Delightful Decadence


Got something different on the mind?  

I invite you to share with me what you've been thinking about. 

Something...naughty...very naughty perhaps... 

What are you going to do with all those devious thoughts? Carry them around forever? 

 Let's talk about Kink! 

To me, kinky means exploration, sensation and a different space all together.  Kinky = Anything not vanilla, so it's broad.  I have a wide scope of sensation play toys which are designed to be sensational, not painful (perhaps intense if you like). 

I am a natural dominant. So anything described here is assuming that I am in the dominant role.

~The Kinkster in me enjoys~

Dom/Sub Play, Humiliation Play, Forced Bi, MMF, Public Adventures, Cross-Dressing,

Role Play, Sensation Play, Pegging, Water Sports, Electrical Play, Sounding, Restraint, Mummification/Celophane Play, Physical Restraint, Smothering, Queening, CBT, Group Play, Flogging, Wax, Tickling, Wrestling(with exceptions).

 Kink play may be blended with any session.

Click Here--->>>How to be Squeaky Clean!

If you are seeking a specific scene, heavy scripted Role Play or anything that there will be considerable preparation time for; there will be an up charge that will be determined once the scene is discussed.

~Field Trips for the Bi-Curious~

This is a personal favorite!

Theaters, Adult Shops, Bath House or Clubs...We can definitely make a visit during our time together.  These are about you.  I will make sure that you have all the thoroughly enjoy supporting you...;-)


TS-Stacy Sadistic(Versatile), Anthony Montano. Please inquire for availability.

I have many submissive friends that might be available to join us.  This require some planning, so please don't hesitate to reach out if this is of interest. 

~Group Events~

Love 'em! Please let me know if you would like to be on the invite list.


Soft limits: These are limits that have room for exploration. Maybe something that you are not sure of but possibly open to.  Limits can change at any time.  All changes once communicated will be respected. 

Hard Limits: These are ideas or places that a person will absolutely not go to or discuss beyond a single curiosity question.  Respect around these limits is expected and given.

 My hard limits: Blood, Brown & Breath Play

~Safe Words~

The house safe words are:

Green-all is well, freely continue with play.

Yellow-soft limit, ok to move forward with care or previous discusion of boundary pushing.

Orange-aproaching red, but still a safe space, ok to pull back here.

RED-Stop! Hard limit has been reached.

Beige-This is boring or uninteresting, come up with something else or I risk falling asleep.

This will let me know that we are hitting a boundary.  I am happy to allow the scene to continue and just back off the play.  The scene will only stop if that's what you are wanting.

I appreciate direct communication in regards to what is happening for you.  

My favorite individuals in this realm have an idea of what they are after. 

Screening: For your peace of mind and mine I do require screening.  There is a screening form available here. The more I know about you, the more fun we will have.

 Fret not loves; it's only kinky the first time...;-)

Providers & Gents: I am reference friendly up to 6 months following the last visit.