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Gratitude & Meditation

Gratitude & Meditation

  I seldom buy those kitschy little signs that are designed to be put somewhere in your home or office.  

You'll know the ones I am talking about.  You can find them at gift shops, home décor stores and most definitely thrift stores.  They often say things like; “When life gives you lemons, a simple procedure can give you melons” or “Laundry; sorting life out one load at a time.” or the all to common  quintessential Midwestern favorite “Life, Laugh, Love.” Cliché central! I did see “Live, Laugh, Fart” at a guests home one time...that made me smile.

But anyway, now that we've established the cliched home décor that I am speaking of, I can get back to the topic at hand.  

I have only ever bought one of these types of things and in all my travels, I am pretty sure it's one of a kind.  It's black and sleek and low profile. It says “Meditation connects you with your soul”.

I bought it for the reminder of how important meditation is to me.  Meditation for me has been healing, uplifting, mind balancing, mood improving, creativity inducing and stress reliving.  Really, the whole nine yards here!

So, what sparked all this? It was this mornings' meditation.  I use an app called insight timer.  It has tons of wonderful guided or otherwise meditations available.  The app checks in with you before and after each meditation and keeps track of how you are feeling.  It's smooth and very well put together and one of my absolute favorite voices to listen to is Andrew Johnson. He's Scottish...enough said.  

But in all seriousness, he has the smoothest, kindest voice and some excellent meditations.  Including a smiling meditation!

This mornings was a guided gratitude meditation.  

I was to close my eyes, relax and think about all the times that I have received gratitude from others.  

I didn't find this to be difficult in anyway.  All the sudden I found my self reflecting on all the times that I had shared laughter with guests, your smiling faces, your thank you's, both in person and in notes, the beautiful gifts, the shared moments of just being present and completely removed from the world around us.  The time that we just made time stand still. Whatever we do, it's just us in that space, nothing outside matters, we are in our own world.

When I started this meditation, I was feeling ok, certainly not great.  I had some junk on my mind and wanted to clear it.  After 10minutes of amazing reflection, the app asked me how I felt.  It was night and day.  I was happy, full of gratitude and inspired.  And now I can share that feeling with you!

I always want to bring my best self to you, so you can be your best self with me.  I find that daily gratitude and meditation is essential to the experience.  I love to take 5 before a friend arrives to just get quiet and centered in my space.  The low light, the glow of the candles, soft music playing and just breath and think about nothing.  That way, when you walk in the door, I can be fully present for you!

The outpouring of gratitude I receive in life keeps me afloat and being able to show my gratitude in return is absolutely heartwarming for me.

Whether you are reading this as a potential new friend or an already established friend, thank you for the kindness and joy that you bring to the world around you!