Mistress of Erotica


My poetry is inspired by people, nature & feelings.

Watch Like the Wild Pine Trees
Blow Like the Wind
Savor Every Drop like the Succulent Cacti
Parched like the desert floor no more when thouest beholds the treasure of knowing thy heart.

~Desert Angels-W.Photo~

This one was inspired after wandering the desert for a week between Southern Arizona and Sonora, Mexico

Abundant mysteries seldom revealed,

Dry, parched, crisp land cracking and breaking with every step

Traces of plants, holding signs of life but mostly death,

Shriveled and withered, unable to step further into the vast waste lands.

Perched among the limestone the small spineless cactus awaits it's taker.

As the sun begins to dip it casts shadows of lore and a night adventure waiting to take hold.

The desert begins to light up with the most brilliant of colors as twilight turns into starlight.

Plants and animals awaken, the once still cacti come alive and greets the unsuspecting visitors.

This parched dry world begins to make sense, more than any other place in the world. The cacti dance, the birds sing and the stars are touchable.

As the night turns into dusk the guiding angels present themselves,

As if driving this wonderful reality they can now be seen to the open mind Desert angels sent to save, to stir, to fire up life and emotion deep within the soul

To bring a hot fiery passion to every lost spirit who comes to their domain

The earth and all of it's creatures belong to them as they hold, touch and love them Their spirits are forever carried within the soul and the experience is one which changes lives.

~Stillness by Santiam Lake~

It starts with stillness


Trees, Forest

Calm Water, Lush Bogs

Pine cones tumbling from above

Birds Chirping, Frogs Croaking

The wind picks up offering the skin a reprieve from the mosquitoes

The shutter of the camera snaps, capturing the day before it disappears

The sun drops behind the mountain blanketing the Earth with night

Stars and moon lighting up the lake bringing

peace to the heart and mind

It ends with stillness