Mistress of Erotica
Small Town Charm and Big City Flare

I love to travel. Travel keeps me moving, discovering and learning.  All of which I love.

I have had the luxury of visiting many cites large, small and everything in-between.

I have found larger cities(New York, London, San Francisco) to be exciting and thrilling with all their culture, bustling, shows and history.  I have tremendous fun every time I visit these places.  Generally, I wouldn't choose to live in a larger city of that caliber simply because it would feel overwhelming to me.  Car parking logistics, people everywhere, might be terrifying to ride my bike or in the case of London, just terrifying to be in a car!

However, if I were going to live in a big city, something in the Bay Area would be it.  I love the weather, the accessibility to nature and the big ass hills.  Oh, I didn't mention, but I love biking hills!

Then there are the smaller big cities(Portland, OR, Columbus, OH, Austin, TX).  I feel that these cities are much more manageable in size and still great hubs for music, shows and restaurants.  They feel less congested and allow for ease of riding as well as access to nature.

Then there are the bite size cities. (Eugene, Bend & Medford, Oregon).  These are those magical cities that are still on the map, have minimal traffic, great dining and shows, nearly instant access to nature and almost 100% Free Parking! Can you guess my favorite space on the Monopoly Board?

Needless to say, these are some of my favorite cities to tour.  I feel like I can stretch out, go for a beautiful bike ride or hike and maybe get lucky enough to find a hot springs or a decadent zucchini salad.  

And now for the small town charm. (Port Townsend, Newport, Astoria, Oregon). Aren't these some of the cutest places?  I visit these palaces and just want to do a photo shoot!  Good lighting, big sky, water for days, I can't get enough. I am always looking for excuses to visit the little places. Surprisingly, there is often excellent shopping to be found, nature is right there, boat rides, plane rides, hiking, bike riding and history.  

Now these are all coastal towns which have their own charm separate from that of inland towns.  Inland town can be just as charming.  I had the pleasure of visiting Chagrin Falls, OH last year and that place is right out of a story book. Middle of town Gazebo and everything...cue Gilmore Girls set! Needless to say, the place charmed the pants off me.  Until the last 2 years, I hadn't taken the time to explore the Mid-west.  Yeah, the mountains aren't there, but it makes up for it in so many other ways. Kind people, BBQ joints everywhere, birds galore, some really cool geological features and those adorable Main Street America towns!

So, after all this town and travel talk, I have been thinking how to make myself more accessible to those in harder to reach destinations.

I have created the Sponsor a Tour package.  

It is an easy and a fun way to meet if you aren't seeking the FMTY option.

I hope to see you in a new town soon!