Mistress of Erotica
Madeline's Sissy Bitch...Part 1 By: MM

Please note, that this an erotic fiction story only. They do not depict real life occurrences or people in any way.  Any resemblance to real life people is merely coincidental.    

Enjoy Libertines!


Louie returned to his office to find a package waiting for him. He had been having a rough day and was hoping that this wasn’t another work related assignment. Louie was already over worked, stressed and just wanted to forget about it all. He hadn’t seen his mistress for nearly a week and he had heard very little from her. He loved her dearly and when he didn’t have regular contact he started to lose his mind.

When he picked up the package he realized that it wasn’t in the regular shape of the assignments he was used to getting. He wondered what it could be. He hadn’t ordered anything to his recollection.

He unlocked the office door and stepped inside his well laid out but disorganized work space. His office was stylishly appointed with two wing back leather chairs, a small conference table, wrap around desk and even a small fire place for cold winter nights. The mess of papers on his desk reminded him of to much work and not enough play. He kept a locked standing cabinet on the west wall of the room. Covered by a black cloth and several crystal carafes of liquor on top; the cabinet offered him a reprieve from the long hours of research, driving and general stalking of people which his job required. Inside the cabinet there was a small collection of movies. Secretary & Gay Porn; Backdoor Studs vol. 2&3 were among the collection. He wasn’t gay as far as he knew but Madeline demanded that he keep it. She would make him watch it whenever she felt like it no matter how much he tried to argue. She would laugh at him when he would get aroused and he knew that he couldn’t win. Also included in the collection, a couple of erotica books, several leather floggers, a set of nipple clamps, handcuffs, a red leather collar, a variety of butt plugs, vibrating, remote controlled and even one electric one.

Madeline of course had a key to his cabinet. Of course she had a key to everything. He imagined her coming by mid-day, dressed in a black pencil skirt, a top that accentuated her perfect breasts and stunning red patent leather pumps. Her thigh-high stockings would end just above the hemline of her skirt and she moved in ways that would occasionally reveal the rivets on her garter belt. He would only hope to get a glimpse of her panties, just the thought aroused him.

Caught up in his fantasy, he forgot about the package in his hand. He began to open it. He saw something bulky and shiny made of steel. He was momentarily perplexed. Then he pulled it out in all its shiny glory and he was momentarily speechless. It couldn’t be, could it? It was a cock cage, with a lock and a note from the elusive mistress. Wait?! How did she know? They had never discussed this and here she was taking liberties with him, like she owned him. He was terrified and aroused as he opened the card from her.

It read;

Dear Louie,

Are you surprised?

I know that arousal has been getting the better of you, so I got you something to help with that.

After all, you work so hard and you need a break from thinking about the part of your body that controls so much of your mind.

Here are your instructions: Put the cage on, now. Do not even think about screwing this up. It’s two parts; there is a visual instruction manual if you need it. Put the pad lock on and lock it. Send me a photo when this is done.
Then place the key in the return envelope that is enclosed in the box. The mail man will be knocking on your door shortly and you will hand him the package addressed to me.

Now get to work, you have 10 minutes.



Louie was horrified! What had he gotten himself into? Who did this woman think she was? He would have to have a discussion about boundaries with her…so he always thought but never did. He would be crazy to deny her as she wouldn’t have it. She owned him and clearly she was reminding him.

He subserviently began to undo his pants and slowly placed the contraption around his genitalia. He winced as he put it all together. He took a deep breath, it was tight and he slid the key into the lock wondering if this was it for him. He turned it and heard it click. He put the key in the envelope and sealed it.
He was so entranced by his actions, he forgot about the mail man coming by. He heard the lock to his office turn and he tried to pull up his pants as fast as he could. Oh shit, ouch, he was all caught up in the cage and trying to hurry his pants on only made it worse.

He was in momentary agony as the mail man stepped in. Louie thrust his legs under his desk and hopped that the mail man wouldn’t see him in such a vulnerable state.

The mail man asked Louie if he had any outgoing mail. Louie shakily pointed to the package at the end of the desk, hoping that the mail man wouldn’t notice his nerves. He was just hoping that he would hurry the heck up and get out already. The mail man picked up the packaged and said Great Louie; I’ll see you tomorrow; as he headed towards the door.

Louie took a breath and pulled himself out from under his desk. Just as he did so, the mail man turned around at the door and said “Don’t worry Louie, I’ve seen worse” and gave him a wink as he closed the office door.

Wholly shit, the mail man had noticed, his secrets were getting the better of him. To make matters worse, he just realized that he was locked up, mailed off the key and had no idea when he would get out. What was he going to do?! He checked his phone to see if his Madeline had replied to him. Radio silence...



Author: MM