Delightful Decadence


 "Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced".


Why hello there...

Are you seeking an experience?

Allow me to help with that.

Please, step into my realm.

Shed your outer shell.

Let me guide you to paradise as we embrace and connect...

You will find that my passion for life resonates in everything that I do. 

I love to share moments of time with individuals seeking a touch of decadence in their life.

I love to explore your curiosities, questions, contemplations & dreams that are responsible for propelling you forward.  I am thrilled by the prospect of adventure both in and out of the bedroom. There is plenty of room here to experience firsts.

I embrace creativity as I am a student of fine arts. Naturally, I love to touch things & build connections with those & that which is around me.  

During our time together, you can expect a fully present, meaningful, exchange of energy, free from judgement.  

I enjoy being a girlfriend, kinkster or a bit of both.  I have an elaborate toy collection which I enjoy showing off.  I am a natural leader and I am able to customize experiences that embrace your desires.  

I take care of my body both inside and out and it shows. I live a clean, organic lifestyle.  I have a beautiful, youthful look and energy. 

My long red hair and blue eyes will captivate you and my tall muscular build will have you wanting to surrender. 

A private, decadent abode awaits you in Eugene & Portland.  

I invite you to connect with me as I am a great facilitator.

I want to make memories with you and I want you to savor every last drop of our time together.


~Savannah Mae~






Savannah Mae
Eugene, OR