Delightful Decadance


The Fine Print

Please place your donation on the table when you arrive.  I will offer you a beverage.  Please excuse yourself to the washroom to wash your hands thoroughly.  Beverages I have on hand are Water & Tea usually.


Yes, I enjoy couples as well.  I have a take the lead attitude and love to introduce new ideas to previously inocent minds. Please allow a 1.5hr session minimum.

 Texting and Calling

I do not save numbers, please let me know who you are. I will share my phone number after screening.  Please always let me know if and when I am able to return your call. 


Be Clean-More than just a shower.

This is essential to an enjoyable time for both of us.  If you are interested in showing me your sweet ass during our time together: 

 What kind of food do you enjoy?

 I maintain a very clean eating diet, so please check with me for anything regarding food. I will however feed you whatever you want…;-)


Although never expected, I have been asked what I enjoy should you like to bring me a gift.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Gift Cards: Regal Cinemas, Amazon, Next Adventure, Powell’s Books

Amazon Wish List:

 Do you smoke?

No, but it does not bother me if you are a smoker.  I have mouthwash and soap on hand.

 Do you offer a menu?

I do not offer a specific menu.  I feel that each experience is unique and is honored as such.  

  Would you like a testimonial? 

I like to keep what happens behind closed doors just that, behind closed doors.  I am flattered if you are a creative writer and want to have some fun with it without being overly explicit.  Being funny is the best part.  I love to laugh.  As we know, there is no evidence that suggests that life is serious. 

 Handicap accessibility.

No ramps, but I can come to you.

 Where are you located? 

Central Eugene.  I often travel to Portland, Bend & Medford

 Do you travel? 

I am passport ready and am well traveled.  I communicate wonderfully with folks from all over the world. I am polite, polished and I have an excellent wardrobe. I offer classic companionship for the duration of your trip whether it be for work or pleasure.  I will be your friend & your muse.  In the event that you need a comapnion only for certain hours of the day or evening, I am just fine flying solo and will met you at your desired destinations when it works for your schedule.