting on the fear in his eyes.  Then, with a quick movement, she poured wax on his left thigh, close to his most cherished assets.  "AHH!  FUCK!" he grunted as the wax dripped down his inner thigh, sucking air in through his teeth and then blowing it out in one long breath.  She laughed softly at his reaction.


She moved back towards his right thigh and then as he tensed, continued further south, hitting his knee and calf, keeping him guessing.  PPSS closed his eyes, breathing a sigh of relief; yes, it burned, but it was less painful than having his inner thigh seared again.  While he was foolishly relaxing, Mistress picked up another candle and dripped wax from the bottom of his belly button to the top of his genital region that he had so thoughtfully shaved for her and then quickly crossed that vertical line with a horizontal line from hip bone to hip bone.  PPSS’s eyes bulged and his fingers dug into the bedding as he held in his scream of pain.


She held the candle much lower now, directly over his genitals.  “You know where the next one is going, right?”  He didn’t answer – he didn’t want to acknowledge the unimaginable.  “Oh, you’re wilting.”  It was true; the thought of the incipient pain was causing him to lose his erection.  “Here, let me help you.”  And she took him into her mouth, caressing his cock with her lips and tongue, getting it nice and wet.  Then she gently masturbated him back to a full erection.  He sighed – it felt so good!  She continued stroking his cock, pulling it gently up towards his navel.  PPSS continued to moan excitedly, his pleasure distracting him from the fact that his balls were totally exposed to her mercy – and mercy was not on her agenda.  Mistress struck, spilling hot wax all over his balls.  “Aaarrrggghhh!!!”  This time he couldn’t hold in his scream of pain.  He panted rapidly, almost hyperventilating, as the wax cooled and the pain receded.  And as the pain receded, in the back of his mind he realized it felt amazing and his cock was very hard.


Mistress watched, mesmerized.  Her slut was doing so well!  She yearned to touch herself, but she wasn’t quite finished with him.  Instead she enjoyed the frustrating ecstasy of delaying her pleasure.


"Yes or no – do you want me to drip hot wax on your cock?”


"Fuck...yes, please," he gasped. 


Mistress smiled sinisterly at her victory.  She held the candle over his cock and waited – and waited – and waited – waiting to see if he broke.  He did; he started sobbing.  “Please do it and get it over with Mistress.  Please!” he begged.  He so wanted the ecstasy, but he was so afraid of the pain; he needed her to do it now before he changed his mind.  And she did.  His cock was so vulnerable; the hot wax dripped down, directly onto its head and down the shaft.  The hot liquid seared him; he screamed and shook.  She poured again; the second spill was more and the hot wax spilled over his cock and ran down onto his balls and genital area.  It ran down his perineum and into his asshole.  PPSS shook uncontrollably; his already very erect cock hardened even more and his cockhead thickened purple.  He screamed and screamed and screamed until he didn’t know what he was doing.  The pain so exquisite, so wonderful now!  His cock suddenly erupted; he came and came – his hot cum mixing with the hot wax.  He collapsed, sagging into the bed, sobbing pitifully.


Mistress stared in wonder; she had never seen such a sight – it was so erotic!  She was very wet now; she reached into her panties, massaging herself, enjoying her touch, sighing contentedly.  She would get her release soon – not yet, but very soon.


When PPSS regained his composure, he realized Mistress was caressing him, soothing away his distress.  He started back in alarm.  “No, no, no; it’s over; we’re finished now.  No more wax.  You did very well.  Look.”  PPSS stared down, marveling at the thick, multi-colored cocoon around his cock and balls.  And she held him tenderly, stroked his forehead and kissed him gently.  She began murmuring in his ear.  “Did you enjoy that?”  He nodded yes, unable to speak.  “Do you know that you came when I poured wax on your cock?”  He shook his head in amazement.  “That was so hot!  I’m so horny.  I need you to help me cum.”  It was an order, not a request.


“Mistress, I’m spent.  I don’t think I can move.”


“I don’t need you to move.  I just need your face and your tongue.”  And with that, she stood up, slipped off her panties and gently straddled his face.  She lowered herself slowly, her lips enveloping his nose.  She began grinding herself, her clit riding the bridge of his nose.  “Lick me,” she commanded.  Obediently, his tongue sought out her perineum and delicate, puckered asshole; she tasted so sweet.  She moaned and pushed back against his tongue and then began rocking gently, masturbating herself against his nose.  Her excitement grew and she began rocking slightly faster.  She closed her eyes and reached down to her clit, massaging it gently; with her other hand she tweaked her nipple, rolling it between her fingers and pinching it, feeling it swell from the attention.  She moaned and sighed and began recalling her slut’s reactions to the afternoon’s fun – the red scratches and pinpricks on his thighs and balls and how he squirmed to get away from her talons.  “Mmmmh!” she sighed softly.  His bright pink ass - how he lay there so obediently, allowing her to punish his soft, round ass and how much he enjoyed it.  Her breath was coming a little faster now and she pushed her clit down harder against his nose.  The hot wax dripping down the crack of his ass and onto his nipples and how he shuddered and strained to hold in his cries of pain.  “Mmmmh!” she sighed again, louder this time.  She began rubbing herself harder and faster now, her breath coming in ragged gasps.  The sight of the wax dripping directly onto his cock and balls and his screams.  And his cock growing harder through the intense pain!  “Mmmmh!”  More of a strangled groan than a sigh this time.  And then that most amazing sight of his cock erupting, spewing white cum onto the molten red wax on his cock and balls!  That did it!  “FUUUCCCKKK!”  She came hard and pushed herself hard down against his face, wriggling her hips to gain additional friction, milking her orgasm, squeezing every last bit of ecstasy out of it.  And then she collapsed, falling forward over him, her chest heaving, a smile of intense euphoria embedded on her lovely face.


After she recovered, she turned on her side.  Propping herself on one elbow, she gazed at her wax covered slut and smiled at the artwork she had created.  “I want to get some pictures of this, and then we need to clean you off before I send you on your way.  But I want you looking excited for the pictures.  I happen to have one of your favorite toys with me.”  With that, she reached into the night stand drawer and produced her electrostim butt plug.  PPSS smiled; he loved this toy, so long as Mistress didn’t turn it up too high.  With a smile of her own, Mistress picked the wax off his asshole, lubed him up and deftly inserted the butt plug.  He grimaced momentarily as she pushed it past his sphincter and then relaxed to the satisfying familiar fullness as it settled into place inside his rectum.  Soon he felt a mild tingling growing to a pleasurable vibration.  “Good?”  “Wonderful,” he sighed and settled back as the butt plug worked its magic, bringing his cock back to an erection.  Mistress tweaked the dials a bit, just enough to get his cock very hard and his cock head engorged and purple.  “Perfect!” she said and she proceeded to take a series of pictures of the multi-colored wax display on his private parts.


“Now let’s get you cleaned up.”  With a devilish grin she produced her Bowie knife and waved it over his cock and balls.  PPSS’s heart stopped momentarily at the sight; then he remembered how Mistress had pranked him with that knife during his “medical exam” months before; he relaxed and smiled at her joke.  Mistress noted his smile, and smiled back sweetly.  She began gently scraping wax off the skin immediately above his cock.  PPSS closed his eyes and relaxed further, enjoying her careful ministrations.  Watching carefully, Mistress noted the measured rise and fall of his chest.  “Good – he’s relaxing; it’s time to astonish him,” she thought.  With a devilish smile she pricked the tip of that evil looking knife into his balls, just shy of breaking the skin, and suddenly tweaked the dials, sending a sharp shock into PPSS’s rectum.  He gasped and his hips jerked involuntarily.  “Careful – you don’t want me to slip while I’m doing this; you might lose something important,” she snickered.  PPSS’s demeanor changed instantaneously from happily relaxed to abject terror.  “She was pranking him – wasn’t she?  Wasn’t she?!” his mind screamed at him.  Mistress chuckled softly.  “Just kidding.”  PPSS was no longer sure and he began watching her movements intently.  She ignored his stares and resumed gently scraping the wax off.  She listened to his rapid, panicky breathing and smiled to herself.  Just as his breathing began to settle down she tweaked the dial again.  His hips bucked again and this time he felt his cock slide along the side of the sharp blade, fortunately without getting nicked.  “No, Mistress, please no!!” he wailed.  In response Mistress tweaked the dial again.  Feeling the electricity surge, PPSS immediately tensed, willing himself to remain still.  It worked, this time.  But how long could he keep this up?  Sweat began pouring down his face.  Meanwhile, Mistress continued slowly scraping the wax off with loving care.  But she kept one hand on the control box, he noted, terrified.  He began sobbing uncontrollably, praying to come out of this unscathed.


Did he?


Author: bofors57