Delightful Decadence


My offerings:

  Oregon                                           California

1hr $400                                                    1hr $600

90min $550                                               90min $800

2hr $700                                                     2hr $1000

Dinner/Event Date $1000 (up to 4hr)      Dinner/Event Date $1300 (up to 4hr) 

***Discreet deposits will be requested for new friend dinner dates and fly me to you dates. 

Fly me to you

2hr $2000

3hr $2500

Dinner Dates $3000

The cost of my travel is reflected in the rate.  I generally do my own bookings but if you are an established client, I am open to different options for airfare(miles etc.).

If you're a returning client, and you see me in a differerent location, your rate stays the same.  i.e. Guests from California that have seen me in Oregon pay Oregon rates if you see me in Cali.  


I am open to duos with others, please inquire before setting this up as I like to insure that the other person and I have chemistry.  Please see my fetish page for more information regarding duo partners.

~Travel Details~

  I have very reliable transportation and can likely come to you.  There will be a custom rate depending on where you are located if you are over 15miles from me. 


 I host privately in Eugene & Medford, Bend & Portland.  I am open to coming to you as well. I am generally available between 8am-8pm Monday-Sunday.  

  If you have a location in mind that you'd like me to visit, please don't hesitate to put in a request and I will be happy to keep you informed of any potential visits. My schedule varies as I lead a full life.  I do however have flexibility and I will work to accommodate you.  I appreciate advanced planning and do most of my scheduling this way.  It's always ok to check if I am available on shorter notice but not promised.

My goal is to get back to your inquiry as soon as possible.  If you don't hear back from me within 48hours, please resend your request letter.  If you have sent 2 inquires and I have not replied this generally means that I do not feel that we would be a match. 

If I am off the grid, I will post it here and several other places on the web.  I will post when I am due back and you may expect a response the day after my return.


My time, like yours is valuable. I take pride in everything I do to ensure that our time together is nothing short of exquisite.

In the very rare event that I must cancel on you with short notice, I will make an offer of rebooking and a gesture for your time as well.

If you are unable to make your scheduled apt., please let me know asap.  Making an offer of compensation for my time will keep you in my good graces and encourage me to reschedule with you.  

~Thank you~