About Me

Hi there,

I am delighted that you have chosen to stop by and get to know a bit about me.

As a lifetime adventurer & seeker of enriching experiences I have chosen Eugene as an awesome hub for all that delights.  Living in the Pacific Northwest has encouraged my inner outdoor enthusiast more than I ever thought possible. Being an avid hiker, skier and photographer, I love spending the night under the stars and my days under the sun. Whether be it on the trail, on a boat or just curling up with a good book.

I am creative and passionate about life. I love to share ideas through writing and capture them through photography.

I love to share my company and experience with discerning gentlemen who appreciate an inspired, educated and sassy woman.

I am currently a red head, I believe my body is my temple and treat it as such. I maintain a beautiful figure both inside and out.  As a result, I am able to share my happiness with you.   

I am naturally dominant but have been getting in touch with my switch side a bit more recently. Fear not if domination or kink is not your thing.  A passionate experience & meeting of the minds is what I seek to bring to you, whatever that may be. I am intrigued by new, unusual & sometimes usual ideas.  

I enjoy a variety of sensual arts and have a wide range of experiences.  I boast an elaborate collection of fun things to tinker around with. I like to keep things safe, sane & fun.

I believe the company of a lady is something to be savored and sometimes more than one can create an entirely new experience.  I happen to have a few such friends that can really put the wonder in wonderful.

Here's to a divine endaevor!

~Savannah Mae~




Savannah Mae
Eugene, OR