Mistress of Erotica
A clients guide to making requests

Being that our business is all about fantasy, it makes perfect sense that you might have requests in mind for your time with your companion.

There are ways to go about this which are classy and elegant.

There are also less then savory ways to present ideas that could be a turn off to her or come off as demanding.  

Sometimes, a companion will state on her website or ads that she welcomes requests.  Be it certain attire, toys, role plays etc.

If she doesn't explicitly state that she is open to requests, then it's best to ask if she is open to them in your introduction.  

You can say something like, I have a specific request, are you open to those?

If you say something like: "FIA?"  She will likely toss your submission in the trash.

If you make a request before an introduction/screening, you will likely not get the same quality of response as if you asked about the response in your initial intro. Remember, providers will feel a lot more comfortable if they know who they are talking to.  Providing is a service job, but it's very hard to give quality service if we don't know anything about the potential customer.  So, if you make a point to be disarming and thoughtful in your approach, then you will have a much better shot at getting that in return.

Understand, that she may not have the clothing that she is wearing in her photos.  Some people do, some people don't. Just ask.

If you'd like to see her in something very specific like that Black & Red La Perla Bra and Pantie Set, be prepared to send it to her in advance of your visit.

Less specific requests that might fit the bill would just be: Sexy lingerie,  Black and Red are my favorite colors.  Or stockings, just say I LOVE stockings!

A note on Stockings: I am a stocking gal, I love them and I love to wear them for others.  I just feel extra sexy when I'm wearing them.  Now, you probably know that truly quality stockings are not cheap.  Even run of the mill stockings aren't that cheap.  So, if you request stockings, bear in mind that you should be delicate if you want them off of her. I know you're excited, but take time to admire the stockings and gently remove them in a way that won't cause snags or unnecessary stretching.  If you tear up her new French Silk stockings after you requested them and she delivered, she won't be likely to wear another pair for you.  

On Role Plays: Most companions don't want a long Saga.  If you are looking for a heavily scripted scene, memorized lines or anything extensive, check with her first.  If this is her thing, there will most likely be an up-charge for the extra time and effort.  Check with her first and don't assume.  Or offer to tip her if you know that you are long winded and it's important to you that she read and respond to everything.  Else, you might get a TLDR reply.

There are also much lighter Role Play scenario's then the above too:

A simple one would be “I would love to show up at your place; you be the Realtor and I will be touring the home.  Act professional at first then seduce me despite my putting up hesitation”.

Totally fun with the right people.  2 lines, short, sweet and to the point.  Very easy to accommodate.

To recap:


Keep requests simple and light.  

If it's big and complicated, doubly clear it with her first.  

Plan to tip if it's extensive if she doesn't have an additional charge.

If you are not sure, ask your companion if they accept requests.

Be thoughtful and respectful in your interaction.


Send her a novella as your introduction.  

Tell her what you expect or make demands.  

Use explicit language until you're in the clear with her.

Take it personally if she won't accommodate your request.

And most importantly, your experience with your companion is intended to be fun.  

So, carry on and have FUN!