Mistress of Erotica
Stockings...A progressive story


     You love the way she bends over in that tight pencil skirt. Knees straight and legs pressed tight together. The skirt hikes up the back of her thighs and and you catch a glimpse of the top of her stockings held tightly by her garters. Multiple garters holding up the diaphanous fabric that encases her shapely legs.

You imagine what is under her skirt as your eyes are drawn farther upward. You imagine your hand touching her silky soft stockings. Running your smooth hand up and down her legs and assisting her as she bends down to pick up the pencil that she dropped.

You see the outline of her perfectly rounded bottom and finally as she picks up the pencil, you get a hint of that beautiful crease where her buttock meet her thighs.

She stands up and turns her head towards you. You know that she can tell you've been watching her. She smiles and winks as she walks away...her hips swaying all the way down the hall...

To be continued.