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It's Smokey in the Valley - A few hacks to get through it

UGH! It's sad but true, the smoke has made it's way into the valley today.  It bums me out that it seems to be more and more common place.  However, being the researcher and life hacker person that I am, I have found something that works to help combat the side effect of smoke in the air.  

My favorite solution is to go somewhere that's not smokey!  The coast in general is a favorite.  Now that's not always an easy choice if one has other obligations.  And, bear in mind that smoke can effect the coast as well (Think fire season 2020).  But if you look at the geography of the coast line, you will find that there are a few spots that jet out into the ocean (one being as close as Florence).  If you looked at the air now app in 2020 it would have had the entire coast line in the red.  So, these tiny little geological features wouldn't register as places to breath cleaner air.  Hopefully, there won't be a repeat of 2020 fire season and we won't have to go digging for those tiny little obscurities of place to hide from it all.

So, if you're stuck at home and the smoke makes you feel like garbage, causes nausea, headaches etc. then I highly recommend simmering cloves.  They are dirt cheap and can be bought in bulk.  Natural Grocers seems to be the most cost effective. 

You can throw a small handful in a small crock pot, leave it on the counter and just let it go.  The scent will help your home to smell better and it will help if not completely alleviate all of those other yucky symptoms.  If you don't have a crock pot, you can use a regular pot and just simmer and remember to add water as needed, which might only be a few times a day.  This can go on around the clock.  You can change out the cloves or add more whenever it makes sense.  

Other things that help combat smoke effects:

Keep your doors and windows closed.

Change your home air filters! Every 3 months and always after the smoke.

If it's been smokey for a while, make sure to change your car's cabin air filter.  Pro Tip: It is unreasonably expensive to have the cabin air filter changed by a pro.  Depending on your vehicle, it can be easier to change then the one under your hood.  This is one of those things that a 2 minute youtube video will tell you exactly how to do it and save you a bunch of money.  Or you can pay me to do it and I promise that my coverall's will be much sexier then what your mechanic wears...;-) 

Stay Healthy My Friends!