Delightful Decadence
Winnings By: Foskari

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Brent bounced up the concrete steps to the porch and pushed open the door, stepping quickly in to the kitchen as the closing screen door bumped him lightly from behind. "Hey! Maya! Guess what!"
No one was in the kitchen, but he could smell something roasting in the oven and saw that the sink was full of dishes that hadn't been there this morning. The smoky warmth of the kitchen was a welcome change from the brisk outside air.
"Brent", came a voice from the living room, "tell me again what rules you agreed to last weekend?". Maya poked her head in to the kitchen.
Brent faced her, hanging his head slightly. He was more than a head taller than Maya, but as she looked up brightly and he looked down his pale blue eyes met her brown ones. He dropped his gaze still further.
"Uh, let's see ... no talking to you after I get home, until I've stripped naked and put on my collar ... I have to address you as 'sir' unless you give me permission to do otherwise or we're in public ... uh ... I may be forgetting one. Sir.'
"Among other things, but those are the ones you just broke. Well. Strip and kneel by my chair and then maybe you can tell me what you're so excited about."
Brent slouched obediently in to the living room. Setting down the envelope he'd been carrying on the arm of Maya's chair, he took off his steel-toed boots, his jeans, and all the rest of his clothes, tossing them in a wicker basket set close by. He paused briefly, absent-mindedly fingering the cage around his cock as he turned to face Maya. She was wearing an oversized gray sweater dress and matching woolen stockings. Loose as the outfit was, it still showed the width of her hips and the roundness of her breasts clearly, and he stared appreciatively as she brushed past him.
She looked up at him briefly as she sat back down in the armchair, folding her legs underneath her. He was a tall and relatively slender young man, but she could see that he'd put on a bit of muscle in the past couple of months. "Being a package handler may not pay that well, but it's done you some good in other ways", she observed. "Handling your own package isn't going to help you much, though", she remarked, seeing his hand still sliding over the cock cage.
He moved to the left side of the chair and knelt down, and Maya fastened a collar and lead around his neck, looping it through a steel ring half-concealed under the arm of the chair. "Some kind of good news in this envelope?" she asked as she took the slack out of the lead, pulling his neck close to the arm of the chair. He turned his head and tilted it up awkwardly to face her.
"Yes, sir. I matched three numbers and won five hundred dollars playing the lottery! I thought maybe we could go out to eat and then I'd upgrade the graphics card on my computer...", he trailed off as he saw that Maya was looking back at him quizzically.
"You know that playing the lottery is stupid, right? Even if you are free to spend your allowance any way you like. But anyway, we've agreed that would be my money ... you get an allowance from your income, the rest is mine."
"But this is *from* my allowance... I used it to buy the tickets ..."
"I don't see how that matters", continued Maya. She paused for a second. "But I can tell you'd be mopey for a week if I just took it", she smiled. "I think we're going to play a game, and see just how much you want to keep it."

She padded over to the wooden cabinet on the opposite side of the room, opening it, and took four leather cuffs and some short lengths of red rope from among the various implements hanging in it.
Taking the two largest cuffs, she tossed them to Brent. "Put these on your ankles". She moved to put some lengths of rope behind the chair as Brent buckled the restraints around his ankles.
"Hands up". She stepped close to him as he raised his arms overhead, still kneeling. Standing with one foot on either side of his thighs as he kneeled, legs together, she pushed Brent's head back in to the padded arm of the chair with her crotch as she fastened the cuffs on his upraised wrists. He pushed back, burying his face in the fabric of her dress and taking a deep breath.
Maya unclipped his collar from the lead and, hooking her fingers through the collar instead, pulled him towards the front of the chair. Shuffling and sliding his knees on the carpet, he followed, now facing her with his back to the chair, still kneeling. "Knees wide. Ankles on either side of the chair". He pushed himself back against the chair, then lowered himself by spreading his knees still farther apart, and finally was able to reach each ankle in turn back alongside opposite sides of the armchair. She moved behind the chair, and after looping rope through his ankle cuffs, forcefully pulled it tight, sliding him back so that the backs of his knees were now hard up against the front legs of the chair.
Brent's upper body fell forward and he caught himself on his hands, now on all fours. Maya put one hand through his collar and another on his arm, pulling him up and back until he was leaning slightly backwards in to the chair. "Arms straight back", she ordered. He balanced himself by placing each hand behind him on an armrest, but immediately found his wrists yanked further back as Maya roped those cuffs behind the chair as well.
She moved back to the front as he stared apprehensively. Squatting down, she grabbed the inside of his thigh, where the ligaments stood out in stark relief as he strained to support his weight in his splayed position. She squeezed hard, digging in with her fingernails. "Ahh - owww!" he gasped, straining to move away. The chair creaked slightly as he pulled on his cuffs. Standing back up, she prodded his balls lightly with her stockinged foot. He grimaced and twisted slightly, the cock cage swinging pendulously as he tried to dodge the uncomfortable impacts.
"Looks like that'll hold you".

She reached up to her neck and pulled a necklace out from under her dress, taking a key from it. Bending down, she unlocked his cage, then gently pulled and twisted it off of his cock. "What's it been, five days? I expect you're reasonably eager by now.". She looked at the faint red marks around the base of his cock and some small indentations near the tip. "Looks like you've been straining against your cage, anyway...". She pulled her dress off over the top of her head and stood over Brent, shin pushed up next to his dangling cock, her breasts on either side of his face as she stooped forward. He craned to try to lick her breast. The head of his cock slowly traced a halting upward arc on the outside of her stocking as he became more and more erect.
"Off to a nice fast start", she said, running her big toe along the underside of his cock and watching it swell slightly in response. She took off her black panties, rolling them down over her stockings and stepping out of them. "Open up", she commanded, putting her left thumb and forefinger on Brent's jaw to emphasize the request. Brent reddened slightly but obediently opened his mouth wide, and she stuffed the balled up panties in, poking to force them back behind his teeth and deep in to his mouth. "It's cute how you still blush when I do that ... wonder how red you'd get if I did something that was *really* humiliating? But I'm getting distracted."
She reached over to the envelope on the arm of the chair, riffled through the bills in it, and pulled out a handful. Carefully lining them up in a thin stack, she inserted the wide edge between Brent's teeth. "Hold these". Brent clamped the bills with his lips and teeth, struggling slightly to close his mouth over the panties, and looked Maya in the face, confused.
She continued to slide her foot and ankle casually up and down Brent's now fully erect cock and locked eyes with him, smiling. "If you want to keep that money, just hold on to it until the oven timer goes off. I think the chicken will be done in about 25 minutes. You might get a little drool down the front of you, but hey, still seems like an easy way to hold on to two hundred and fifty bucks."
"Thing is though, I think you're going to need something from me before the time is up". She pushed Brent's cock against his abdomen with her foot, pressing harder and working it slowly up and down as he grunted through the panties. "And you're going to have to ask nicely. Maybe even beg a little ... and I don't mean by making those cute puppy dog eyes at me. So I suppose you might just have to spit those panties out and let that money go. I'm sure I can't understand those mumbling sounds you're making right now."

Maya sat on the floor facing Brent and slid her right hand smoothly over the round head of his cock, slippery with coconut oil. He moaned loudly in time to the motion of her hand as she gave the shaft three long, firm strokes, then whimpered as she withdrew her hand. She watched his cock pulse and bob. Maya stroked her pussy with her left hand and looked up slightly. Brent had a stricken look on his face, but was still gamely clutching the sheaf of bills in his lips, even as a thin line of drool traced its way down his cheek and on to his chest. "You actually trying to win, Brent? Such a determined look! But it's only been ten minutes and your whole body is shaking". She grabbed his balls and gave them a hard downward tug. His thighs were indeed shaking uncontrollably. "Would be nice to have time to play for the other half of your winnings, too ... so I'm going to make this a little harder for you. Try not to swallow my panties."
She bent forward, left hand still stroking her pussy, and took the head of his cock in her mouth. Brent's eyes opened wide and he made a series of muffled sounds, jerking his pelvis through a tiny range of motion as he tried reflexively to thrust in spite of his immobility. Maya raised her head. "Something you want?" she said sweetly.
Maya repeated the brief oral treatment. "Maybe you're hoping I accidentally get you off?"
She ran her tongue down and then up the shaft, then pulled down on his balls once more as they tightened up towards his body. "Yeah, too bad for you I actually know what I'm doing".
Brent tilted his head forward, eyes wide, and suddenly spit out the panties. "OK jesus Maya pleaseplease let me come! You win you win!" he spluttered. The spit-soggy panties landed loosely on his chest as fifty dollar bills fell on the chair and floor.
"Let you?". Maya tilted her head and frowned slightly. "Am I stopping you? I think you need me to do something for you, don't you? And are you supposed to use my name without permission? I think the second half of our game is going to be a little harder for you than I was planning."
She moved back to the cabinet, blocking Brent's view with her body, and picked something up. "Uh, please sir, make me come", begged Brent behind her.
She walked back to the chair and paused to pick up the fallen money. Then, sitting back down in front of him, she began stroking his cock once more. Now unmuffled, he groaned with increasing desperation as she continued, this time without pausing. His neck muscles stood out and he strained, sightlessly staring, as the orgasm convulsed him in his restraints.

Maya wiped the cum off of Brent's abdomen with a dishcloth as he panted heavily, staring at her and still shaking slightly in the legs. She took the remaining money out of the envelope and again grabbed Brent's lower jaw, inserting it in his mouth. He looked at her questioningly.
"I don't think you've had an occasion to use this toy since we moved in together", said Maya, looking at the box she had retrieved from the cabinet. "Hmm. 'end orb delivers 360 degree stimulation' ... 'side ribs create strong stimulus from both sides' ... this should be fun!" she finished, grinning wickedly. She quickly popped the plastic cylinder out of the box, smeared a glob of coconut oil on the orifice on one end, and briefly held it directly in front of Brent's face.
He shook his head "mmm-mmm", then more emphatically "mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm" as Maya ignored him and pushed his still-hard cock in to the plastic toy. "MMMMM" he screamed through clenched teeth, suddenly twisting his hips in a small circle and managing to extract his cock from the device. "Oh really?" said Maya, squatting down. She trapped the narrow part of his balls with the web between her thumb and forefinger, pinning them back against the chair and then pulling down. Brent made a squeaking sound and stopped moving his hips. "Let's see you twist away now". She pushed his cock, now pulled down to a more horizontal position, back in to the sleeve, stroking him with the toy as he began to whimper and shudder.
Brent spit out the second sheaf of bills, scattering them in front of the chair. "It's all yours sir please stop. Just please please stop."
She stopped stroking him with the sleeve and let go of his balls, without, however, removing the sleeve from his cock. "Did I promise to stop when you let go of the money? I don't remember saying anything about the terms this time around". She tilted her head and rested it on one hand, studying his reaction. Brent looked back at her fearfully. "OK but sir, you have all the money now and I really can't stand it ... I'm way too sensitive after an orgasm."
"Oh?" she jiggled the sleeve back and forth slightly, watching his eyes widen. "What if you not being able to stand it is the fun part for me? I haven't even turned this toy of yours on..."

A buzzer went off in the kitchen. "You're in luck for now", she said, standing up and grabbing her dress, dropping the cylinder to the floor. "I'm going to take the chicken out of the oven and you're going to do the dishes while it cools". She began to undo the ropes holding him fast to the chair. "We can put your cage back on after supper, I doubt you'll be getting up to any trouble before then."


 Author: Foskari