Delightful Decadence
The Good Sissy by: Anon1

Disclaimer: Erotic Fiction for the Avid Reader. 

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These are not reviews and do not depict real life occurances or people in any way.  Any resemblance to real life people is merely coincidental.    

Enjoy you nasty minded freaks!


It was a sunny day in Portland and this was my very first appointment with Mistress. On my drive to her in-call, I am filled with a sense of excitement, nervousness, and a little bit of fear of the unknown. Will she do this? will she do that? will she give me what I desperately crave? I feel nervous knowing that when I see her face to face, I will be in control of nothing.

I can feel the emotion of insecurity begin to rise as I read my final arrival instructions. My protective psychological armor is beginning to crack. And emotions that are not part of my everyday busy life, are pushing their way to the surface where I can feel them. It feels uncomfortable, as my personal confidence comes from being the one in charge and in control. Part of me wants this, and the other part of me is afraid and resistant.

As I enter her incall, she greets me with a warm smile and a hug. She is dressed to seduce and my heart starts beating fast with excitement and anticipation. As we begin to rub words together, she moves her body in a seductive position and allows me to see her panties. She wants me to look... lust... and feel needy. I do my best to hide my arousal and nervousness.

After a very brief amount of small talk she abruptly tells me to shut up, strip, and put my hands behind my back. She digs thru the toy bag that I brought, and places my custom cuffs on my wrists behind my back. These cuffs have 2 adjustment options. One... binds my hands close together, and the other adjustment allows me to reach around and jerk myself. She chooses the adjustment that allows me to reach around to begin our session.

Now, get on your knees, and start jerking in front of me. I’m going to train you to be my little jerk monkey ( masturbation slave ). I feel caught off guard and totally embarrassed at such a request. Who the hell does she think that she is? I’m the one paying for a good time and now I have to self service in front of her with my own hand??? Fuck this... This isn’t fair, I wanted to talk first, and feel like I still have some control. I want my cock sucked... I’m the fucking boss... everyone know that.

She brings her face close to mine and says in a calm sweet voice... either do what I say, or get dressed... get out.... and don’t ever contact me again. There will be no refunds. It’s my way or the highway. Take it or leave it. Either you are going to be my submissive toy, or you are not.

If you decide to proceed, understand that when we are together, you will do exactly what I say, or I’m going to punish your balls by slapping / spanking them. And I will not hesitate to reduce you into a pouting little sissy boy with a painfully red bottom. Obey my every command or there will be painful consequences. This is our very first meeting and you have a decision to make. Now either get out, or drop to your knees and start jerking your sissy dick.

I can feel my sense of confidence and power slip further away from me as her ultimatum and threat of physical punishment drives me to my knees... naked.... and beating my frustrated cock. I find it impossible not to stair directly at her crotch as I jerk myself. I feel so embarrassed. Whatever sexual authority, that I thought that I might have, when I walked thru her door, has now been stripped away.

Good boy.....she mockingly praises, as she reaches down and rewards my submission by stroking / edging my cock. Mistress loves to reward submissive behavior. You will learn that Mistress can be both generous or cruel depending on your attitude. Pain and pleasure, reward and denial... these are the tools that Mistress uses to mind bend me to her purposes.

Before we get started today slave, I want you know that I am never going to give you the nurturing sex that you desperately need. I’m not that kind of provider. Besides, I love punishing men sexually. I love to strip men of their cash, their masculinity, their self worth, and transform them into a feminized, fetish addicted pay pigs. And I intend on mind fucking you into long term servitude. You can’t resist what you are addicted to. We both know that.

Let’s face it. You are a porn addicted masturbator who jacks off to Femdom porn seven days a week. You have re-enforced your perverted desires through years of masturbating to them, and now they control you completely. You dream of girls who tie you up, and force you to lick their feet, under arms, and assholes spotlessly clean. You jack off to the idea of woman forcing you to drink their piss while they laugh at you and reject you sexually. You want to be feminized and forced to service a strap on cock.

What a disgusting pervert you are. And that is exactly what I want you to be. Mistress is going to have fun milking your sissy cock and your wallet dry. The only thing you will ever get is a HJ as a reward for good behavior. Other wise, you’ll just have to beat your own dick.

But don’t worry, my sweet pet, I know what you really crave. There’s no need to hide from me. Mistress understands. Rather than giving you the sex that you need, I’m going to provide you with the things that enslave you. And you will be spending plenty of time licking my holes, smelling and tasting me.... serving me... cleaning me. Don’t expect reciprocation. You suck me, I don’t and won’t ever suck you.

And isn’t that what you really want? A woman who seduces you with her beauty, teasing your eyes, edging you with her hand, and rubbing her scent all over your face.... enflaming you with desire? And yet, who punishes and humiliates you sexually? You simply can’t help who you are. And I’m going to use that to my advantage.

Come closer. I want you to look and get a real eye full. Bring your face right next to my crotch and take a good long look at the bare pussy that you are never going to get to fuck. Looking... sniffing... wanting....begging... feeling frustrated and exploited. Better get used to it.


Author: Anon1