Delightful Decadence

Oh Behave!

The Fine Print


Please be prepared with the decided donation for our time.  This is a professional service and I do collect up front.  I appreciate your consideration and promptness.  

Early arrivals are not accepted without prior acknowledgement from me.

If you are running late, communication will keep you in my good graces. 

Please remove your shoes upon arrival, I have hooks for hats and jackets.  Please leave your donation on the obvious table when you walk in.  I will offer you something to drink.  During this time, please excuse yourself to the bathroom and wash your hands thoroughly.

You can expect a very clean, well decorated space.  A full bathroom with a shower for your use.  Unscented organic soap, organic mouthwash & fluffy towels.

You may also expect me to have anything that we might need for our time together.  If you would like to bring something extra special or make a request for me to have something on hand, please don't hesitate to let me know.


Yes, I enjoy couples as well.  I have a take the lead attitude and love to introduce new ideas to previously innocent minds. 

 ~Texting and Calling~

I do not save numbers, please let me know who you are when texting. Please always let me know if and when I am able to return your call. If you are making first contact via text, please let me know who you are, who your references are and how they will remember you. 

~First Contact~

The best way to contact me is via the screening form on my web-site here or a PM through the web-site that you found me on.


 I maintain a very clean eating diet, please check with me if you would like to have a meal during our time together. 


I generally play music that I have on Pandora.  I pick stations that have very little lyrics and a good beat.  If you'd like something particular, please let me know.

~Do you Drink Alcohol?~

Sometimes I do, please check with me first.

If you would like me to have a certain beverage on hand, please let me know.  I generally offer herbal tea, water & sparkling water.

I do not drink coffee.


Unfortunately, I am moderately allergic to the magical herb.  I don't mind if you are into it but I do not allow smoking inside my space.

 ~Do you smoke?~

No, but it does not bother me if you are a smoker as long as you have good hygiene.

  ~Would you like a testimonial?~

If you are creative and inspired, by all means, yes.  If you would like to be added to my testimonials page, you may submit your writing to me directly.

 ~Where are you located?~


 ~Do you travel?~

I am passport ready and am well traveled.  I communicate wonderfully with folks from all over the world. I am polite, polished and I have an excellent wardrobe. I offer classic companionship for the duration of your trip whether it be for work or pleasure.  I will be your friend & your muse.  In the event that you need a companion only for certain hours of the day or evening, I am just fine flying solo and will meet you at your desired destination when it works for your schedule.

~Your Health~

Please let me know if you have any health concerns that could affect our time together.  I realize that this is a sensitive subject for most people.  I hope to create a safe space for you and please understand that I will keep anything you share with me confidential and only use it for it's intended purpose.

  *I have several staris leading up to my space.  If this is an issue, I am happy to meet at your location.


I am a paid companion. I do not offer off the clock dating. 

I am open to arrangements that offer the opportunity to get to know one and other better.  If this is of interest to you, it is best to have several dates with me prior to making an offer so I may determine if we would be a good match.  

Providers & Gents: I am reference friendly up to 6 months from last appointment.

 ~Thank you~