Delightful Decadence


The greatest gift to me is your time...

But, maybe you want to make a lasting impression... I'd prefer to receive your present in person, so I can properly thank you live. If you're wooing me in advance of our date, are far away, or are an anonymous admirer - you may send gift cards to: [email protected]

My Wishlist lists the delightful treasures, heart opening experiences & self-care that I crave.  

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Shoe size: 9

Things to soothe the palate:

Your Farm Fresh Eggs & Veggies, Wild Caught Fish, Natural Grocers

Gift Cards: MayfairStockings, Powell's Books, Dobra Tea(Ashland)

If you would like to mail me something, please request my mailing address directly.


I'm as passionate about living justly as I am living well. Here're a few organizations that are near to my heart. A gift to one of the causes above means the world to me. 


SWOP-Sex workers Outreach Project USA