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Letting go of control By: MM

Please note, that this an erotic fiction story only. 

They do not depict real life occurances or people in any way.  Any resemblance to real life people is merely coincidental.    

Enjoy Libertines!



Text Msg from a long time playmate. Time: Morning

Him: I am going to stop by your place at 5pm today. I will only have 10min. You will take my cock and I will thrust hard until you cum. I'll then cum on your back and ass, lick up every last drop and leave.

Me(thinking) WTF?! Nobody tells me what to do, I am the dominant alpha, I am in control, who does this guy think he is?!
I am having a wave of crazy emotions around this as it's completely out of my comfort zone. I am not sure if I am pissed off or what but I want to tell him to kick rocks. I force myself to take a deep breath and sit with it for a minute.
As I think about it, my energy starts to shift which surprises me a bit but I do calm down.
I am starting to finding this idea intriguing...I might play along...

I find myself writing back.

Me: I don't have a choice, do I?

Me(thinking again) What the f*** have I gotten myself into?

Him: The only choice you have is whether your want it right there in the door way or on the kitchen floor.

Me: See you then.

All the sudden my senses were heightened and I was acutely aware of our 5pm visit. I found myself thinking about this throughout the day. The fact that I had let go of control. Allowed myself to be told what to do and how to do it. And how nothing was going to stand in the way of our meeting.
And his confidence! There was no waver, no room for me to move or get out from under it. This was set and was going to happen. I was excited!

Promptly at 5 o'clock he was at the door, I let him in and allowed him to have all the control. No words were spoken save for a knowing hello.
He peeled my shirt and my jeans off all the while his cock was growing in his pants.
He turned me around and put his hand on my pussy which was already soaking wet. He slid his fingers into me and within' a minute I was drenching his hand with my juices.
I heard him unzip his pants and felt him pull out his hard cock. I felt him sliding against me as he continued to stroke himself and tease me. My pussy was begging for him and he was keeping me right on the edge.
I was in such a frenzy by this point and he was clearly aroused from seeing me in such a state.
Softly but firmly he grabbed my pony tail and whispered in my ear "Beg for it, lil' girl".

"Please Fuck me with your big huge cock!" I begged

"Hmm...I don't know..." He teased

"Please, I am so wet and so horny and I need your huge cock inside of me!"

"Is that so..."He spoke as he continued to stroke his cock on my pussy lips.

"Please, please, I will do anything!" I cried

That pushed him over the edge as he slid his cock straight to the hilt and filled me up so completely. I thrust back on him as hard as I could and he fucked me with so much ferocity that I thought I might fly across the room!
I held on for the hardest fucking of my life. He pounded me until I came all over
his big, beautiful rock hard piece of man meat.
He was so excited that I could feel him swell inside of me for a few last thrust. He yelled, "Oh god, I'm cumming!" pulled out and came all over my back and ass. Although I couldn't see it, I could feel it and it felt like a huge load as it slowly dripped between my ass cheeks.
He was still coming and once he stopped, I felt him kneel down and as promised, he began to lick every last drop off of me. He took extra special care to lick every drop off my ass and my ass crack. Feeling his tongue rimming me at the same time was divine.
He finished his clean up, I heard him zip his pants and not 10 seconds later the door was closing and he was gone.

I was in a state of tranquility and satisfaction that I didn't know was possible in a meer 10 minutes.

Author: MM