Mistress of Erotica
Yours in 2023

What about 2023?!

I am not one for resolutions on a single day. Rather, I tend to make the at regular intervals throughout the year. Checking boxes as I go and moving ideas around as new ones come up and old ones move on.

I love to be inspired as I go and I garner that inspiration from friends and lovers. It's so thought provoking for me to hear your ideas, your dreams and your views of the world.

I was thinking today that I have experienced so much and there isn't much that I haven't experienced. I find myself however having firsts so often now. What a wonderful treat!

I love being inspired whether it's a new position, a new angle or a new way of looking at the world.

2023 is the year of action.

A year to get back to rides and other competitions closed by Covid.

A year to create beautiful photographs and wall art not only for myself but for those friends who would like to own copies.

I love to model and study modeling as an art form. I specialize in hard to reach places, not only in nature but in the mind. I love the cold and you might find me nude on the beach when it's 30 degrees out. If these lighting is right, I don't often say no to a chance to shoot.

This is the year to build an even prettier web-site with a fully interactive photo gallery.

To capture and shoot all of the poses and dream locations. Mexico in Winter? Northern Lights in Alaska and the Yukon? Crystal Clear Frozen Lakes in Banff? Hot Springs everywhere in between?

Don't get me wrong, I love warm and sunny places as well...Black's Beach in San Diego comes to mind as do so many tropical places closer to the equator.

There's just something unique about spending the day somewhere crisp and cold and then cuddling up by a nice warm fire with ginger cookies, hot tea, laughs and kisses.

This year is about dramatic skies, new friends, pushing personal limits and improving my Spanish.

My hope is to find those that want to connect with me, who love to laugh and enjoy life with a little decadence from time to time.

Yours in 2023,