Mistress of Erotica
Why I hate the Master Cleanse and a sexy alternative.


     I eat clean and maintain somewhat of an eating schedule. Switching between keto and then adding more carbs as I see fit. Organic and sustainable as much of the time as possible. I eat during the day and early evening generally skipping breakfast. I understand that some folks think that's strange because we've been trained to eat 3 meals a day with snacks if necessary in between. Personally, I think it's an archaic way of thinking. Not every body responds the same to said eating schedule. Doing shorter fasts seems to be more energizing and better to avoid unwanted weight gain as less calories are being consumed of the course of the day. Many studies have been done on the benefits of fasting. Anything from 8-16hrs a day seems to be good general practice.

Being the self experimenter that I am however, I had heard good things about the Master Cleanse and

I decided to give it a try. Mmm...seeing how long I could live on Maple Syrup, Lemon Juice and Cayenne. Frankly, it sounded insane and wasn't at all on my radar until a friend kept touting how much he loved it. Ok, ok, I would give it a shot. Well, the first half of the day wasn't terrible. But I don't love sweets so all the maple syrup was titillating at first, but got old in a hurry.

But still, hanging in. 2nd half of the day I just started to get a little bonkers hungry, so I just drank more of “the juice”. By the evening time, I was a wreck. I lay down in bed, got a nasty headache, body ache and felt like hell. This was definitely the end of the line. When my friend reached out to me that evening, I am pretty sure he thought that he was killing me and I thought he was too!

Needless to say, late into the evening I gave in and grabbed some nuts. Funny thing, I started to feel better! And so I discovered that that Master Cleanse was not was not very cleansing for this girl.

Since that fateful day, I have found something that works effectively to keep the digestive system in check. I have been thrilled to the gills about the latest recipe as it doesn't involve Maple Sryup or not eating.

I have found that 3bags of Roasted Dandelion Root Tea(Traditional Medicinal's brand) in a gallon of tea temperature water and when cooled, combined with 1/4c Lemon Juice and 1/8c of Pure Cranberry juice drinking apx. 1/2gal daily is the cure to whatever ales you. Seriously, this shit works to get digestive issues on track, cleanse the liver, cleanse the colon, stomach and soul all while knocking out pesky belly fat and helping to start the day off feeling sexy!