The Dark Side

I love to control and dominate. Upon entry to my abode, I will allow you to collect your thoughts and then you are mine to do with as I see fit.  Letting go of control wouldn’t be truly letting go if everything was planned for, would it?

Yes, we will discuss things before you arrive. It’s important for me to know what you like and what ideas you have so I may properly tailor our time together.

My goal is to take you to another space entirely. I thrive on the intensity of my sessions as I have powerful energy that I love to share with you.  I read your body and watch for subtle ques that let me know which direction to take things.  I want to send you home walking on cloud 9.  You need not worry about a thing, I have great flow that keeps us on schedule for your allotted time.  My time like yours is valuable and I will keep things moving along without you having to clock watch. 

I derive great pleasure from your submission. Please don’t think for a moment that I am not enjoying myself to the nth degree.  Life is too short to do things that I do not enjoy.

You seek me because…you are submissive, you are curious about submission/servitude, you want a hot kinky experience, you want to allow space to be free of decision making and mind clutter, you want a meditative experience, you want to experience something new. You adore a sexually liberated woman with moxie.

Strictly Flogging- $150hr(Not currently available)

(please see rates pages for everything else)

This is a 1 hour session in a dungeon setting that is 100% private. You will be face down on the table, undressed to your level of comfort. I start slow and easy with high quality leather floggers and work you up to a point of bliss.  I will then continue with a variety of other floggers or simply stick with the ones that you enjoy the most, your choice.  My goal here is not to leave lasting marks, however, every body is different and I cannot guarantee that there won’t be some residual marks for the day of your experience. On the other hand, I am happy to leave tire tread marks that will last a week or two if you desire.  The session finishes with an arnica aftercare rub down(non-sexual) and you being on cloud 9!

Sensation Play-

Come to my table of divine deviance! You will find yourself quickly transported into another dimension.  Blindfolds, tie downs, stir-ups, ice, metal, electricity, wax, leather, rubber, silicone.  Compassionate Sadism or just another day in paradise.

Role Play-

Bring me your ideas, I like it all and I’m into most things that aren’t “normal”. All that taboo stuff…your secrets are safe with me. 

Humiliation Play/Forced Bi-

Dirty talk and humiliation of you in all forms. I enjoy public humiliation of you as well, shopping & dining donned in leash and collar.  You will do whatever I want, you are my pet and will behave accordingly.  You may earn the title of my bitch after you’ve earned it, which I will determine. 

I have several stellar options for MMF in Eugene & Portland.

Groups and Large Scenes-

From time to time, I host group events. These require a lot of things falling into place as I pride myself on bringing a stellar, well-coordinated, crazy fun experience to the table.  I offer these to folks that I know and have at least a somewhat regular experience with.  It’s important to me that the chemistry is there for folks and if I don’t know you, I can’t rightly place you in the right event.

If this is something you’d like to be a part of, please mention it during a session with me and I am happy to keep you posted.

Soft Limits-An activity or word that causes discomfort but might be negotiated.

Hard Limits-An activity or word that is completely off the table and is not to be done/said.

Safe Word-If you have something specific in mind, please let me know prior to play.